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Charles asks…

Daycare Parents: How does this make you feel?

When you pick up your child from daycare and the teacher informs you of an incident where your child was abusive/destructive with the intent to harm or to be defiant, what do you think? Do you automatically become defensive? Do you blame the teacher? Do you blame the children or adults who got hurt? What happens when you’re in the car?

I ask because today I had to break the news to a parent that their child became abusive and defiant. Both an adult and a child were hurt in the process in front of the harmed child’s parent. The parent of the abusive child maintained a poker face and left quietly without a word.

So, parents of abusive/destructive/angry children, what goes through your head when you are hearing the daily report of people who had to suffer the wrath of your kid?

admin answers:

Well, my daughter had her moments where she hit and bit other children. When i picked her up from school the teacher told me about it, i signed the form and took her to the car. On the way home I told her that she should not bite or hit. I made her repeat it to me, and then the next day I went to class with her (she was 2 and a half) and made her apologize to the teacher and child by saying „I am (name), and I do not kick, hit, or bite. I am sorry.“ I did not become aggressive, because children do these things. I thought to myself why she would be doing things like that and figured out why. She was new to the daycare, and other kids had bitten her so she picked up the habit. (i know this because of the forms). I also made sure that we calmed things down at home and made sure we didn’t let her hit or kick, or throw temper tantrums at home. I also talked to the teachers and told them that if my child ever got out of control to not hesitate to call me or her father. I would rather go up to the daycare while it is going on, and handle the situation than wait till I get home. They don’t really understand why they are being punished unless it is handled in the moment.

Jenny asks…

My facebook is being gay?

hi, i use chrome.. Just recently my facebook is having all sorts of problems. Other friends are fine.

1) I can’t play any video
2) I can’t comment on my profile pics (the ones where you are supposed to press enter)
3) I can’t load any more news feed other than the one that is already on my front page, I can’t go down and click show more
4) I can’t search for anyone.. nothing comes I can’t search for poker
5) I’ve tried it in IE, but it’s almost the same and its IE is known to be very glitchy..

Can someone help me???

admin answers:

Using gay to describe the issues you are having with facebook just goes to show you have other, more serious issues.
I hope your facebook page just implodes on its own to prevent you from spreading hate.


William asks…

Do you agree on the ban against Lady Gaga in the Philippines?

It is reported she will have 2 days concert in the Philippines today and the next day. The religious groups and some people from the government are up in arms in totally banning the concert of Lady G.Because I suppose of the recent MTV video of Lady G. and the song „Judas“ which I only seen in the news report and claiming she is the perverted soul of the devil and all that which pertain to occult and witchcraft. I believe this is not the first time Lady G. has a concert in the Philippines, I think this is her second time coming back to the Philippines. She should have been banned in the first concert why now? Our church leaders are acting like they are as white as snow. What happen to the cases of priest molesting both boys and women? Remember the famous line „cast the first stone who have no sin“. I am not an avid fans of Lady G. although I admit I like her 4 songs in the past which are „telephone, just dance, poker face and bad romance“. The person is obviously an artist and through her song is where she practically demonstrate her feelings and character. If by chance she violated or made a rude remarks on religious icons or the bible itself I suppose it is not intentional or deliberate. The video was merely a manifestation of Hollywood extravagance in music. At least she is not mimicking or singing songs of another artist like in those in the Philippines. She has her own brand of music that is my point. Whether you like or you don’t. Simple as that. If you do not like Lady G. music or her own version then do not watch the concert but if you do then watch it. Why ask people all over the Philippines to avoid or hate Lady G. isn’t it?

Bakit si Vice Ganda hindi na ba-ban kahit medyo malaswa o malandi ang dating ng mga jokes niya on air? Inaamoy ang short ng isang basketball player sa harap ng tv, nakikipaglampungan sa mga male guest as if they are just both in the house eh nasa live tv show sila. His jokes sometimes insult the physical appearance of a certain individual pero ok lang sa tao. What kind of mentality we have. Ang jokes niya minsan double meaning din yet the church do not see this, and probably look somewhere else. Ang daming baklang magagaling din naman why Vice made it I practically do not know. I do not find him funny. I like gay comedian like Jon Santos for example, he even dress like a woman but his jokes has style parang pag meron utak unawain ang kay Vice pang kanto ang jokes iyon bang sa mga tabi tabi lang or toilet humor kung baga. I like gay comedian but not Vice. He is offensive to my taste. I am not gay just to state my case, and I am not a homophobic or hate gays. Absolutely not. bakit napasok si Vice sa usapan, gusto ko eh may problema ka dun? My point is if we like to ban Lady G. why not other people too. Why single out Lady G. because of some relics or demonic portrayal but others who viciously insult our senses are practically stayed on to our tv set. I personally respect the rights of every gays in the Philippines but not too much, we should set limitation on everything they do especially on tv. Marami namang matinong bakla bakit si Boy Abunda he dress right and act right. Why others who are gay cannot follow the same pattern. Is there a Vice Ganda fans here, let us hear your side. Thanks to all.

