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John asks…

Bankroll Building?

I want to build a big bankroll from abosolutely nothing. So far I have $2.80 from freerolls and Sit n Go’s (It actually went up to $10 but its been going up and down). Anyone have any tips and suggestions on how I can consistently build up my bankroll (even freerolls and such)


admin answers:

It’s a good challenge! I actually have a bet with a friend of mine, and he start with nothing and must built his bankroll to $150 and I give him $500. He’s over $30 right now.

My suggestion to you his to play the freeroll. You need to have a minimum of bankroll before thinking doing the cash games. And even more before doing S&G and tournaments(even the $1, $2) You need to be ready for it. Having a bankroll that andle a few loses.

Lets say that you have around $15 of bankroll, you can start the very small limits ring games (0.05/0.10) and buy-in with $3. At that level, the players are very loose. Play tight and be very aggressive.

Keep in mind that normaly the choice of your limits is based on: your skill level and your bankroll!

Having between 300 to 500x the big blind is correct. So even for the 0.05/0.10c limit you need around $30 to $50 to be confortable. So be aware of that when you play the cash games. If you have over $50 after a while, you can start to play $1 S&G and $1 multi-table tourneys.

Good luck to you, if you need specific advice feel free to contact me on my site.

Take care

Robert asks… website?

I recently signed up on website and I’m having trouble understanding how the website work. They gave me 165 chips to start out which only lets me play in a couple 50 or 100 buy in sit-n-goes. Their tech support told me I have to play in a sit-n-go, lose 56 in chips then they would replenish me up to 1000 chips. This seems a little ridiculous.

admin answers:

Sounds like you are using Play Money chips only, and not Real Money chips.
If I recall correctly, with Play Money chips, you get something like 1000 or 2000 to start with, and once you lose it all, then you go to the appropriate menu selection, and request more chips, and immediately you get more chips.
Yes, you will need to lose all those chips first before you can get another 1000/2000.
You may want to ask such question on a forum dedicated to such topics. Somewhere like FTC Community Forum.

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Helen asks…

sitting out?

I often see players at play money sit-n-go’s sitting out, although I rarely see this at real money tournaments. Other than the obvious reasons (going to the bathroom, have to go to work, bored, etc.), why would a player sit out? Don’t they join a tournament to play?

admin answers:

YOu do that becasue in the beginning when there are ten players, you almost hve to have the nuts to win and the wild crazies wil act up in the start of the game so you avoid all of that stupid monkey poker.
Once it gets down to 5-6 players people play right and careful so you can tell if they are playing correct and not just going all in to get a big stack or lose and go on to the next table.
The reason not to stay and ply only AAKK etc, is that you will get sucked into other hands even though yu plan not to.

Linda asks…

calling an all in with QQ’s was it a good idea?

i got qq in a no limit holdem sit n go 5 doller and it was early stages i got the QQ and raised it up 3 x bb preflop after that one player called and another went all in so i called and the other player called, i was the biggest stack and knew i would have 600 chips left during 50/100 blinds so i figured id call but the guy who went all in had AA and left me with my 600 chips and i was short stack and never made it to the money, was this a good idea or should i have avoided the situation and been happy with my original 1700 chip stack please help me figure this one out thanks

admin answers:

That particular situation was extremely volatile. You obviously opened. There was another caller, telling me you have another big hand in it, and THEN there was an all in. So you’re sandwiched. An all in push by a guy who saw a pre flop raiser AND caller SCREAMS big pair, and since you’ve got another guy behind you, it looks dangerous. Tempting, since you have the third best hand in Hold Em (which is probably what Mr. Pocket Rockets was hoping). If I had been last to act and it was just one opponent, it would have been a tough laydown for me. QQ does very well against one opponent, against 2 it’s still usually the winner, but by a slim margin (statistically about 56% of the time). I would have kicked myself (til I saw AA) but I would have laid that down. As you mentioned, the stacks had enough chips left to cripple you. You don’t WANT to be left with 600 in chips, that’s a bad situation. Still, with all the maniacs around these days, it would have been a tough choice. It takes a ton of experience to be able to read someone well enough to know they have a big pair like that over you. I wouldn’t fault you too much for that decision, but being able to lay down a hand like that is definitely an ability that will help you if you ever decide to become a star-quality player.

Paul asks…

beware of Pokerstars! WORSE BAD BEAT! I never thought PS could sink that low!?

Its a sit n go table. 4 players left.
low stack dude goes all in and i call. i have AA he has 66.
Flop comes 29A.
Turn (what do you think comes next?) —>6
River (it couldn’t be….could it?)—–>6!
I think its time to quit playing online poker. What do ya think?

admin answers:

It happens, and it happens a lot!! Happened to me more than once. But that’s poker, online or in a real poker room.
I already decided to give it a rest for a while. The problem I think is too many people with a lot of disposable income who can afford to stay all the way to the river. For them it’s not about the money, they are just playing to be playing. If you notice, they are in almost every hand. That would be impossible that they have good cards to stay in every hand. It’s not that they have cards, but they have money where they can afford to be in every hand.

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