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Your Questions About Free Poker Slots

Freitag, Oktober 31st, 2014

Sharon asks…

What sports betting sites offer good bonuses and dont have high minimum deposits?

I need a reputible sports betting site, with a good bonus that will allow you to deposit $50 or less to get that bonus. Bodog offers 10% so thats a no. Bet365 doesnt serve US residents anymore. And betus has a minimum deposit of $100 for the bonus so none of them work for me. THANKS FOR THE HELP

admin answers:

There are a whole host of sites owned by one company (Domain Holdings, INC) that have gr8 bonuses and a low min, deposit ($20). They also use random Visa processors that are not tied to gaming, so u can use gift cards or ur debit card from the USA and it should go thru. My favorite is Now, you asked about sports betting, and I will stand by my belief that they run fair and good sports books. But their casino software and their poker software is another story… I think that the poker platform the run their sites thru is questionable at best and I don’t need an independent auditor to tell me their betsoft slots and their blackjack have been manipulated from the original software release to give the house more of an advantage. will give u a free 7 bux for signing up. They offer reload bonuses all the time and if i make 2 $20 dollar deposits and lose, their is a link thru the cashier to request a bonus, I use it all the time and get free bonues of 5-20 usd. Signing up there is easy. If you do so, use me as a referral. My screen name is nutsinho and my email is

Ruth asks…

Vegas Vacation with friends on a modest budget. What are some affordable dining and entertainment options?

We are all between 21 and 24 and will be staying at the Flamingo for a week in June. How can we get the most bang for our buck on dining and entertainment?

admin answers:

The least expensive form of entertainment, are the free spectacles
Our favorites include
Fountains of Bellagio
Fremont Street Experience
Masquerade Show in the Sky – Rio
Volcano – Mirage

Inexpensive attractions include
Stratosphere Tower & Rides
Shark Reef – Mandalay Bay
Madame Tussauds

Flamingo – pool

Mt Charleston – Our fav daytrip

Best of include
Forum Shops at Caesars Palace
Grand Canal & Palazzo Shoppes – Venetian
Miracle Mile Shops – Planet Hollywood

Buffets – Restaurants
Check „cheap eats“ & „graveyard“ specials for the best value meals
Our fav buffets(value)
Main Street Station
Gold Coast*

*both have free shuttles to & from Bill’s Gamblin Hall which is next to the Flamingo

Our fav „meal deals“
.99c shrimp cocktail at the Golden Gate >must have a players club card to get the .99c price
$7 complete prime rib dinner(after 4pm) at the Triple 7 restaurant & brew pub, Main Street Station, also $1 house brews after midnight. Yes, you can take advantage of both
Steak dinner – Ellis Island($7) not on menu, you have to ask for the „special“
$1 1/2lb hotdog & $1 premium beer – Slots-A-Fun
$1 – Michelob & Margaritas – Casino Royale

Best value
Mac King – Harrah’s
Xtreme Magic – Tropicana >you can call ahead now to check<

Las Vegas Hilton – "Superbook"
The LVH is our fav place to watch a game, free drinks, .05c 9/6 JOB video poker, etc – Caesars, MGM & Mirage also have very nice sportsbooks….

Las Vegas Advisor – MRB
2009 American Casino Guide
Fremon Street Experience – you can pick up a very nice sheet of free coupons from the FSE office, 425 Fremont Street, 2nd floor of the parking garage, next to Walgreens, show your out of state ID. Coupons usually include a 2-4-1 for Main Street Station, already(IMO) the best value buffet in LV at full price…


Helen asks…

How much money do i need for my 9 day trip to vegas?

My flight and hotel are already paid. I will not be gambling or drinking that much, i just want to know how much i should budget for food and entertainment.
It is my first time going.. n I know i should bring extra money but i just want an estimate of what i should take?

admin answers:

At least $100 per day.

If you just eat fast food, that’s going to be $10 per meal. Gambling is a tough variable to predict. The Wheel of Fortune and Megabucks slots can eat $20 within five minutes or less. „Not gambling that much“ can be $20 per day for five minutes of play or $100 per day for 25 minutes of play. Money lasts a bit longer on video poker or if you go downtown and play low limit blackjack or craps.

There’s also a chance that you’ll win and be able to extend your gaming time.

Entertainment also has a large variance in price. There’s a lot of free entertainment like the Bellagio fountain show, Sirens of Treasure Island, and casino bar lounge acts; but they don’t last very long. Video games are entertaining and fairly inexpensive (I played Guitar Hero at the Bellagio arcade for about a half hour last month, total cost of around $5.) Big name shows and concerts last longer… About two hours… And cost around $50 or more depending on what type of seat you want.

So you could figure, at minimum, one $50 show per day plus three $10 fast food meals and five minutes of gambling at $20, which equals $100. No cab fare.

Charles asks…

I play casino city on facebook and everynoe who come in my casino give me a thumbs down?

My casino is clean and my games are empty so i dont know why this is.
I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else!

admin answers:

I play casino city on facebook too. If you are not adding new slots and video poker machine and buying drinks for your friends who come through you door you can expect to get a thumbs down. Make sure you visit your friends casinos and play their games to collect chips. Also sending free gifts will help. Send me a friends request on facebook so I can take a look at your casino and add you as a VIP to my casino. The more friends you have the more stuff you’ll get. My name is Carole Bucher add me.

Lisa asks…

Are there any cover charges to get into the Horseshoe Casino in Indiana?

And how much money would you guys recommend that I bring? I’m a lightweight, by the way, so I probably won’t have more then like 4 or 5 drinks I’m guessing. And also, what’s it like there in general? Like what can I expect? I’m going this weekend for a friend’s 21st birthday and none of the people going have ever been before so we have no idea what it’s going to be like ha.

admin answers:

I go to the Horseshoe casino just outside New Albany.

No, there is no cover charge and parking is free. You will need your I.D. And your hand will be stamped when you enter. The state of Indiana collects a certain amount of money for each person that enters, but the casino pays this for you.

The state of Indiana also does not allow the casino to give you free alcoholic drinks. You must pay for them. Soft drinks, tea, coffee etc. Are free. You cannot bring your own booze on board.

The casino boat has four floors and smoking is allowed on all but the first floor. Every floor has slot machines.

~ Top floor has the high limit area and also most of the penny slot machines.
~ The best table games are on the third floor.
~ Second floor has a deli for sandwiches and snacks and a serve-yourself soft drink machine. There is also live entertainment.
~ The first floor has blackjack and poker. Also, there are some snack and sandwich vending machines (go through the poker area) and a serve-yourself soft drink machine.