admin answers:

Ako ok lang na mag concert si lady gaga, sabihin nating, halimbawa, evil talaga siya bakit di nalng nila ito iconsider na test para sa faith ng mga pilipinos. Yung mga manonood, sila yung magdedesisyon kung gagayahin nila o hindi, tatangkilikin nila o hindi, at susundin ang mga ito o hindi. Hayaan ang bawat isa na marealize at hayaang matuklasan ang tamang tatahakin. Ito lang ang magpapatunay na kahit anong masamang impluwensya ang dumaan, mananatili parin ang makaDiyos ng mga pilipino..


Sandra asks…

What do people think about this?Vermont legalizes gay marriage with veto override?

Vermont legalizes gay marriage with veto override
By DAVE GRAM, Associated Press Writer Dave Gram, Associated Press Writer – 2 hrs 1 min ago

MONTPELIER, Vt. – Vermont on Tuesday became the fourth state to legalize gay marriage — and the first to do so with a legislature’s vote.

The House recorded a dramatic 100-49 vote, the minimum needed, to override Gov. Jim Douglas‘ veto. Its vote followed a much easier override vote in the Senate, which rebuffed the Republican governor with a vote of 23-5.

Vermont was the first state to legalize civil unions for same-sex couples and joins Connecticut, Massachusetts and Iowa in giving gays the right to marry. Their approval of gay marriage came from the courts.

Tuesday morning’s legislative action came less than a day after Douglas issued a veto message saying the bill would not improve the lot of gay and lesbian couples because it still would not provide them rights under federal and other states‘ laws.

Douglas called override „not unexpected.“ He had called the issue of gay marriage a distraction during a time when economic and budget issues were more important.

„What really disappoints me is that we have spent some time on an issue during which another thousand Vermonters have lost their jobs,“ the governor said Tuesday. „We need to turn out attention to balancing a budget without raising taxes, growing the economy, putting more people to work.“

House Speaker Shap Smith’s announcement of the vote brought an outburst of jubilation from some of the hundreds packed into the gallery and the lobby outside the House chamber, despite the speaker’s admonishment against such displays.

Among the celebrants in the lobby were former Rep. Robert Dostis, D-Waterbury, and his longtime partner, Chuck Kletecka. Dostis recalled efforts to expand gay rights dating to an anti-discrimination law passed in 1992.

„It’s been a very long battle. It’s been almost 20 years to get to this point,“ Dostis said. „I think finally, most people in Vermont understand that we’re a couple like any other couple. We’re as good and as bad as any other group of people. And now I think we have a chance to prove ourselves here on forward that we’re good members of our community.“

Dostis said he and Kletecka will celebrate their 25th year together in September.

„Is that a proposal?“ Kletecka asked.

„Yeah,“ Dostis replied. „Twenty-five years together, I think it’s time we finally got married.“

Craig Bensen, a gay marriage opponent who had lobbied unsuccessfully for a nonbinding referendum on the question, said he was disappointed but believed gay marriage opponents were outspent by supporters by a 20-1 margin.

„The other side had a highly funded, extremely well-oiled machine with all the political leadership except the governor pushing to make this happen,“ he said. „The fact that it came down to this tight a vote is really astounding.“

Also in the crowd was Michael Feiner, a farmer from Roxbury and gay marriage supporter, who took a break from collecting sap for maple syrup-making to come to the Statehouse.

„I’m taking a break to come and basically make sure that I was here to witness history,“ he said.

The House had initially approved the bill last week with a 95-52 vote. Smith and his leadership team worked through the weekend to try to persuade some legislators to change their minds.

One who did was first-term Rep. Jeff Young, D-St. Albans. He said he continued to be philosophically opposed to gay marriage, but decided that voting with his fellow Democrats would help him be an effective legislator in the future.

„You realize that, you know, it’s a poker game in some ways,“ Young said. „Chips on the table. I’m a freshman. I have no chips. If I … had 20 years of chips, I probably could play any card I want. I don’t have that option.“

He added, „It’s the way the political game is played.“

admin answers:

Sounds like a good time for the straight people to move to another state.

Helen asks…

How come Obama and Eric Holder are hiding the documents on Fast and Furious, they had over 16 months?

„You can’t play liar’s poker when you’re looking for who killed somebody, when you’re looking into this kind of a crime, and when you’re looking into the cover-up,“ Issa said Sunday. „Remember, it was deny, delay, and recuse. That’s what we’ve been dealing with since February 4th of last year.“

Read more:

admin answers:

Republicans are simply invoking the ‚Nancy Pelosi“ rule ..

„Let’s hold Eric holder in contempt so we can see what’s in his documents“

Heck .. It worked for the Health Care bill.

Answer is … You don’t hide something unless there is something there.

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