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Lizzie asks…

Got any good disconnection stories?

We’re all sick to death of all the „bad beat“ stories out there, I wanna hear some good disconnection stories!

For example:

10 player Omaha hi-lo Sit-n-go. 6 players left, 3 places get paid. Your hero is sitting on the button, the short stack. Pocket cards are:


Your hero raises 3xBB, gets two callers. The flop comes


Your hero hits the nut lo and is on the nut flush draw. He checks it, hoping to trap the other two big stacks. Sure enough, the SB bets 800 (about half the pot). Your hero, holding about 3500, decides to move all in when BAM. Server disconnects…
2 minutes later, when I’m able to reconnect, I’ve folded my hand which has maintained its nut lo AND hit the nut flush. Instead, the SB wins with A3568 for the lo and the MP wins the high with trip 6s.

That scoop would have put me in 3rd place. Instead, I go out a few hands later when I miss my nut lo draw.

Got any stories like this?

admin answers:

I have a good one for you.

A couple years ago, when Party Poker was still open to US players.

I enter a NLH tourney $150 buy-in (on a Saturday afternoon). After maybe 2h30/3h of playing, in the rank for the chips count, I was in the top 10, feeling good, having a great image at my table (I was the chip leader at my table). The weather outside was horrible, and my wife who often like to say a quick hello and see how I do in the tourney, joke around about losing power. Guess what happen!!! Maybe 15mns later, no power in the house!

I was so piss off, you can even say steaming big time! I of course tried to see if I would be able to fix that. After maybe 1h30 the power came back on, and me of course be calm again, and basically gave up on that tourney decide to see if I was „blind dead“ I was still alive with less than 10X the BB! I was laughing (piss off laughing…You know)

My wife came to see that, and told me to go for it “ play your A game and fight for it“

I came back and I made the final table, eliminate in 8 place taking almost 2K for prize!

It never happen again, I never lost power since that, sure a few 15, 30s disconnection that’s it.

How can I ever forget that story. That was something,

Maria asks…

Texas Holdem-what would have done in this scenario?

I was playing a sit-n-go (ten players). I was not catching any cards. I figure I was going to grind it out. Possibly bluff at a couple hands until my luck gets better.

The only problem-even before I had a chance to bluff. someone before me was already betting 3 to 4 times the pot (usually before the flop). Alot of these bets were from early to middle position. Even if I felt I could place a bet on a bluff, it did not feel right.

I came over top on one or two of the hands, just to be re-raised. How would have you played in my situation?

admin answers:

Bluffing would not be a good strategy against such an aggressive player. In this situation, I would play extremely tight…only playing my blinds and great hands. This would give the aggressor time to ‚come down‘, which almost always happens.

Donna asks…

no limit holdem going all in with top pair?

is this a bad idea i think i have lost enough hads playing top pair against another player mid sit n go or having top pair and going all in against someone who floped trips or two pair im sick of it so should i only be willing to call those huge bets with two pair or better.. atleast during the early and mid stages in a tournement what about in ring games? thank you

admin answers:

I think you would know better than me, but I’ve found that learning how to calculate the odds is the most helpful..

Mandy asks…

I am seeking pokerstars play chips! it would be greatly appreciated! :)?

i would like to play in a 200k sit n go on pokerstars. would someone like to sponsor me?

better yet, if you have playchips that you are not using and would like to give some away, i would GREATLY appreciate it!! thanks!

please email me at if you are interested

admin answers:

What is ur pokerstars name. I will transfer my play chips to u. I am playing real money now.

Mark asks…

Which games on pokerstars are the most profitable? +++?

Cash games/ring games, sit n‘ go tourneys, multi table tourneys? And Im talking about on Pokerstars, since most ppl play on it.

admin answers:

I’m sure you know that cash games are not played the same as tourneys. There are players that are great at cash games, but when they try to use the same strategy in a tournament, they don’t do very well. Vice versa is also true (ex: moving all-in in a cash game isn’t as intimidating as it is in a tournament)

If you want to learn about some of the differences between the two types of strategy, I’d recommend reading „Tournament Poker for Advenced Players“ by David Sklansky.

It depends on your strengths as a player. The big tourneys, like the ones with hundreds to thousands of people, have big prize pools but you have to know how to survive for a long time. One of the things that I’m surprised I’ve gotten into is rebuy tournaments. It’s almost a mixture of tournaments and cash games and once the rebuy/add-on period is over, there is usually a HUGE prize pool. That’s a tourney type you should only do if you don’t mind spending 5+ buy-ins if necessary.

I guess the big ones are more of a gamble. You’re spending a lot more time and even if you last a while and cash, you’ll probably only get two or three times your buy-in. The main attraction with the big tourneys is that you just might have the combination of playing excellent poker and getting excellent cards and get very deep for a huge prize. Meanwhile, winning a fortune through sit-n-go’s is more gradual since the prize pools are so much smaller

I personally don’t like cash games because I think some of the excitement and fun of the game is lost when you can just cash out or add more chips whenever you want.

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