Off the boat there are shopping areas and several places to eat including a nice buffet. Also there is „Legends“ with food and live entertainment.

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Your Questions About Free Poker Online No Download

Donnerstag, Oktober 30th, 2014

Michael asks…

where can i find and watch free full episodes of supernatural(only season 3&4!) without having to download?

youtube doesnt have season 3 or 4, also…..

after you tell me the name of the, please tell me how to actually start the movie, ive been to a couple of sites which list the episodes but i cant start the actual movie cuz i dont know how >.<

you say anything that doesnt answer this question, it is SPAM, and will be reported.

admin answers:

I mostly use to watch Supernatural online. If you click on this link it will take you straight to the Supernatural page:

It’s free to use and almost every episode of Supernatural is available including all aired episodes of seasons 3 and 4.

Basically, all you have to do is select the episode you want to watch and then there’s usually quite a few links to other sites which host that episode. I generally find that megastic is one of the best sites for watching episodes because it seems to load faster. There might be a lot of links for megavideo but the episodes only stay up for a couple of days before they’re removed so a lot of the megavideo links are probably dead ones.

When you click on the link for the episode – for example one of the ninjavideo links (they’re usually quite good too)
you’ll get a second window opening – if you see an ad for party poker – don’t worry, just ignore it, they pop up all the time – just click out of it and you should get a little screen (which you can enlarge to full size) with a big „play“ sign in the centre.

You might find that it takes a while to load and keeps stopping and starting – usually if you just let it run then come back to it and rewind it back to the beginning it should play perfectly.

Sorry if this explanation seems really long and goes on and on – hope I helped though : )

Carol asks…

what apps should i get for my ipod touch?

okay, so i have heaps already but I want more. can you tell me what some good apps or even songs or whatever are. thankyou. xx (im a teenage girl)- <<<<that may help. 🙂 thanks.

admin answers:

AP Mobile News – probably the best news app for the iPod Touch with a very large amount of news categories to choose from.

Conversions – can convert between a large amount of units and has the option to download other user created categories.

Cube Runner – an extremely fun and entertaining game that gives you the option to download user created levels.

Flixster – a very cool movie app that gives you a lot of detail about movies in the theater and upcoming DVD releases.

Google Earth – although the built it Maps app is good, Google Earth comes loaded with many more features.

HolyWars – a voting app with a very large database of user created questions that also tells you the location of answers.

I.TV – a very useful TV listing and movie app that tells you what’s showing on your cable or satellite company locally.

IVote – tell the world what you think about any subject at hand and even submit your own question for debate.

Joost – watch entire episodes of pretty much any show you want on demand with this awesome app. – a very good music streaming app that allows you to create your very own stations.

Live Poker – poker app created by Zynga that allows you to play poker online with other people the iPod Touch using wifi.

Pandora – the #1 internet radio app for the iPod Touch that lets you create your own stations to fit your music style.

Remote – control iTunes on your computer from your iPod Touch, with a working wifi connection of course.

Scribble – a very easy to use drawing app that comes preloaded with some very useful tools and enhancements.

Tap Tap Revenge 2 – by far the best play-along music game for the iPod Touch hands down!

Textfree Lite – send a daily limited amount of text messages to any US mobile phone for free.

TVUPlayer – allows you to watch streaming television of hundreds of channels right on your iPod Touch.

Twinkle – view twitter updates in an easy to use GUI and also find other twitter users nearby.

WeatherBug – keeps you informed of the weather any time and place and alerts you of watches and/or warnings.

Doodle Jump 99 cents
Scoops 99 cents
Baseball Slugger 99 cents
Jelly car free
Tap Tap revenge free
Bloons 99 cents
Trace Free
Cube Runner Free
Pocket God 99 cents
Icopter 99 cents
Papi Missle Free
Monkey Ball 5.99 (i think)
Line rider Iride 2.99 (i think)
Squares 2 lite Free
Lock ’n‘ roll Free
Arcade hoops lite Free
Sims 3 10$
Ishoot 99 cents
Uno 2.99 (i think)
Who wants to be a millionaire 2.99 (i think)
Rope n fly 99 cents
Word link Free
Do not press the red button (not really a game more of a time taker)free
Waterslide extreme free
Topple Free
Topple 2 99 cents
Tap of war
Brain toot (free) Free
Unblock me Free
Riddle lite free
Chicken panic (Free)
Stop It ! Free Free
The Imbecile test Free
Kids vs Zombies Free
Noise Trio Free
Stick wars 99 cents
Tap Defence free
geoDefence 99cent
Fieldrunners 2.99
Star Shower Free
Space Deadbeef Free
Stone Loops of jurassica lite Free
Wild west pinball Free
Catcha Mouse Free‘
Brick Breaked 3D Free
IBall3D Free
6500+ cool facts Free
IBeer 99 cents
Beer Pong Free
Checkers Free
Minesweeper Free
Suduko (im not sure) maybe 99 cents
Moron Test 99 cents
Light Bike 99 cents
Deer Hunter Free 3D Free
Digidrums 2.99
FS5 Air Hockey Free
Paper Toss Free
Maze Finger Free
Falling Balls Free
Beat Rider lite
All 51 games Free
Gun App Free
Arcade Bowling Free
pacman lite Free
Blink Free
Batterup lite Free
Chase the dot Free
Crack the code Free
Ouch 2.99
Room Escape Free
Fastlane lite Free
Dactyl Free
Cowabunga free
Knots Free
Islots Free
Lightning tap Free
Soccer Kickoff Free
Knights onrush 99 cents
Iswap faces 99 cents
Aqua baller Free

James asks…

What’s a good site to play some joker poker online for free?

admin answers:

Here’s a great site with a free joker poker game you can play online with no download or registration required. The site also has links to places where you can play for real money too.

Sharon asks…

Are they any Texas Hold Em games that I can play against my friend Online?

Like where we can meet up in a table n then the other people come n we play against em.
Ok which do you think is the best one out of all of them. And does party poker have that? if so how do i go about inviting theM?

admin answers:

There are a ton of poker sites from which you can download the poker room software. I recommend Poker Stars ( or Full Tilt Poker (

Once you are logged on, you can do a search for your friends and then invite them to play in any room you are in. Both sites offer free play as well as real money games.

Sandra asks…

Are there free online games like runescape that don’t require downloading?

