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Carol asks…

What casino in Reno has the best odds for slots and/or video poker?

Whether big or small, what casino has the best odds of winning in Reno? I usually play video poker but I am curious about slots too. Thanks.

admin answers:

If playing slots, check all of the casinos for „certified 99% paybacks“, or any certified number, but be careful if you just see a sign outside that says „our slots have 99% payback“, because those signs can mean just one machine off in a corner, so you have to look for the signs above the specific machine. In general for video poker, proper play gives 100.7% payback in deuces wild. You might be tempted to play jacks or better, but it actually doesn’t have as great a payout (97-98% I believe). If you need advice on proper play, I learned from wizard of odds ( He gives you paytables and proper play for a lot of different kinds of video poker – which is one of the fews games that can be played with little or no house edge if you play it correctly.

Lisa asks…

What are implied odds and how are they used in poker?

I know the basics about poker – hands, betting etc. I don’t really get when it’s said someone is getting 2 to 1 on his money to call. I also don’t get when they talk about implied odds. Can anyone explain this so it’s easy to understand and I can start to apply it?

admin answers:

Implied odds are the odds for making your hand plus how much you’re likely to get paid off if you do. I can’t tell you how to apply it, it’s something you either get or you don’t. There’s a lot more feel involved than math. If you want to understand it you should start thinking about it when making decisions. If you pay attention to the right feelings you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

Thomas asks…

What are the odds of this happening in a night of poker?

I was the dealer and 6 guys were playing,

first hand was Quad Tens for one guy
in the next games, there was 2 more Quads
and a royal flush and straight flush
this is texas hold’em
what are the odds of that happening in 4 hours of playing poker?

admin answers:

1 in exactly 147,832,024

Donna asks…

Does anyone know a free Omaha Poker Odds Calcutor?

I have a holdem one that automaticly tells me my odds but I cant find an Omaha one. Does anyone know of one?
I meant Odds Calculator
I want an automatic one. Not one that you have to put in the cards yourself.
I want an automatic one. Not one that you have to put in the cards yourself.

admin answers:

You might also want to try

Donald asks…

What mathematically gives you better odds of winning: blackjack or poker or equal?

i know blackjack has more straightforward tactics and poker is more a game of skill, but just math wise which has better odds of winning

admin answers:

Black jack, you have a little more control of your fate.

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