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Donna asks…

Pokerstars Money Transfer?

Ok. I was just wondering if anyone could transfer a small amount of money to my account. 10-20 cents would be greatly appreciated. My ID is Johnny4968

admin answers:

You can’t play for real money with a .net account.

William asks…

Do Poker players on ESPN have to wear all those logos?

I’ve watched lots of Texas Hold em poker on ESPN and every time I see a poker player, they look like a billboard or Full Tilt or anything. Do they have to wear all that? or do they get paid to wear it? I personally wouldn’t want to.

admin answers:

They don’t have to
but they get paid for wearing them
some of them get paid pretty good for doing so

Nancy asks…

Will I embarrass myself and possibly get kicked out of a casino if…?

I’m not 100% sure of the rules of hold ‚em poker? I’ve been practicing with, but that’s obviously not the same as the real thing. My boyfriend loves card games and gambling, and he wants to go to the indian casino with me, but I’m afraid I’ll mess up or something. Is playing at the tables really stressful? Is everyone really into the game and don’t allow room for beginners such as myself?

admin answers:

Ya they probably love beginners, because they don’t know how to play and you’ll lose your money pretty quickly–and serious players know this. Save your money before you get a serious gambling addiction and lose your shirt

Laura asks…

Is online gambling in Oklahoma legal?

Is it legal, in Oklahoma, to gamble online at sites like I looked around and didn’t get a clear answer, please post a link if you have one. Thanks
Additionally, if it is legal, can an 18 year old play online? I am 20, i am just hoping i can still play legally. Thanks again for the answers.

admin answers:

There’s not a specific prohibition in Oklahoma for internet gambling. So you may play.

It’s dubious if you may operate one though. Weird, right? There’s a whole history on whether or not this fits under the Wire Act. SCOTUS says no, but the USDOJ says the whole industry might be illegal.

Either way, it’s not you breaking the law. Play with sense, please. Good luck.

Chris asks…

The Best Free Online Poker Sites?

I’m looking for a website to play poker (hold em mostly, but other games are a bonus), just to learn and play against people who are good. I’m sick and tired of playing people who make crap calls and get lucky. I’ve already tried and it seems like I can’t always get a serious game. Can you help me?

admin answers:

I’m a big fan of

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