I don’t want to download anything and i don’t want to pay.
I also want to be able to talk to other people on it.
Please give me suggestions!

admin answers:

Try You can play it without downloading except make sure you have java enabled.

You can play cool card games and the graphics is awesome. If you like it I can give you a club pogo pass that lets you play club pogo games for 5 days for free. It lets you play Texas Hold Em and other poker games.

Runescape requires a download too, but you just dont need a shortcut to get into it since its web-based. Its still a download that takes up space in your memory. If you want a 3-D game like this one, but an online interactive one….you should try or or

I think the most popular would be

The new pogo bowling game is really cute and you can create your own avatar like we do on Yahoo Answers. The other virtual games require a download but they are very addicting and they are interactive. They have really good graphics, and you can play them for FREE.

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Your Questions About Free Poker Slots

Mittwoch, Oktober 29th, 2014

Helen asks…

Why do contests often require you to take a math skills test?

Is it because they do not allow stupid people to enter contests?
For example the rules will say you must be 21, you must live in Canada, you must complete a math skills test (usually 1 simple questions) so it seems to be a legal thing?

admin answers:

Yeah, it is probably a legal thing. Many places have laws about gambling that have the unintended consequence of making certain kinds of contests illegal. I don’t know how it is in Canada, but in the USA, you often hear language in contest promotions like „offer valid in all states except [a small list of states]“, and gambling laws are usually the reason for these kinds of exceptions.

Often the distinction made by the law is between a „game of chance“ (where your chances of winning are essentially random) and a „game of skill“ (where a person’s own abilities can have an effect on the outcome). For example, where I live, because of the „skill“ component of poker, I could legally open a business where people gamble on poker for money or other prizes, but I could not have slot machines at the business that gave out money or prizes.

The math problem in the contest probably plays a similar role. It means that whether a person wins is not entirely a matter of chance— it depends in some small way on the abilities of the people who enter the contest. That tiny test might make the difference between the contest being legal or illegal in some province of Canada.

A second thought that comes to mind, if it is an online contest, is that it could be an effort to keep people from increasing their chances of winning by entering the contest a large number of times (using variations on their own name over and over, or a lot of fake names, or a lot of or real names of their friends, who could claim the prize for them if they won). Generally, nothing can stop a committed person with a lot of free time from violating the spirit of an online contest or poll by finding a way to submit lots of entries. Adding a little chore like a math problem to the entry process makes this less appealing.

Laura asks…

where is the best website for casino slots games?

there are lots of reviews about casino slots games but i don’t if i would trust those sites who reviews with rank 5/5 stars in all of their casino slots games. in your experience, which casino slots games is better to play to win money?

admin answers:

Doyle’s Casino is a well trusted online casino – sponsored by poker legend Doyle Brunson. They are offering nightly free slots tournaments to try out their casino too. More info on Doyle’s Casino here:

Maria asks…

What are the liquor laws in Vegas? Also, what are some good places to go drink that aren’t too pricey?

OK, so a couple of friends and I are planning a trip to Las Vegas. We are wondering what the liquor laws are like. How late can you buy beer? How late can you buy hard liquor? What are the prices like for buying beer and hard liquor at liquor stores? Also, what are some good places to go drink that aren’t too pricey?

We have never been to Vegas before and want to have a good time without spending ridiculous amounts of money. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

admin answers:

It’s Las Vegas, booze is available 24/7/365..The best place I have found to buy beer/wine/liquor is „Terrible’s Wine & Liquor“ at the Orleans they are open 24/7 and will beat any advertised price. Their prices are lower than I can find at home!

Drinks are free when you’re playing. If you’re a sports nut the best play is the LV Hilton’s „Super Book“. You can play great video poker(9/6 JOB-99.54%) on nickel or quarter machines, watch sports in the greatest sports book on the planet and drink free.

If you’re not into playing you can still drink on the cheap at Slots-A-Fun & Casino Royale they both have $1 bottle beer..

The Buffets at Orleans, Palace Station & Main Street Station all have great food at bargain prices.

„Graveyard Specials“ – a time honored tradition in LV – for a full list use this site >VEGAS INFO >“graveyard specials“ >you can also access every LV hotel web site to check rates, etc. //Nightclubs/Bars > restaurants >shows>buffets & more are all listed and are up to date, not months(or years) old like most LV web sites

The Las Vegas Advisor also has a full list of all the „free spectacles“ & free hotel shuttles.

The best way to save money on a LV trip is to avoid special events, large conventions and weekends. These drive room rates up. Go at the „right“ time and you can stay at 3 star hotels for $25-$39 or 4 stars for $49-$69 – go at the „Wrong“ time and the same room in the same hotel will cost 5 to 10 times as much.

May 28th – June 1st has some good rates – The cheapest time of the year to go is in December, after the National Finals Rodeo up until just before New Years > December 9th – 28th this year $1 beer and $1 craps which means the Orleans uses the place as a loss leader to draw players into the casino, Third there are over 30,000 of us who subscribe to the Las Vegas Advisor, hundreds of whom live in LV, Terrible’s is the name you get when it’s ask(forums) where to buy liquor/beer/wine.

If you like brew clubs, one I would highly recommend is at Main Street Station, after midnight they have 16oz draws for $1

Jenny asks…

Any suggestions for casinos in Canada, must be close to the falls?

For those who have been to casinos in Canada, could anyone give me suggestions? I’m not looking to stay the night, i’m just there for the night. I’m looking for atmosphere, customer service, and just how the casino ranks in comparison. Thanks in advance

admin answers:

I’ve been to both casinos (Casino Niagara and Fallsview) and can report enjoying (and winning at) both of them. I’ve stuck to the video poker and slots since the tables weren’t always attended at both. I would also call customer service a tie mainly because all I can really comment on are the cashiers. Fallsview has a newer vibe and look but Casino Niagara seems to have a bit better lighting, especially in walking areas.

BTW, both offer views of the cataracts, although Fallsview (thus the name) is a little closer to them. Also, since the Skylon Tower is right there at Fallsview, you have another viewing option that Casino Niagara can’t offer. Bottom line: Unless one place has a game the other doesn’t, either one should fit the bill for you. For instance, the last time I was there (last year about this time), Casino Niagara had electronic blackjack but Fallsview didn’t.

If the choices are just too close to decide, why not let the gambling gods decide your fate by flipping a loonie to make the call of where to go?

