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Steven asks…

How do I get money in and out of my PokerStars account?

When I signed up for my account I used a pseudonym rather than my real birth name. Of course this information can’t be changed manually by myself. Depositing money is not as much of an issue because I can have someone transfer me funds, though I miss out on deposit bonuses. The problem is that I have no way of cashing out on my own. Getting a check in a name other than my birth name would be pointless. Any suggestions?

admin answers:

That’ll teach you to lie.

If you know someone that can transfer you funds to get money in, then transfer the money to that person’s account, and have them give you the cash.

Nancy asks…

How long on average does the Pokerstars Sunday Million take and what UK time does it start?

admin answers:

It starts at about 9pm, and can go on for 12 hours if you get close to the end.

Thomas asks…

What is the largest amount of money anybode has lost in pokerstars?

Im in 100$, anybody lost more?

admin answers:

$ don’t feel bad.

Helen asks…


can pokerstars be played on a linux system?

admin answers:

According to pokerstars the client O/S requirements are: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4 , Windows 2000, Windows XP

Chris asks…

PokerStars ????

Hi I play at pokerstars. I need little real money to play.. just went broke???

admin answers:

Deposit more money

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