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Thomas asks…

What are poker bonuses and why are they popular?

It seems to me that poker bonuses are available on just about every single site I find online. Sign up bonuses? Reload bonuses? No deposit bonuses? … Why are they so popular?

admin answers:

Sign up bonuses offer you the chance to maximise your initial deposit, while other bonuses like reload bonuses and no deposit bonuses can be really beneficial to different types of players. These bonuses are popular for one reason only, and that is because they give you the chance to earn additional funds. Some sites offer the best poker bonuses online giving you the chance to earn more than £1000.

Here are the two main different types of poker bonuses and an explanation of what they are:

1. Signup Bonuses – as the most profitable type of bonus, signup bonuses can offer the biggest reward as they are the best poker bonuses available that are used to entice players. As mentioned, these types of bonuses can be huge. Signup bonuses work in the same way as reload bonuses. One thing that you need to be sure of is that you have a good amount of time to unlock your bonuses. More often than not, signup bonuses expire quicker than you expect. This leaves you with a potentially huge sum of money lost because the terms and conditions of the bonus are not favourable. Make sure you work out how much of the bonus you should be able to unlock before taking it on.

2. Reload Bonuses – this type of bonuses is available when you top up your account balance. However, sites tend to offer these every so often and not all the time. Reload bonuses are unlocked over time. They tend to take a while to unlock, but the majority of sites offer you the chance to unlock them in stages.

Robert asks…

How much money can I make online by playing poker?

My friends have recently been talking about online money making ventures and I’ve heard that one of the most profitable ways is to play poker online for real money. What I really want to know is, how much can you earn and how long do you have to play to earn that amount? Also what is the learning curve like, is it very steep?

admin answers:

You can make $10,000 to $100,000 a year depending on what style of poker you play, whether it is high stakes or not, and how successful you are.

The style of playing with play money is different to the style of playing poker for real money. Play money games are usually very loose and very aggressive. Because no one risks his own money, players usually play almost all starting hands and play very aggressively. There is a huge difference between play money tables and even the micro stakes at the real money tables.

The two facts mentioned above, playing seriously and the style of playing poker, will make it difficult to improve your poker skills if you only play for play money. Your learning curve will be much steeper if you play for real money.

Here’s an excellent guide for beginners:

David asks…

How can i have someone critique my poker skills?

I have been playing poker for almost 10 years and seem to always win some, lose some. But lately I have been losing more than winning. I was wondering how can I have someone see my poker session and critique my game to see what I need to improve on and help me to do so.

admin answers:

I’m sure there are poker coaches somewhere. More so in Las Vegas than anywhere else. Http:// would be a good place to get some pointers.

Betty asks…

What is the best real money poker site to use?

I live in the US and since some of the sites dont have real money poker anymore, which seems to be the best site that does let you play for real money? What is the most popular?

admin answers:

PokerStars is the number one room in online poker and you will find action 24/7. They also sponsor many of the worlds most famous poker players including Daniel Negreanu, Joe Hachem and online qualifiers through PokerStars to be WSOP main event winners Chris Moneymaker and Greg Raymer. The software is very easy to navigate and the sheer number of tables available means you will find a game at a limit that suits you instantly.

If you play consistent poker, you will make the money 7-8 out of 10 times in Sit n‘ Go games and multi-table tournaments with a couple of frustrating moments along the way. PokerStars minimum deposit is $10 and offers 100% up to $600 first deposit bonus

I have found Full Tilt to have the toughest competition out of all online poker sites but if you play well and keep your emotions in check, it can be one of the most rewarding as well. Full Tilt Poker has a great bonus offer, high rewarding loyalty programme and an impressive line up of tournaments for all players and any bankroll. I do better at ring games than I do at PokerStars but not as well at sit n‘ go’s or tournaments. An extra special mention goes to the find a pro feature, where you can watch and play against pro poker players playing on the tables and also chat with them.
Minimum first deposit is $10 and then $30 after that and offer 100% up to $600 first deposit bonus

You may also want to look at Doyles Room. I have found especially at lower levels in either cash games or tournaments to have a lower standard of play making it a lucrative place to play. Great customer service, 33% rake back and a bonus of 110% up to $550

Laura asks…

How do you collect money from online poker?

How do you collect winnings from online poker? Is it a face to face transaction, online PayPal, or do they mail it to you? Thanks!

admin answers:

Most online poker sites are unable to send you money via Paypal. The most common way to get paid from an online poker site is via bank transfer (usually takes 2-3 days for the money to arrive). Another popular option is an e-wallet such as Neteller and Moneybookers where you will usually have the money within 12 hours of the time of the withdrawal.

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