BTW, the casino ELF is referring to is Seneca Niagara. It is surrounded more by buildings, so it isn’t as open for a Falls view. It seemed to have a bit more open space than either of the NFO properties and was the only one of the three which automatically offered free parking without club membership (although Fallsview doesn’t always staff it’s parking payment stations, making their lots free as well).

I would recommend going to either of the Canadian casinos mainly because the 6% exchange rate (while still quite low) will give you a little more playing time in Canada at an identically denominated machine or table. If you play $100 in a quarter machine at Seneca, you’ll get 20 more quarters to play with (they nip a little off the exchange rate) in Canada.

George asks…

Where are the cheap places to gamble and drink in Las Vegas?

We are heading down to Vegas in August and I am not sure where to stay or gamble and drink. I hear that down town on Freemont St is cheaper but it is not very safe late at night. Are there places on the main strip that are reasonable?
Any advice would be great.
I was wondering if they have 2 and 5 dollar car tables any place on the strip also.

admin answers:

Cheap drinks?
If you’re on the strip, Casino Royale and Slots-A-Fun both have beer/drinks for around $1
Drinks are free if you’re playing, but they seem to arrive quicker and more frequently if you tip the cocktail waitress $1 per round or so.

Cheap places to gamble?
One of the best is the sports book at the Las Vegas Hilton. They have tons of .05c and or .25c 9/6 JOB(Jacks or better) video poker. I can generally put $10 in a .05c machine and play for hours, while watching sports in the greatest sprotsbook on earth and drinking for free.

The Nevada Gaming Commission releases info on where the best(slots/video poker) returns are, and Boulder Hwy* is the best area, followed by downtown(Fremont Street).
*Sam’s Town has a free shuttle from either downtown(California, Fremont) or from the strip(Riviera, Harrah’s) >I enjoy playing at the Eastside Cannery also, which is near Sam’s Town, and Boulder Station is a good one as well.

My absolute favorite for low level play is the Fiesta Henderson. They have „full pay“ video poker at the .05c and .10c level, all over the casino.

Las Vegas – gambling guide
Where to find the best games.

If you’re going to play, sign up for their PCC(Players Club Card). Many times just signing up will get you something.
These guys track the latest sign up promotions.

For great eats that won’t break the bank, try the „graveyard specials“, lunch buffets. There are also a number of steak specials that have been around for years(Ellis Island, Main Street Station’s 777, etc)
If you visit downtown I highly recommend either the lunch buffet at Main Street Station or their prime rib special(after 4pm) at the 777

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Your Questions About Free Poker Websites

Dienstag, Oktober 28th, 2014

Helen asks…

What is the backstory on the music box in USA show White Collar?

Can you give me the history of the „music box“ they always refer to? And, how Peter & the FBI ended up with it and why it matters so much?? Or, if you know of a website that talks about it that would work to.

admin answers:

This is pieced together from what I’ve been able to understand from the show and with help from Wikipedia. Some people don’t trust the site but I have found it to be fairly accurate so I use it as a source….


Kate Moreau is Neal’s ex-girlfriend. She apparently broke up with him during his time in prison. Neal feels that Kate was being controlled by a mystery man – who was only identifiable by his 10-year commemorative FBI ring. The music box has something to do with Kate but I’m not sure exactly what other than Alex (who was in last weeks episode) helped Neal steal it in order to free Kate – possibly from this controlling mystery man – Kate was on a plane that exploded, just as Neal was supposed to board the plane. I’m pretty sure at one point, everyone thought Neal was responsible for the plane exploding but I don’t think he was. With Mozzie’s help, Neal was able to obtain the FAA transcript of the plane (I didn’t think this was recordings of the passengers on the plane, only of the cockpit/pilots) He somehow sent the transcripts to Sara Ellis – the insurance investigator who tried to bust Neal for stealing a painting – well then Neal broke into Sara’s house to get the transcripts and Sara had him arrested but then Peter begged her not to press charges against Neal b/c then he couldn’t play poker against John Laroquette’s character in this weeks episode.

I know that Peter and Diana have the music box now.

I found this here on Y!A

>>In 1.08 „Hard Sell“ (the Season 1.5 opener), we learned – through Peter’s meeting with Kate – that „the man with the ring“ wants an amber music box that once belonged to Catherine the Great. Kate told Peter that the music box was her „price“; in exchange, she’ll leave Neal alone. Peter shared this information with Neal, who still believed that Kate was being forced by the man with the ring to do his bidding. Basically, through to the end of the season finale, Neal was certain that finding the music box and handing it over to Fowler (the OPR agent in charge of Project Mentor and who is also reporting to someone above his pay grade) would ensure Kate’s release. Everyone thought that Neal had stolen the music box, but the closest he ever got to this treasure was during his partnership with high-end fence Alexandra Hunter. Of course, we know what happened in the last minutes of „Out Of The Box,“ but the music box remains a mystery.

Now, in Season 2, Peter and Diana are the only ones who know the location of the music box. They’ve listened to its melody and have discovered a missing cherub, which Peter has deduced must be a key of some sort. He and Diana think that the man they chased in the opening scene of 2.02 „Need To Know“ has the missing piece… However, in the last scenes of 2.03 „Copycat Caffrey,“ Alex gives Neal the missing piece to the music box, the cherub-key.

The question remains: what secret is the music box hiding? (And will Peter and Neal share their secrets with each other?)<<

Michael asks…

What is a good online poker website? (download or non-download)?

I would like to know good poker websites that are free to play.

admin answers:

full tilt

William asks…

Is there any free No Deposit Bonus for any other poker site except 888 and PartyPoker?

Heres the deal, I lost a lot of money yesterday on Fulltilt, I had a straight and lost to a house, I am not in the mood to be depositing more. Is there any other website except the two i mentioned where I can get a no deposit bonus straight away without filling any credit card details, thanks.

admin answers:

Yes there are other sites also having no deposit bonuses. But even these bonuses are not free. Even you have to play some games and need to win a good amount before winning a good amount.

Still the poker rooms are:-

FullTilt Poker
Carbon Poker
Absolute Poker
Titan Poker
32 Red

Get their review at

Donna asks…

What site can I visit or book can I read that could tell me how to start a poker league?

Just a friendly league only between people I know.

admin answers:

I run a home poker league myself. We usually play for 8 weeks and then have a Tournament of Champions. We take 5 dollars off the buy in and put that towards the TOC prize pool. We award points each week based on where you finish and at the end, the top 60% of the field qualify for the TOC. It’s a fun way to do it and give the champ some bragging rights for a couple of months.

