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Mary asks…

Texas Hold Em advice?

I understand basic poker stradegy and how position and being selective on the cards you play make a big difference. Most of the time I unless I run into a bad beat, I can do fairly well at a tournament or cash game. However, what do you do when you end up with a final four players who call absolutely everything, one who always raises 2-3x the blind, and the board is not playing by the same rules meaning AK, KK, AA, and suited connectors are not winning hands. It is cards like 72 off, Q4 off, and 22 that people are calling and raising with and hitting on the flop. And if you get lucky enough to have AK hit a A on the board, someone else either hits the two pair or will hold out all the way to the river to catch the flush or straight.

How do you play players when the cards are not playing the way the odds calculators and „basic stradegy“ rules say the game should be played? When the cards aren’t hitting and the trash hands don’t fold, what do you do then?

Holding Q Q, Blinds 15/30

Bet 200 in last postion, one caller who re-raises 200. Called.

FLOP Qc 8c 3c

Bet all in 2200 (tournament chips)

Player calls. I expect something like 2 clubs, AA, KK….. something that caught part of the board.

He has Ah 10h. Odds calculator say less than 16% of that hand winning.

I am feeling pretty good about the set.

Two running hearts come up on Turn and River. Lose to a FLUSH. LOL

I felt like it was more of a crap shoot rather than poker as these players just played everything to the river.

admin answers:

How you respond depends a lot on your chip stack and table image. If you know you’re going to get called no matter what, just wait for solid starting hands and move in. If you don’t have enough chips to be patient, you may have to play back at them harder and hope to get lucky. A lot of the times when you’re that deep into the tourney a lot of the strategy goes out the window because you are playing with people who don’t really play correctly anymore. Often the end of a tournament is determined by luck more than anything else.

Paul asks…

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admin answers:

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Linda asks…

easy and quick way to figure

i’m starting to play poker and i’m learning what they call pot odds that can be determined using ratios or percentages. well i can do both but percentages may take me a little longer than i want. i need to know if there are tricks to do this. here’s the example.
. So using basic mathematics we know that $30 is 25% of $120.
i know 30/120=.25% but is there a quick way to do? i won’t have a calculator and i don’t want to be doing long division in my head in this situation. any tricks?
sorry about the .25….suppose to be 25

admin answers:

Devide and multiply by 100…
30/120 is not .25 %, its just 25%
30/120 is 1/4
Thus 1/4*100 = 25%

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