Your Questions About Poker Face

Lizzie asks…

Does anyone have any strategies to learn how to make a poker face besides practicing in a mirror?

admin answers:

Don’t look your self in a mirror, sht man. Just play the game and when the time to hide the streng comes up just think of another thang.takea position and don’t move or move constantly thinking of nothing. Hiding the streng of your hand is part of the game you should make some one think of the oposite of what you think or let them know was up. So they will doubt, you got to make them doubt.

Richard asks…

Can you keep a straight (poker) face during those laugh your butt off moments?

Like a really good joke. Everyone laughs.. could you keep a straight face?

admin answers:

Nope, I’ll Die Laughing !

Joseph asks…

What’s the song poker face by lady gaga about?

i have no idea what the song is about please help?

admin answers:

I saw an interview where she said it’s about having a „poker face“ with your sexuality… For example, she said that sometimes while having sex with her boyfriend she would think about women.
Hope that helps!!

Maria asks…

Anyone got the song Lady GaGa poker face stuck in their head?

Because I’m a Guy and I got it stuck in my head.

admin answers:

No, I hate Lady GaGa.

Sandy asks…

Instead of having a flat affect poker face, is it just as effective to smirk/laugh throughout the game?

The point of a poker face is that it is unchanging. So is appearing consistently amused just as good, if not better because it’s unusual?

I end up laughing at the frustration of the other players when they lose.

admin answers:

It’s probably better, because in a „normal poker face,“ such little emotion is showing that it’s easier to spot a change in reaction.

Players like Daniel Negreanu use this tactic.

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