For tons of info on blinds structures to use and tonnes of other valuable info, check out the Home Poker Tourney website. I have put a link to their site below. It is a great resource to help you set up some rules, get format ideas, blind structures etc.

Have a couple practice games first, try out a couple different blind structures, set some rules and figure out what works for the amount of players you want and the time you want the game to last. I have also provided a link for a free poker clock that is fully customizable for what ever blind structure you choose. It’s the best I have found that is out there for free.

Most of all have fun. Good Luck at the tables.

Maria asks…

What do you do for fun on your iPod touch?

R there any cool free apps
certain websites
or videos to recommend?

Or what do you just do in general?

admin answers:

I downloaded this poker game.
& ive been playing that.
I have no idea how to play.

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Your Questions About Free Poker Sites

Montag, Oktober 27th, 2014

David asks…

Anyone got any good online casino bonuses for Halloween?

Usually the online casinos and poker sites go for this in a big way. Anyone got any links to free bonuses or codes?

admin answers:

There are actually some good overall bonuses. Some sites list them like

If you are outside the US, pokerstars has holiday themed tournaments and giveaways, usually the best.

Ken asks…

Where can i find and get some poker bonus?

my adventure with poker continues, i am looking for a poker bonus website where i can find the best deals.

how are poker bonus calculated, i mean i don’t think poker sites are doing some charity are they?

admin answers:

Poker bonuses are almost all based upon a percentage of your deposit which becomes freed up as you play. In essence what happens here is that you get your rake back over a certain period of time. Poker sites aren`t in the habit of charity though and that`s why they just don`t give you money for free. The idea here is that they will forego making anything on you for awhile, then after you`ve freed up all the bonus, then the hope is that you`ll stick around and then they will make money off you.

Jenny asks…

I hate working and want to get rich quick?

What are the top best ways to get paid. I joined a poker site and keep losing even when I could swear I would win. I think it’s rigged. Plus I tried to scrap but I have no truck and my ass hole dad won’t help me. Any simple suggestion that are soo stupid it might work?

admin answers:

Here are a couple ways to get rich quick! You can deal drugs, prostitute yourself, start robbing people, or gamble! Well, I would go for gambling, so I at least wont get thrown in jail LOL. If you want to play poker, you can get poker bankrolls for free at some sites, check it out. You never know, you might just win! LOL.

Linda asks…

What are some good site to customize realistic avatars for free?

I’m looking for sites to make avatars of myself and friends but the kind of avatars I want the 3D human like avatars but without a disproportionate big heads. The most realistic ones I’ve seen so far are the ones on Second Life and PKR (Poker playing site) but I don’t want to join those sites, I just want to make closer to realistic avatars.

admin answers:


James asks…

are there any java based poker sites that does not require any money to play-where u can win prizes? ?

are there any java based poker sites that does not require any money to play-where u can win prizes? just wanna kill time at school and they don’t allow me to install stuff.

Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

This is the best one i have found. You can win real money playing poker. The company gives you free tokens to start and if you win, you do not have to pay anything. Good luck

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Your Questions About Free Poker

Sonntag, Oktober 26th, 2014

Joseph asks…

Where can i get i Free Poker Bankroll without deposit?

hey guys i find everywhere on the web where can i get a free poker bankroll without deposit..
so hard helpp me please 🙂

i tryed this one it work… but i need a second bankroll

admin answers:

Hey john try this one they are really serious i get mine two days ago and my bankroll is now around 430$ and i started with their free bankroll , no deposit youhouuuu 🙂

Jenny asks…

what is a good free online poker site thats actually free?

ive been lookin for awhile and i havent found any free poker sights i want one like pokerstars where u have an acount but i dont wanna pay a cent help me

admin answers:

I think you should try the free poker sites like:-

FullTilt Poker
Party Poker
carbon Poker
Bodog Poker

All these sites with their .NET domains are the free poker sites. Check them out.

Laura asks…

What is a good free poker app I can play against a computer?

My step dad has a really good one but I think they discontinued it, so I want to find one I can get. Thanks for reading and answering 🙂

admin answers:

Poker Games

Helen asks…

Where can i play free multiplayer poker?

I want to play poker online with other ppl, but with NO MONEY. can you give me a site?

admin answers:

Sure you can play for Free without depositing any money. Just go to and follow the poker link. You can’t miss it. You can sign-up for free and play for free forever. Should you choose to play for real money one day… No problem. You can deposit money and play with the account you already have.

Robert asks…

What can I do with my new free time I have?

I’ve been playing online poker for years now and I just want to stop and do something else. What can I do with my time? What is a beneficial thing to do that is good for my health and low cost? I’m open to any suggestion.

admin answers:

YOu can take up knitting or online porn.

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Your Questions About Free Poker Online No Download

Samstag, Oktober 25th, 2014

Michael asks…

Thinking of buying a ps3 Good or bad idea?

So lately I just got tired from my ps2 and now I’m thinking of buying a ps3 can anyone tell me what are the good and bad things about buying one or even if I should buy it?
Just need some opinions because can’t seem to make up my mind about it, Thanks.

admin answers:

The best graphics

Best future proofing, the games being on blu-ray and the processing power of the PS3 means that the games are going to keep getting better and better over the lifetime of the PS3.

It plays blu-ray movies, but that only matter if you have an HDTV

There is no subscription to the PSN network, you don’t have to pay extra to play online.

It’s much more reliable than it’s rival.

It has firmware updates, so that it will be able to keep up with the times, and have new functions added to it.

You can buy PS1 games, special PSN games, (small games that don’t take up much space on your hard drive, but that are a lot of fun. You can download the latest free demo’s of upcoming games. Free wallpapers and themes. You can buy new map packs and other extra content for games that you own, and some game content is free.

I can’t remember what it’s called, even though I have it, lol, but there is a free service that lets you stream music video’s of your choice and make play lists, it needs a little more work, but it’s pretty good, and free.

If you like to meet other gamers, and play things like poker and bowling, then there is Home, which is a bit weird at times, but interesting, and free.

Note: If you buy a new one, which you should, remember that new PS3’s do not have backwards compatibility, they won’t play PS2 games, so if you want to play your old games, remember to keep your PS2.

Donna asks…

Anyone know of a good casino game?

