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Steven asks…

best sit-n-go’s in vegas?

looking to try a single table sit-n-go or two at vegas during the week. suggestions for a good casino for sit-n-go’s? what is the buy-in? Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

Las Vegas – poker info

Michael asks…

PARTYPOKER QUESTION: I purchased a $3 entry to sit n go with my points…?

.. how do I use it? Lol, can’t seem to figure it out,

admin answers:

Already purchased the entry? If so go to the lobby (or main area and look at all the different categories at the top). Under one of them it should say something like „find a player“ and type in your own name, it should bring up your game.

Helen asks…

POKER!!! Sit N Go advice!!! help!!! lol!!?

I have been playing micro to small sit n go’s at pokerstars I have a question about how to play middle and lower pairs. I know this is a vague question and your position plays a huge role but if there is someone with a little advice it would be appreciated.
Thanks and have a great day!

admin answers:

At least you know that position plays a huge role. As does stack sizes compared to the blinds.

So it’s not easy to answer.

If you can see a flop for cheap, call if the implied odds are there to set mine. Sometimes I raise with them, sometimes I fold. It really depends on a lot of factors.

(If you don’t know about implied odds or „set mining“, you can look them up)

Thomas asks…

Pokerstars Sit N Go Tourney Holdem question: AQ suited, flop doesnt hit…..?

45 Player Sit N Go Tourney
9 Players/Table
$10+$1 buy-in

Blinds are at 20-40…

I am dealt AQ spades
I raise from 40 to 240
3 players call
FLOP: 7d 8h Kc
I am last to act. First 2 players check and 3rd bets 475 into a pot of about 1100
I fold (putting him on a King), and so does another player
The hand plays out and the player who initially bet had Ac3s, he won with this. He did pick up a 3 on the turn and no Queens came, so technically I made the right fold. But if I had known for some reason what he had when he bet after the flop, I definitely would call every time because I had him dominated. And I would lose!

This happens so much on Pokerstars, any advice on how to overcome this? With normal poker, you play the odds and call with AQ in this situation everytime. Whats the best route on Pokerstars? Its frustrating!

ALSO – what are your feelings about slow-playing on Pokerstars? Favorite hands to slow-play? Best/worst results?

Best answer WILL get 10 points, Thanks!

admin answers:

Danny has given the best response so far.

Either way, you made a perfectly fine fold, especially 3 handed and for so much of your stack size. Fwiw, technically you made the incorrect fold. Just because a 3 eventually come off, does not correct the technically correct or incorrect thing to do prior to that card coming out. Nonetheless, you made the theoretically correct decision, which is what matters more.

There is no such thing as some things happening more or less on Pokerstars, it is just part of poker. There is no „how to play on pokerstars“ there is just how to play POKER. Slowplaying? Only rarely, rarely against aggressive players when you have a big hand on a weak board (usually).

There’s no overcoming unlucky or cooler situations, it is just part of the game. Just note how your opponent played and use the information in the future.

Ken asks…

For Poker Sit N Go’s what is consider small stakes level, midstakes, and high stakes level?

can you guys tell me the levels like for small stakes would be $0.10-$6 or something like that and so on. thanks

admin answers:

It doesn’t matter for the time being because Pokerstars, full tilt, and one other have been shut down in the U.S. By the FBI until their fraud investigation is complete.

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