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Lisa asks…

Why did this Arctic Ice information not get reported by the so-called mainstream media or by Al Gore?

Arctic Ice Cap Story Is a Hoax
by Laurence Hecht, Editor-in-chief,
21st Century Science & Technology
May 2, 2007 (EIRNS)—A non sequitur and a fallacy of composition are the essence of scare stories circulating on major wire services today, which report on a new study of the extent of Arctic sea ice melt.
The study, published in the May 1 issue of Geophysical Research Letters, reports an historical review of satellite and other data which indicates that the extent of Arctic sea ice at the end of the summer melt season in September has been declining since 1953. The news stories twist this statistical fact into scare stories, the one circulated by Agence France Presse claiming that the sea level will rise by seven meters.
In fact, as anyone who observes ice melting in a cold drink can determine, when floating ice melts, the water level remains the same or falls very slightly. The claim of a rise in sea level is thus a non sequitur. It is justified on the basis of a wild fallacy of composition—the claim that the melting of the Arctic sea water will inevitablily lead to the melting of the entire Greenland glacier.
Never reported is the fact that the last major study of the Greenland ice sheet [Zwally, et al. Journal of Glaciology (2005)] showed a slight increase in ice mass from 1992-2002. The one- to two-mile thick Greenland ice sheet was thinning at the margins but growing by a greater extent inland.
Polar specialists know well that the Arctic climate is highly variable and very sensitive to small changes in local temperature. As Dr. Syun-Ichi Akasofu of the Alaska Arctic Research Center in Alaska noted, the extent of Arctic sea ice melt in the 1920s was greater than today (with far less contribution from human-produced carbon dioxide), and was followed by a period of thickening. Akasofu called Al Gore’s movie „science fiction.“ (See interview.)

Dr. Akasofu earned a B.S. and a M.S. in geophysics at Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, in 1953 and 1957. respectively. He earned a Ph.D in geophysics at UAF in 1961. Within the framework of his Ph.D. thesis he studied the aurora. His scientific adviser was Sydney Chapman. Dr. Akasofu has been a professor of geophysics at UAF since 1964.
Akasofu was director of the Geophysical Institute from 1986 until 1999, during which time the Alaska Volcano Observatory was established and Poker Flat Research Range was modernized. He went on to become the first director of the International Arctic Research Center (IARC) upon its establishment in 1998, and remained in that position until 2007. The same year, the building which houses IARC was named in his honor.

admin answers:

Al Gores fantasy fiction is about on the same level of truth and believability as Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Mars Attacks and Michael Moores attempts at political sleaze! And for Michael Moore fans may I recommend a new movie about him called An American Carol!

Laura asks…

I need at least 100 bucket list idea’s, they can be anything, sexual, funny, entertaining c:?

So far I’ve got:
1. Graduate High school.
2. Have a Disney Movie marathon.
3. Walk around a busy shopping mall with a sign that says, „Free Hugs.“
4. Throw an orgy at my house.
5. Go swimming high.
6. Stay up all night.
7. Kiss on top of a Farris Wheel.
8. Kiss in the rain.
9. Sleep on a Trampoline.
10. Take a plane trip to a random place.
11. Eat icecream ALL day.
12. Donate blood.
13. Go skinny Dipping.
14. Lose 20 pounds before summer.
15. Ride a mechanical bull.
16. Read 100 books in a year.
17. Say yes for a whole day.
18. Carve my name and my boyfriends name in a tree.
19. Appear on the news.
20. Finish a whole tube of chapstick.
21. Volenteer at an animal shelter.
22. Keep a diary for at least a month.
23. Drunken slumber party.
24. Have a photoshoot with a friend.
25. Go to a fortune teller.
26. Visit a cemetary at night with a Oujia board.
27. Meet someone famous.
28. Build my own teddy bear and save it till I have a child then give it to him/her.
29. Have a first kiss. (A real kiss)
30. Play spin the bottle with a huge group.
31. Get 1,000 followers on Tumblr.
32. Get a Tattoo when I’m 18.
33. Fall in love.
34. Grow my hair really long. (After I get out all the split ends.)
35. Get extremely drunk and high at least once.
36. Play strip poker.
37. No technology for one day.
38. Get a belly button ring.
39. Sun tan on a roof.

admin answers:

49. Repeat everything from 1-49
50. Skip this one
51. Do 50
52. Count to infinity
53. Take a bath

Susan asks…

Underage gambling question?

I have recentley have had no problems at all gambling underage in the casinos I rarely ever get carded but if I do get carded I have my brothers ID, SSI card, Credit card, not stolen he is aware because he lets me sneak into the casinos since I am not old enough and he knows I have a good time. I understand that gambling is horrible and you cannot win I am not a huge gambler but I have made many cash outs on blackjack tables for $1k+ and have won alot of money playing poker…basically I have been playing and won alot of money from casinos and had no problem collecting. How much trouble can I get into if caught using my brothers identity? I mean most likely they will throw me out if not I can go to jail for how long? I know the casinos can get fined $125K. Also could I go on the news and show them how easy it is to buy beer, cigs, and gamble with no problem and not getting carded. I am 16 years old and have been doin this since I was 14 every once in awhile.
Thank you very much.

admin answers:

If you are gambling, despite winning so far, you are a mug.