I’m looking for a good game that will allow me to play a bunch of different casino games, like blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, etc. Anyone know of a good download-able or online game that encompasses most casino games? I’d prefer it if I can download it, but if someone knows a good online game that would be good too.

admin answers:

Try this site, for an example.
I think this one is a free online site and can be downloaded. There seems to be quite a few online to choose from…good luck 🙂

Charles asks…

where can i find free slot games-double diamonds on my computer without downloading?

something more interesting other than the usual games, maybe some games with bonuses.

admin answers:

Won’t find Double Diamonds online but there are hundreds of bonus slot games you can play for free.

Best thing is no signup or download is required – just click and play. The free games section is located in the middle of the page of the link I posted in the source.

You can play individual games or a launch a casino suite with a bunch of slot, poker blackjack or roulette games. Some new additions include Hitman and Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword.

You can also play The Three Stooges slot by RTG but you’ll have to install a casino for that, but it is still a lot of fun. There are also some Rival Casinos that will give a free no deposit cash bonus just to try their games as well.

Maria asks…

What’s the best free working online poker bot you can download?

admin answers:

The one that doesn’t work.
Don’t cheat.

Sandra asks…

Does anyone know of a poker gambling site that is open to Americans and does not require a download to play?

Hoping to find a site open to Americans with easy deposit that can be played through the web broswer

admin answers:

There are many online casinos available to US players. I have dealt with Royal Vegas Casino for 8 years as a player and as an advisor to online casino players and can recommend them very highly.

There are a number of easy deposit options that you can read about on their site here before you go and play.

Select your desired currency if it hasn’t already geo-targeted you and then look for the „Play Lite Casino“ button on the left of the casino homepage. This is the non-download version of their casino.

They are powered by Microgaming Viper Software, in my opinion, the best casino software provider on the Internet. Awesome graphics, sounds, support, gameplay and they introduce new games every month.

You can always play for free so there’s no harm in having a look and trying the games out before you decide to deposit.

That’s my pick of the best US online casinos out there anyway. I’m sure others will have other ideas.

Best of luck where ever you end up anyway!

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Your Questions About Free Poker Slots

Freitag, Oktober 24th, 2014

Sharon asks…

is there any gambiling games online where you can win real money for free?

Im looking for a website where you can the slot machine or scratch cards for free and actually win real money , is there any out there?

admin answers:

The only way to win real money for free is to learn poker and play freerolls. You need to be very good, study a lot and to be born for this kind of lifestyle.

Mark asks…

How can you get free pogo tokens?

Well my grandpa, grandma and i are competing to see how gets the most tokens. Grandpa got 12 million grandma got 9 million and i have 700,000. Grandma gets on some websites to get free tokens. The only one i know is the is there any others?

admin answers:

The only site you need for gaining tokens is this one

If you have never been there you can gain around 150,000 tokens instantly visiting all the posted links. Then check back every couple weeks for new promotions.
(All the links for tokens take you directly onto Pogo’s website, so make sure you are logged in when visiting them)

Other methods are play the highest paying token games, which include Trivial Pursuit, Crossword Cove, Monopoly Slots(if your lucky), Keno Pop(if your lucky), and Clue Secrets and Spy’s(if your good and fast) Also Texas Holdem Poker, but you have to be good at poker.

Donald asks…

How much money do you spend on average for a day at an Atlantic City Casino?

im goin to Atlantic City for one day, and i was wondering, if ur goin to the casino, how much money do you spend on average? $100? I dont wanna spend too much.

admin answers:

As usual, pdq is right, and I agree with David too.
I don’t spend anything. I play poker and I pretty much break even, actually a few bucks ahead, and I play enough that my meals are usually comped. How much others spend should have no effect on how much you decide to spend. Some people can’t afford to lose anything and have no business being in a casino, while some people can lose thousands of dollars and not even miss it. It also depends on what you’re planning to play. At table games, I don’t think $100 will last very long. On the other hand you could probably sit all day at the penny slots with $100. If you play poker and you’re good, and lucky, you could play for a long time at a 2/4 limit game with $100, but at a 1/2 no limit game, one bad beat could take your whole bankroll. My suggestions are:
1) Take only as much as you can afford to lose. Assume you are going to lose. You may win and, if you do, that’s great, but the odds are against you.
2) Leave your credit and debit cards at home, so you’re not tempted to spend more then you planned.
3) Don’t forget to budget for food. If you plan to eat lunch and dinner, you can expect to spend AT LEAST $30. Or much more at many restaurants. Out on the boardwalk you could probably find a pizza place or something a little bit cheaper. You get free drinks while you play, but you’re expected to tip the servers.
4) When you get to the casino, ask about getting a player rewards card, even if you don’t plan on going again. Casinos usually offer incentives for getting a card. These may include bonuses like a free buffet, and usually offer a certain amount of free slot play for new members. You might even do a little research online before you go to find out who offers the best incentives.
6) Have fun

Ruth asks…

What are some good casino based games?

Just wondering what some good casino based games are. Looking for a free to play game with a virtual pocket (IE: every player starts with 10,000 or something) I want something with as many games possible.. For sure a couple variations of poker and black jack and as well as, as many casino type games. Just tired of playing Zynga poker and switching to other sites to play other games with a whole different wallet. I want something where I can play a little bit of everything. Thanks!

admin answers:

Roulette, video poker, blackjack and slots(any of them)

Craps works as well but on a computer, it really is stale and underdeveloped.

William asks…

What do you think about the government allowing a state lottery, but making gambling illegal?

To me it seems hypocritical.

admin answers:

The current law on gambling is astonishing.

Laws that allow casinos in one place, but not in others. Laws that allow casinos, but only if it is on a fake boat. Laws that permit gambling on an Indian reservation, but only if they don’t use dice, wheels, reels or cards!

Then you have weird anomalies like the fact you can bet horses in Virginia, even if you are only 18, despite alcohol being served on the premises. But if you organized a game of poker for money in the same establishment, you could be arrested. Similarly if the establishment put a single slot machine on the premises they could be closed down. Just as they could if they offered a greyhound racing bet, instead of horse racing.

When it comes to online, the Bush administration didn’t address the issue at all. Their moron radical Bill Frist merely slipped some anti gambling legislation into a 2006 Port Security Bill so that at there was never any debate on the law change.

Frist claimed that gambling destroyed families, and yet included a bunch of free rides for horse racing, including the ability for most Americans to now gamble on horses online, with American owned and operated companies.

No one has ever questioned the ability of people to buy and sell stocks online, even though day trading is for most participants, nothing more than gambling.

