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David asks…

What are my odds of being pregnant?

Hi. I’ve been trying to concieve with my partner. The first day of my last period was 2nd February, so according to the online ovulation calculators i should have been fertile between the 12th and 17th Feb. We had intercourse on the 12th, the 15th and the 17th. And also the 19th. Several imes each day. Aparantly the actual egg release would have been due around the 16th. Are the odds high or does it depend on lifestyle? Thanks! Xxx

admin answers:

My dostor advised me to have sex the day before ovulation, on the day and the day after but only once a day as the sperm isn’t so strong if you do it more. I would say you have a pretty good chance because in the end we only did it on the day i ovulated and i was lucky enough to get pregnant. There are other factors to take in to account such as your lifestyle and his but keep your fingers crossed and hopefully you have been lucky xx

Sandy asks…

How do you work out 3 to the power of 100 without a calculator?

Then whether it is odd or even and why?

admin answers:

3 is an odd number
odd number multiply with odd number is an odd number
3^ 100
= 3 x 3 x 3 x 3…….
= odd x odd x odd x odd x odd x odd x odd…….
= odd

Helen asks…

How do I know when to set my calculator to radian or degree mode?

When I’m working on some questions that deal with trigonometry i sometimes use the wrong mode. This may sound like an odd question but i’m so confused. like, when i was taking the SAT math test, i screwed up because i didn’t know what mode to use – -„…

admin answers:

I think what you are asking is what is the difference between radians and degrees, and when to use which, not how to set your calculator. You might benefit by going to this website.

Lizzie asks…

How do I reset the display on my TI-83 Calculator?

It works just fine but odd characters come up here and there on the screen. I know most LED screens have an option to reset due to the screen messing up but I can’t seem to find it on mine. Please help.

admin answers:

As a last resort, you may need to reinstall the Operating System. To do this, find someone else who has a TI-83 and borrow it. Connect a link cable between the two. On your calculator press „2nd > Link (Stat button) > Recieve > 1:Receive“. On your friend’s calculator press „2nd > Link (Stat button) > Send > G:SendOS“ On older moldels it may be „G:SendSW“. If that doesn’t fix it, you could see if the warranty would cover repairs/replacements, if not, you’ll have to buy a new calculator.

WARNING: The transfer will take about 30-45 minutes. If you unplug the cable during this transfer, your calculator will stop functioning and only display „waiting, please install software now“ until you send it software and let the transfer finish.

Nancy asks…

Where can I get free betting widgets?

I have a website related with sports betting. I’m looking for a source of free web widgets, that I can easily add to my website.

Especially I’d like to get a surebets calculator. highest odds etc. Where can I find something like this?

admin answers:

The great source of betting widget is:

You can find there surebets calculator, surebets list and even dropping odds widget.
All for free, so try it out. I’m using it on my website and it works well.

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