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Ruth asks…

graphing calculator help?

ok, i’m trying to find the sine, cosine and tangent and my calculator isn’t coming up with the right answers for some odd reason.i’m pretty sure i’m typing it in right, ex. tan(15/8)=
it’s already in degree so i know that’s not the problem, is there any other mode i should change?
p.s. it’s a TI-84 Plus Silver Edition graphing calculator if that means anything…
i’m not looking for any math answers, i’m just trying to fix my calculator.

admin answers:

Without more knowledge of the problem, we can’t really help you further.

Are you supposed to be in Degree mode? Perhaps the problem requires the answer to be in radians? What problem are you trying to do exactly?

If I type into my calculator tan(15/8°), I get ≈.0327. If I were to do that in radian mode, I get ≈-3.185.

Please specify the problem at hand.

Edit: It would help if you told us what the correct answer actually is, and the result that your calculator is giving. Otherwise, there’s not a lot for us to go on. I recommend resetting to the calculator’s defaults, by going to [2nd][+](Mem) > 7:Reset… > 2:Defaults… > 2:Reset. This will return your graphing calculator to factory settings, and hopefully eliminate the problem.

Steven asks…

I bet that Denis of Cork would come in 2nd at Belmont Stakes and won. How do I figure out how much I won?

Is there a winnings/odds calculator that can tell me exactly how much I won? I bet $5 and the odds were 12-1.

admin answers:

A 2.00 bet to place paid 5.40,so if you bet 5.00 it would be 2 1/2 times 5.40 = 13.50 . I think thats right.

Ken asks…

TI-84 Calculator Web Browser?

This might seem like an odd request… but is there any already available program that can render a web page on the TI-84? I was thinking something minimal, like the way a blackberry renders a webpage. Also, can you send data over a usb cable in assembly? I would assume so, but I’ve never used asm… I have this grand idea of tethering my iphone to my calculator!

admin answers:

The TI-84 Plus can only support VERY basic functions when it comes to web browsing. The screen is only 96×64 pixels and monochromatic (meaning black and white), mind you.

It won’t be able to handle most images (like a Google logo), search boxes, HTML, or pretty much any thing necessary for a decent webpage. However, if you don’t mind viewing a text version of every web page, then it is possible.

If you have a Unix shell, you can dial into it by connecting it to a modem (though I guess an iPhone would work too, provided some changes be made), and from there you can browse the web (to the limit a graphing calculator can handle), chat on IRC, etc. The program that I refer to is

And yes, sending data in assembly is possible.

John asks…

Is this function odd or even?

I have the function f(s)=4s^(2/3)

I entered it in the calculator and the graph doesn’t show an odd function, it just starts from (0,0) and goes up and to the right. But when I replaced s by -s, I come up with f(-s)=4s^(2/3). Isn’t that the opposite of the original formula? Doesn’t that mean that it’s odd?

So if the function were f(s)=4s^(3/2) it would be odd? I just want to make sure I understand this! Thanks!

admin answers:

Let’s see what is f(-s)

f(-s) = 4 (-s)^(2/3) = 4 * ( (-s)^2 )^(1/3) = 4 * (s^2) ^(1/3) (since (-s)^2 = s^2)
f(-s) = 4 * s^(2/3) (since (s^a)^b = s^(ab))
So f(-s) = f(s)

So the function is even.

Charles asks…

Even-Odd Properties?

Use the even-odd properties to find the exact value of each expression. Do NOT use a calculator.

(1) csc(-pi/3)

(2) cos(-270 degrees)

admin answers:

Csc -pi/3 is the reciprocal of sin -pi/3 = – 2 SQRT(3)/3

cos -270 = cos 90 = 0

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