And the vast majority of states now have a lottery, which raises billions of dollars for good causes. Yet as you pointed out in your question, many of these states ban other forms of gambling. Despite the fact that the lottery offers worse odds (house edge) than pretty much any casino game.

It is not logical, and it makes no sense. There is no reason why the law should be this way. But it simply isn’t a big enough issue for politicians to get involved in, so that’s why nothing really happens.

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Your Questions About Free Poker Websites

Donnerstag, Oktober 23rd, 2014

Mandy asks…

What is a good website for free sheet music?

I want some Lady GaGa songs to play on the piano. What website will can give me some free sheet music which is decent?

admin answers:


poker face 🙂

but you should try google. It has lots to offer.

George asks…

Are there any real online ways to make money?

Is there a website where you can actually make money without investing any money or using a credit card. If you could show me one r give me actual proof.
One where you *DO NOT* have to put in any money, but you actually do receive money.

admin answers:

Http:// – poker site allows you a free $50 bankroll to play with, it’s not easy but you don’t have to put anything in yourself at all.

Joseph asks…

How to earn money online through e books without any first investment?

Hi. I need to know the various ways through which i can make money online. I wrote some stories and essays as e books. Is there any website to which i can give it and get money credited in my paypal account. Please i don’t want any ptc or survey refferal links…

admin answers:

My favourite affiliate programs are in the online gambling niche. The best thing about this niche is that once you sign someone up, say to a poker site, they will make their initial deposit (you get paid) and when they keep on playing you continue to get a percentage cut- long term passive income for doing absolutely nothing!

You can get paid up to $200 bucks per signup! And then up to 50% share of the revenue they generate. Imagine that- if you only signed up 1 a day you would make over $6,000 a month! And that doesnt even include your revenue share.

Why would you bother selling clickbank products which only pay you once? Whats worse is you also have to deal with chargebacks- so often your hard work goes to waste because the customer didnt like the product.

What i love about online gambling is that its such a big industry and its only growing. Also, the market is international so you arent restricted to just your home country.

Many sites have stacks of promotions and banners for you to put on your site. This makes jazzing up your blog or website soooo easy. Theres no need to do any ad copy writing and there are java script banners to ge the atention of your readers.

These are my favourite (and most profitable) gambling affiliate programs. All of them are free to signup as a webmaster/affiliate.

These sites offer you pretty much instantaneous registration so you could be making money in minutes- literally. You just need to get traffic and get people to sign up.

If you already have a blog then you already have traffic. A free way of getting more traffic is to add links to your blogs on facebook to get more people seeing your ads.

The top affiliates make over $1million a year. I am not making that much but you dont need a million a year to be happy 😉 at least i don’t anyway.

So here are my top 3, i suggest you signup right now.

1) sportsbetting, horse racing, poker, casinos and ultimate fighting (great moneymaker!)

up to 35% revenue commission

go to: and click on the „join now“ button in the middle of the screen.

2) poker

up to $200 per player and 35% revenue share

go to: and click on the „affiliates“ button in the top right

3) bingo

$50 per signup, 50% commission- it really surprised me how many people love to play bingo. I thought it was just for old people.

Go to : you can also win an ipad by signing up.

Sorry its such a long answer but i hope this gives you some ideas and helps you make some $$$

Ken asks…

How to not get screwed at the repair shop ?

I’ve had a lot of bad experiences getting my car repaired. I thought a safe bet was to take it to the dealer; not true. Is there a website I can go to to read the good and bad stories people have (reviews)? Or maybe just some general advice for how not to get screwed over when I am taking the car in for repairs?

admin answers:

For one, never go to any place like firestone, ntb, meineke, etc for any major jobs. Let me learn you on something. Hope you have time. What you do is you go there for an oil change or maybe something no more than 50 bucks. Maybe a oil change and tire rotation. When they do these small jobs they’ll find something wrong with your car and they’ll want to fix it. And if you are suckered into over paying to have them do it, they’ll usually find something else wrong on the job.

But when you do this you get a free check of small things wrong with your car. Its easy to check for play, leaks, bad shocks, etc when the car is in the air. They’ll tell you what needs to be done hoping they have a sucker to rip off. Instead take the info they give you and here’s what you do.

Take it to another local shop and get a free check there. Or for instance say firestone said that your brakes we’re bad. Go to a local shop and try to get a free brake inspection. If you’re not satisfied with two then go to three shops. What this does is allows you to know without a doubt whats wrong with your car while paying little to find out.

Most local shops get more business than those big places because they charge less, so they wont be looking for something else wrong with your car. Their mentality is to fix it as quick as possible and hope you come back to fix something else. While a place like firestone or ntb wants to run up in you as much as possible in one encounter. So they’ll tell you whatever they find hoping that you panic and forced into fixing it.

They’ll say something like that bad so and so could cause your engine to blow. While it may be true, the timetable could be for a long period of time and not what they make it seem. So in truth, a place like firestone is more useful for giving you an idea of what you need to fix on your car. You just go there for a oil change, cheap brake inspection, or anything you can find that’s cheap to do. Then they’ll give you the info you need.

Now when you find this info what do you do? You find out that to have them fix those shocks you’ll have to pay 5-700 dollars right? The hell with that. Find a local shop and make sure it has business. Or ask around to find a good local shop or whatever you need to do. Make sure they let you purchase your own parts. When you do purchase your parts make sure wherever you get them from gives you a proper warranty for them. Otherwise you buy the part, it messes up, you call the shop and they say you have to go get another part. Usually you don’t have to worry about this with places like firestone because they’ll warranty your stuff. Even still it might be cheaper to replace the same part two times than pay what they charge.

So once you buy the part find out the labor charge to put it on and you go from there. You may end up spending 150 bucks on the shocks and maybe 150-200 to get them on. You just saved 350-500 bucks. I just put on back rotors on my car that a guy planned on charging me 200 bucks for at a shop. I went to the shop to get them machined and he said they couldn’t be machined. So I went and paid about 85 bucks for all 4 rotors. Then I put the two back ones on myself. He was going to charge me 200 bucks just for the front two. So imagine how much he would’ve charged me for all four?

But I didn’t change the front rotors yet because I found out I need new wheel bearings. So instead of putting the rotors on and then coming back to do the bearings. I’m going to do the whole thing all together. But the way you win out against these rip off artist is you get free info from them or you pay a small amount to get info. Kind of like paying off a bet in poker to see what your opponent has.

