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Sandra asks…

choctaw casino and texas holdem poker games?

hi, so I’m planning to visit this place with some friends, we like poker so we would like to know about the no limit texas holdem poker games inside the casino…how much do you have to pay? do blinds go up? can anyone play? any information please

admin answers:

If they offer Texas Hold ‚em at this casino, then you’ve got to decide if you’re playing a CASH game or a TOURNAMENT. In a Cash game, the Blinds never go up. It will likely be a $1/$2 Blind structure, and you can likely buy in for as little as $40 to $60 and as high as 2 or 3 hundred.

Tournaments are the Texas Hold ‚em games that keep raising the Blinds.

Yes, anyone can play as long as they are of age.

Michael asks…

Are there any games similar to poker?

Im wondering if there are any games that involve similar traits (risk, psychological, probability) as poker that are not illegal for minors.

admin answers:

Blackjack (or 21) is similar. But doesn’t have as much complexity to it.
Poker doesn’t have to be illegal for minors. If you want to get a group together, just don’t play for money, chips which have game value still are as good.

I played Poker with friends when I was like 10 and we used my Dads poker set.

Paul asks…

What kind of poker games are played in Satellites?

admin answers:

Normally the game is No-Limit Texas Hold’em with a specific starting stack and a set amount of time between blind increases. These parameters are set by the poker room hosting the Satellite event. If you are new to poker, learn the game first…

Linda asks…

Is there an online game, or iphone app for people who want to learn poker without joining a gambling website?

I’m just looking for a simple poker game, for beginners wanting to learn how to play poker, and learning all the rules, and tips and tricks (so just playing against a computer not real people). Not the games on gambling websites, where they want you start playing pretty sharpish.
I don’t want to be paying money straight away. Even if I’m against newbies.

admin answers:

While you have already got the link to all the softwares you will need to learn and play poker, it will help you a LOT to see pros play and win or lose real money.

Whenever i am stuck or something i simply look at their videos, and they really do help me calm down, and take time to win.

Donna asks…

Is winning poker games a proof of intelligence?

admin answers:

It depends on how you play poker. If it is just a guessing game to you and it’s all down to dumb luck, it’s not really a game of intelligence, however, if you use your skill in probability to win, then that’s a damn good way to win money and prove your intelligence

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