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Lizzie asks…

Some questions for the mathematically gifted?

How do you algebraically determine if a function is even or odd? How can you determine whether it is even or odd graphically? Also, How do you find relative maxima and minima with a graphing calculator?

admin answers:

Well, the definition of an even function is:
f(x) = f(-x)
x^2 = (-x)^2

-f(x) = f(-x)
-(x^3) = (-x)^3

graphically, and even function is symmetrical along the y-axis like with x^2. Odd functions are symmetrical along the origin. You rotate one part 180 degrees and it will match, like in x^3

Charles asks…

Action Replay Move Modifier code list for Pokémon Platinum (the one that uses the calculator)?

Can anyone find one?
Also, whenever I search for a list, I just get a bunch of junk and stuff I’m not looking for. And supercheats is not an option because for some odd reason whenever I go on it my computer freezes.
I need this answered because I have a battle this week

admin answers:


go to the forums. It should be there and im too lazy to give you the code myself (its there under RAM editing i think)

Paul asks…

Where can I buy a graphing calculator on Black Friday?

I’m looking for a new one, specifically a TI – Nspire CX (not CX XAS because it can’t be used for some tests) for school. Does anyone know of chain stores in the US that typically mark graphing calculators down? I’ve looked through several Best Buy and Staples ads, and couldn’t find any markdowns on calculators. It seems odd to me that they would mark down literally almost everything else in the store except calculators.

Also an online site would be okay, but it has to be a reputable site.

admin answers:

(AMZN) is a leading global Internet company and one of the most trafficked Internet retail destinations worldwide.
Http:// 24

John asks…

Why does my blackberry overheat when it is off?

Since I attend school and there is a no electronics rule, I keep my blackberry 9300 off and in my bag.
However, when I check on it, sometimes it is warm and gets my calculator warm.
(My blackberry shares a pocket with my calculator and nothing else)
I find this quite odd because it has happened twice now and it happens when I most need to use my phone after school.

admin answers:

Hi.That is very weird that a phone would become very hot when it is turned off. I could see how it would when it is turned off. Seems like a battery issue to me.I suggest doing warranty exchange

Sharon asks…

I need help with my casio calculator!?!?

Ok I have used one before but this one is newer (my last one broke 🙁 and yeah) but I encountered a very odd problem that I had not experienced on any other calculator. I am VERY well aware that most calculators are different. Now my problem?

When I entered TAN, then the degree bit, I neede to add the minutes on to it. So it would be the following:

TAN 51o41′

(o- degree button, cant find it on my keyboard)

But when i click equals it doesn;t work yet it always does on other ones. Now I have searched the manual and the internet and they tell you how to punch in TAN51o

I know you need to click the DMS (degrees, minutes, seconds button) and I did that in the order that I usually did it in. The problem remains that it doesn’t work!!


admin answers:

Make sure to check that you have the mode „degrees“…

Good luck!

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