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George asks…

Is there any reason you would fold AA to an all-in push preflop, the first hand of a tourney?

I’ve been delt AA a few times the first hand of a few sit n go tourneys and have been raised all-in more than 30% of the time preflop. Is there any reason I should fold this hand? I have no info on the player but I’m getting the best starting hand

admin answers:

I dont think I could fold AA, if I lose, it just wasnt my tournament. It would be horrible if I lost on the first hand in the WSOP, but sometimes it happens. Part of winning is luck.

Actually this weekend I was in a small tournament on pokerstars and I had AA on the second hand, I raise it and some guy raises all in. He had a 3,8 offsuit, clearly he was trying to bluff. He ended up winning the hand by catching a flush. Those things happen all the time, and I try and think if I have ever given a bad beat to anyone like that, and I never have, then as I think about it, I would never allow myself to be in that situation either.

Helen asks…

Does anyone know of any good pokerbots that actually work

they need to be able to run on the same computer. they should be prefereably better for MTT’s and sit n‘ go’s and should not have to use any other software such as Online Holdem Inspector I am not thinking of using one this is purely for research purposes only. I am studying artificial intelligance

admin answers:

There’s no bot that can do well in a tournament since there’s a lot of thinking involved as opposed to say limit cash games where you can design a somewhat profitable strategy for the thing. Keep in mind though that using a bot will get you banned from sites and if you’re a good player you will do better playing your own cards.

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Maria asks…

What is the best no limit hold ‚em book?

Looking for a book that mainly covers big tournaments, cash games, sit n go’s, heads up and turbos. (All stakes)

admin answers:

I don’t believe there is one book that covers all the things you want. Cash games are different to all the other games you mentioned. Clearly there are different strategies at play at different stake levels.

In terms of the most impressive books I’ve read, it would have to be Harrington on Hold’em Volumes 1-2 (and 3 if you want the exercise book). This series is probably the most definitive guide to tournament play of all kinds.

John asks…

Are play money tables worth it?

I just got busted out of a play money NL hold em sit-n-go. I was on the button with pocket aces (just after another player hit pocket aces the hand right before mine). 6 players left, blinds are 10/20. 3 players call to me. I raise it to 6xBB, knowing anything less and everyone would call. The SB raises it to $220, folds all around to the big stack who calls (one to my left). I raise it to $500 to show I mean business, to which both players call. The flop comes out 4d4h7d. Pretty dangerous looking, but I don’t figure the SB (a LAG but competent player) for 77s or just a drawing hand preflop, and the other player is just a goofy maniac so I raise them all in (my stack and the pot are about equal at this point). The SB calls, but the big stack re-raises him and puts him all in. Well, turns out the maniac had 43 suited.
Now, I don’t mind that he actually hit trips. Had I tried to slowplay my aces and he hit that, I’d blame myself for a bad play. But I think both I and the SB made it obvious we had hands. Would a lot of players in real money games call a $500 bet when the blinds are 10/20 with just 43 suited, or is this a play money syndrome? Are play money games even worth playing at if you’re aiming to become a money-making poker player?

admin answers:

Happy Labor Day man!
Anyways if you guys were like 400bb deep it wouldnt be a bad call by the maniac. However this is often 1% of the case. In a play money game against shit players i guess raising 6x bb is okay. When sb raises to 220 in a real money game you should raise to at least 660- 880 not 500 (again it doest do much.) In a play money game, push. I guarantee you 80% of the time one of them will call you.
When a flop comes 4d4h7d this isnt a bad flop at all. The only hands you can put your oppenents on that beat you are 77 (43s, 53s, A3s is very unlikely because of the action pf, but if they put you on a overpair and think that if they flop 2pair or higherer and can stack you i cant say its a horrible call, but again i dont know stacks sizes.) The major problem in this whole hand is that you go allin on the flop. Yes KK, QQ, JJ will call you, but alot of the time your oppenents will just have AK, AQ, KQ type of hands. Of course, they can also have hands that can beat you as mentioned. In these cases with these kind of flops, you are either way ahead or way behind. Check-calling is probaly the best line just because you have a maniac in the hand who will bet for you, the pot size will be a lot smaller , and best of all you can induce bluffs. When you go allin the maniac cant bluff anymore and will only call you with good hands, same with sb.

O sorry i didnt realize your stack size was as big as the pot when you shoved. In that case, there was not much you could do about it, you played well.

Again, i reccomend you play .25/.50 (bankroll of 500 preferably 1k). There is alot more postflop play and not as much allins. Also, your stack sizes are a lot more doable and you arent pot commited as much as you would be in tournaments.

However, i do believe play money talbes are worth it. Just cash game tables!! The first limit 5/10 is horrible (just keep going allin with any ace and build your bank roll to 5000). The second limit is 25/50. Its a little better but still pretty bad. The next one is 100/200. It gets a little better again and there are less people so you can play heads up or something. The next table is 300/600. It gets even better, but people still cant make big laydowns. However, usually they will fold to a normal raise (3-4 bb) without a good hand. They also slowplay, but not always in the best situations. The next talbe is 1k/2k. The people get even better. Eventually, if you get to the last limit (like 3 more after 1k/2k on ftp), people play like real money micro stakes players. One last tip-about play money. When you are in the lower stakes (5-10 – 100-200 just play passive when you dont have a hand, because bluffs are really ineffective. The higher you get the more agressive you wanna be)

BTw, your bankroll in these play money thingys are quite important (unless you want to keep reloading) and starting over. You should probaly have at least 7-10 buyins of the stakes you are playing to continue to the next stakes. So lets say you are playing 5/10. You need at least 7k to go to 25/50. If you can get to the last stakes, then you seriously seriously need to consider real money.
If you are playing real money at a 5/10 table you need to save to 20k (preferably 40k) for 10/20.

As you can see theres a big difference the bankroll management of real and play money games. Chances are you wont be going to be playing real money (lower stakes), which i think you would do fine in, but as long as you try play money CASH games and get to the highest stakes i will be somewhat happy.
Fuck tourneys try cash games for once!

Mary asks…

option for sitting out at start of pokerstars tournaments/SnG’s?

a while back, i remember i used to begin all tournaments and sit n go’s „sitting out“. at the time i thought this was annoying and i changed it to not be that way anymore. now i want to change it back so i always start sitting out. anyone know how to fix it? it seems to me this option no longer exists?

admin answers:

If you register for a game and don’t log on when the game starts you will automatically be sitting out, if its a SNG, which most you will register and the game will start immediately, just sit out

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