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Donna asks…

Why does „i“ to the power of „i“ equal an odd decimal slightly higher than .2?

I entered it into my Graphing Calculator, and I got .2078795764, I don’t understand how this could make sense, shouldn’t an imaginary to the power of an imaginary also equal an imaginary? (not even my Algebra 2 H teacher could answer this one)

admin answers:

It turns out that i^i = e^(-π/2).

This site explains it

Michael asks…

Determine if the functions are even, odd, or neither?

A) x sin x

B) cosx sinx

I know how to do it with a calculator, but they are forbidden on tests. So i need to know how to do this WITHOUT a calculator.

admin answers:

Even functions are those such that f(x) = f(-x). Odd functions are those such that -f(x) = f(-x).

A) If this function is even, then x sin x will equal (-x) sin (-x):
(-x) sin (-x) = (-x)(-sin x) = x sin x.
Since (-x) sin (-x) = x sin x, the function x sin x is even.

B) If this function is odd, then – cos x sin x will equal cos (-x) sin (-x).
Cos (-x) sin (-x) = (cos x)(- sin x) = – cos x sin x.
Since – cos x sin x = cos (-x) sin (-x), the function cos x sin x is odd.

What you need to remember is that:
cos (-x) = cos x
sin (-x) = – sin x

If you can remember those two, I think you should do fine on your tests.

Laura asks…

What type of ribbon am I supposed to put in my Royal Quiet De Luxe typewriter?

I just found an old Royal Quiet De Luxe portable typewriter in a thrift store today and need to replace the ribbon. The typewriter itself is in good working condition, but the ribbon is dried. It originally came with a black and red ribbon in it, but when I checked Office Max/Depot’s site they said it was for a calculator… which I thought was odd. So where and what type of ribbon can I get for this old thing?

admin answers:

Google is your friend, learn to love it!


Betty asks…

Is the function f(x)= 5^x an odd, even or neither function?

I’m not supposed to use a calculator!

admin answers:

If f(x)=f(-x) then it’s even

test with -1, 1, and 2, -2


f(x)is not equal to f(-x) and therefore is not even.

If -f(x)=f(-x) then it’s odd
1:-5, 1/5
It’s not odd


Maria asks…

I need a good Hold’em calculator for Mac.?

Does any one know where I can get a good hold’em calculator for OS X. I kind of want one that works like Texas Calculatem, where it attaches itself to the table I’m playing on and can read my cards the community cards, then give me on the fly odd calculations. I’ve been looking for one but cannot find one.

admin answers:

Hey would pokerstover work for you? Or try poker ace. Look on the 2+2 forums they should have something there about hold em calculators for mac.

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