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William asks…

poker odds?

so lets say my hand out % is 56% catching it on the turn or the river and lets say the pot is offering me 4-1 odds how do I calculate 4-1 into a percentage to compare it to the outs percentage? and Am i correct in saying the the pot% should be equal or more to the out% in order to call or raise?

admin answers:

OOOO i see you have the best draw of all, the open ended straight flush draw. To calculate your pot odds you compare the pot ratio to cost ratio. So lets say the ratio is 4:1. I dont understand the math into this, but here is what you do. You add the second number to the first. So 4+1=5. Then you take the second number and put it on top of the sum. So the second number is 1 and the sum of the numbers i 5. So 1/5 or 20%. If you are getting 3:1 (when someone bets 1/2 the pot) you add 3 and 1 which equals 4. Then you take the second number and put it over the sum so it would be 1/4 or 25%.

Just remember this so you dont have to remember my unconcise instructions. When you are getting pot odds of 4:1 it means you need your draw to make at least 20% of the time to continue. 3-1 means you need to make your draw at least 25% of the time to continue. 2:1 (a pot sized bet) means that you need to make your draw 33% of the time to continue.

Yes your pot odds to need to be equal or more than the % of the time you will hit your draw in order for it to be profitable to call. Of course, there is the subject of implied odds which allows you to call a bigger sized raise if you think you can extract more money when you do hit. Look at wikipedia; it has a decent article on it. Also, google it if you want more info or you could ask a question on YA and i will be glad to answer.

Did you notice that i left out the word „raise“ of the first sentence of the third paragraph. Im strictly talking about NL holdem here, as i read one article where it is sometimes correct to raise in limit holdem with a okay draw. However, in NL holdem it is quite rare that you should raise, but of course you should never say never. Firstly, raise with soso draws like flush draws or oesd if you think you can make him fold. There are of course some draws you need to raise (and try to get it allin in ON THE FLOP if possible), but you rarely get these draws. They are: Two overcards /w flush (ex. You have AsKs flop comes out 4s9sJh), gut shot straight flush draw (you have to be able to get him off his hand 5% of the time for this to be profitable), pair + flush draw, and lastly the oesfd. On the turn though, you need to slowdown as your equity drops ALOT so go into c/f mode or c/c mode depending on pot odds.

Charles asks…

Where is the best place to learn how to calculate poker odds?

Im trying to find a book or website that explains very well how to calculate and use poker odds. Thanks for the help

admin answers:

There’s an instructional DVD by Phil Gordon that has a section completely dedicated to knowing odds and how to apply them to your poker game. It also covers „implied odds“, a slightly more advanced theory that deals with how much you’ll get paid off in the future should you hit your hand.

Check it out here:

And no, i’m not shilling for them, I just happen to like the DVD. 🙂

Jenny asks…

What is the best Iphone poker app, for working out hand odds etc?

I’m looking for a poker odds application, to work out the odds/strengths of hands, and able to re-create in game situations.


admin answers:

Try „TexasPick’Em“

Chris asks…

poker odds getting 3 full houses in a row?

Ok so im on a online poker site playing for cash i have $6,000 on the table and some change..I get 3 back to back full houses and win the next two hands. I just won $63,000 bucks HOLLY F!!!! What are the odds of 3 full houses in a row? and the odds of 5 hands in a row?

admin answers:

Probability of being dealt a full house in 7 cards is 1 in 38.5
Chances of being dealt three full houses, out of three hands, assuming you are playing Texas Hold’em (or any other variant in which you see 7 cards), and that you stay in the hand until the river for all three hands, is (1/38.5)^3 = 1/57000

Sandy asks…

what are the poker odds of getting beat by Aces full of Jacks or better in a hand?

what are the texas holdem poker odds of getting beat by Aces full of Jacks or better in a hand, while using both cards in your hand aka THE BAD BEAT? ( quads over quads , straight flush over quads etc.)

admin answers:

That depends on what 2 cards you have your hand. Please provide more details.

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