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Sharon asks…

Is there any free poker site out there that gives real prizes/money?

Does anyone know of a free poker site that gives out real prizes/money?

admin answers:

Go on they have freerolls every day. It’s a new site with fewer players than others, which means fewer pros, so easier to win. I won a bundle at the weekend. Good luck

Helen asks…

Anyone know where I can play some free poker?

I have been searching for a free poker site. I have seen tons of sites but they always require some kind of deposit to play first or credit card… I just want to play for free, anyone have any suggestions?

admin answers:

I have the perfect site for you my man! I found a site you can not only play for free but you can also win money! Its great! You do not need a credit card or to submit any deposit to start playing, all you need is an email.

Its awesome my friend, I have never won big myself but I did win 30 bucks at a tourney the other day and I did get the money so I know they are legit!

Heres the link, hope you enjoy!!!


Mary asks…

Is it against Florida law for a minor to play in a free poker game in a bar & grill?

I want to play in a free poker game in a local restaraunt and it starts at 7 tonight… I really want to play in this and I am curious if I will be allowed to play…

admin answers:

It is against the law for an unaccompanied by an adult a minor being in any bar that serve alcohol.

James asks…

What is the best free poker online?

I have recently just gotten really into poker! What is the best website I can go to to play some free poker online? Any help would be great. Thank you

admin answers:


it’s free

John asks…

Free seat in the World Series of Poker Main Event?

Are there any free poker sites with free tournaments where the prize is a seat in the World Series of Poker Main Event???

Thanks for the help.

admin answers:

Full Tilt Poker is currently running main event freeroll qualifiers. To find out more go to –

Pokerstars run freeroll tournaments for WSOP, WPT, European Poker Tour and Asia Pacific. To find out more go to –

With all main event qualifiers it will be a series of freerolls to determine the winner.

You may be better off going to somewhere like Carbon Poker. It has qualifiers for as little as $2 and have much smaller fields. To find out more about the satellites go to –

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