Basically the way you save the most money is buying your own parts and taking it to a local shop that doesn’t charge that much for labor. Most of the shops I mentioned above or all of them wont even let you buy your own parts. Why? That is how they run up in you if you need something fixed. By selling you some expensive part that cost tons more than what you would normally pay, they make majority profit off of parts. This is their way of trying to charge you the most possible amount of cash in one stop. That is the goal. That’s why you’ll see places like firestone and the like not have lots of business usually. While a good local shop has business all day every day. Yet you may wonder how the hell do they stay in business? Hello! By ripping folks off as much as possible on one fix.


1. Go to a big shop like sears, firestone, ntb, midas, conrads, etc. Get a oil change or a small inspection job done to find out whats wrong.
2. Go to a local shop and get a free inspection or a cheap inspection to figure out if that is for sure the problem.
3. Once the problem is verified, go and purchase the parts yourself. Being careful to have the correct one. I don’t know where you’re from but here we have worldautoparts which is usually cheaper

Donald asks…

How do the free poker sites give out real money?

The website Poker Zero says you can sign up for free and play in daily games and win real money.

My question is, how do they make money? I mean, they’re not just giving it out. Is it through sponsors? Advertisements? What?

Do they charge you for chips? It doesn’t make sense to me.


admin answers:

If you EVER believe you will get something for nothing, then you are a TARGET for every scammer out there.

It is more likely that you are a spammer for this website than it is that they will ever pay anybody a cent.

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Your Questions About Free Poker Downloads

Mittwoch, Oktober 22nd, 2014

Mary asks…

Do people still play red dead redemption online?

I want to get it but I’m wondering do people still play it online on the Xbox like the free roam game mode. And I am also going to play the campaign as well.

admin answers:

People still play it yes,but the Free Roam is ruined because it’s been hacked to all hell by everyone.

However there is a free mission pack you can download for online which adds 4 player co-op missions which people still play,and honestly there a lot of fun.

Also if you get the DLC’s like Liars and Cheats it adds online poker and horse racing which is fun. If you get the Undead Nightmare DLC it adds a wave defense game where you see how long you and 4 players can survive against an unending amount of zombies it’s kinda like Nazi Zombies in Black Ops.

So yeah people still play online and it’s kinda fun,but I enjoyed the offline single player far better.

Paul asks…

Is Word and other applications on the new surface Laptop by Microsoft?

I’m thinking about buying a surface laptop but i need word and other applications on it so i can do work at school and when needed.
Also can you download apps on it like angry birds or stuff like that because that would also be great.
Can you still do all the things you can do on a normal laptop like search the web without any trouble and still play games on the web like bullfrog poker because on the ipad it won’t let you do that and playing thoose games is somthing i like to do.
Can you play minecraft and stuff like that on there as an app or the computer version because i also like doing that.
How fast is the internet on there as well because i love to surf the internet all the time.

admin answers:

Get the Microsoft surface RT
it really is an amazing tablet
it has a 10.6″ screen with very good and high resolution
colors look clear and sharp on it
the tablet build quality is amazing
it feels perfect and its made from solid materials
the os on the tablet which is windows 8 is also amazing
its fast and fluid and also simple and easy to use
its made with touch in mind
the web browser is extremely good its fast and pages load up quickly
and it supports flash which is a huge plus and which is something that is lacking on most android tablets and all ios tablets
battery life is very good and would easily get you through more than 10 hours of heavy use
you can download apps from the windows marketplace which has many high quality apps
thousands of apps are being added everyday
more than 2000 apps were added in less than 2 days
it does have more than 20000 apps now and like I said it will keep on increasing
it has dual cameras and both of them take amazing photos and videos
it has deep social network integration(skype,facebook,twitter,linkedin… and so on)
you also get Microsoft office 2013 for free on it (microsoft words also comes pre installed on it)
and if you get the keyboard and attach it to it you’ll have a laptop
overall the surface is an amazing tablet and you should get it
hope i helped 🙂
tell me if you decided to
and if you got any question or need any help you can email me at

Robert asks…

is pokerstars a good site to play poker for free?

seems like tournament games are the only real way to play free poker otherwise you just get idiots going all-in every hand but I think to do that I need to first win a minimum of 5000 in play money right?

admin answers:

If ur on facebook *search*>>poker, ul see perfectpoker id say thats the best & were u get 5000+M when u start playin, maybe lil less but not much….Zynga is a fixed indian site tht only wont people buyin chips…..I dont understand why ppl download poker sites when there is loads on facebook IF U HAVE IT. Peace-out;)

Betty asks…

free poker game where I can see characters on table?

Hi I’m trying to find a fun poker online thats not just a plain table.That has good graphics and I can see the people.

admin answers: I think you have to download it, but its free, people are always online and theres tournaments as well as free-play!

Ruth asks…

How to play cityville(facebook) on ipod touch?

I want to play cityville on facebook on my ipod touch but i need flash player but i cant download it because apple says that they dont allow flash player to be installed on it. Please help me.!

admin answers:

Facebook is a social networking website that allows users to share information and media with members that users have added as „friends.“ Zynga is company that has created interactive games that users can play using Facebook. Zynga games include: FarmVille, Live Poker, Mafia Wars, Scramble 2, Special Forces and Vampire Blookdlust. Facebook and Zynga offer mobile applications through Apple’s App store that allow users to access Facebook’s social network and Zynga’s interactive games on an iPhone.

Related Searches:
Iphone New PriceIphone Monthly Plan Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions

Press the round button at the bottom of your iPhone’s screen and slide your finger as instructed to unlock your iPhone. Select the icon for the „App Store“ and then select the „Search“ icon. Type „Facebook“ in the search toolbar and then press „Search.“

Select the Facebook application and then press the blue „Free“ icon. Press „Install.“ Press the new „Facebook“ icon on the iPhone’s screen.

Type your Facebook email address and password in the appropriate fields and press „Go.“ If you do not already have a Facebook account, you can create a new account by following the link „Sign Up for Facebook.“

Press the round button at the bottom of your iPhone’s screen. Press the „App Store“ icon and then select the „Search“ option. Type „Zynga“ in the search bar. Select the Zynga game that you would like to install on your iPhone and associate with your Facebook account. Press the „Free“ icon and then select „Install.“

Press the new icon on your iPhone’s desktop that corresponds to the Zynga game you downloaded in Step 4. Wait while the game application loads and then follow the link to start the application. Enter your Facebook email and password to associate the Zynga game application with your Facebook account.

Read more: How to Connect Zynga & Facebook With an iPhone |

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