Casinos are there so that people can have an enjoyable time, and to make money.

Underage gambling has penalties. You can get fined as well. What would the casino think of you if you were caught and cost them $125 K? They would ban you for life and send photographs of you to all other casinos so that they also don’t get caught.

I think most people know that under aged persons can buy beer and tobacco, and to try to make gains through the news media would be classed as a low thing to do.

George asks…

2009 Poll: Take it and have fun!?

1. Which celebrity who died in 2009 got the LEAST attention?
a) DJ AM Goldstein
b) Farah Fawcett
c) Patrick Swayzee
d) Ted Kennedy

2. What celebrity news story that occured in 2009 will still be remembered for at least another 10 years.
a) Rihanna getting beat up by Chris Brown
b) Jon and Kate divorce
c) Kanye West and Taylor Swift at the MTV awards
d) David Letterman’s Blackmail Scandal

3. What was the „cool“ thing to do in 2009, which most people found annoying?
a) Preteneding to be „Green“ (using cloth bags instead of paper bags, using a bicycle instead of using a car or public transportation, etc etc)
b) Making sure everyone knows you are/were a big Michael Jackson fan.
c) Twittering.
d) Being overly interested in Vampire movies, Vampire books, and Vampire TV shows.

4. What song will forever be followed by someone saying „This reminds me of 2009!“
a) Lady GaGa „Poker Face“
b) Beyonce „Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)“
c) Shakira „Shewolf“
d) Pussycat Dolls „Jai Ho“

5. What TV show that debuted in 2009 was the BEST and will most likely still be on TV next year?
a) Cougar Town (NBC)
b) Community (NBC)
c) Melrose Place (CW)
d) The Vampire Diaries (CW)

6. What product was the hottest thing to purchase in 2009?
a) Beatles Rock Band
b) Windows 7
c) A Micheal Jackson’s Greatest Hits Album
d) Hand sanitzer for swine flu prevention.

admin answers:

1. Which celebrity who died in 2009 got the LEAST attention?
B) Farah Fawcett

2. What celebrity news story that occured in 2009 will still be remembered for at least another 10 years.
A) Rihanna getting beat up by Chris Brown

3. What was the „cool“ thing to do in 2009, which most people found annoying?
B) Making sure everyone knows you are/were a big Michael Jackson fan.

4. What song will forever be followed by someone saying „This reminds me of 2009!“
b) Beyonce „Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)“

5. What TV show that debuted in 2009 was the BEST and will most likely still be on TV next year?
D) The Vampire Diaries (CW)

6. What product was the hottest thing to purchase in 2009?
A) Beatles Rock Band

Richard asks…

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Dreams (V)?

This is a new episode to the Grand Theft Auto seris that I made up myself.
The whole story is based on this 33 year old man nameed George Mckinsey.
George had just flown in from Holland, „and specks english well“. He has flownen over
to San Andreas to robe a bank or casino to pay for his sick dad, living back in The Netherlands.
George comes along acouple of dirty, mean and quiet humours criminals. His Georges brother
told to not go near then guys, but he did.
The two criminals had planed to rob a casino in Los Venturas,The Four Dragons Casino and plain to kill „Wu Zi Mu“, „Woozie“.
They succendently robed the casino but did not get there hands on woozie since he was out in San
San Fierro’s Chinatown with his gang,“The Mountain Cloud Boys Triads“.
Woozie’s real estate mogul,“Donald Love“ was at the casino at the time of the robbery. One of the crimals pushed a poker machine right infront of Love’s path and landed straight on Donald’s foot.
George and the gang flee the scene quickly and head to the airport.
Donald wakes up moments after the robbery, „Since he fainted“ and rang Woozie.
Woozie tells Love to meet him at the airport and to book at plane to Holland…
Little did Donald know, Woozie knew that this was going to happen beacuse of a recent robbery of the same crimals before…so he knew they would be back.
The Day Before….
Dwaine and Jethro were working down at the Xoomer Gas Station in San Fierro. They had heard the news that there local hippie, „The Truth“ had died from a drug overdose in his appartement. The Truth, „His real name…Louise Drensaw“ had know family, they had all died long ago, although…Louise had a brother that dissapered many years ago aswel. Dwaine and Jethro were his closet family so in The Truths „WILL“, everything was given to Dwaine and Jethro.
They went over to his appartement…the whole place was messed. A police officer had told them that Louise owned a small house in Vice City that they got to keep. The officer also told them that he was born in Vice so they knew that he would want someone to burry him back In Vice City.
They took his body to the Los Ventuars aiport, „The reason why the didn’t go to San Fiarro airport is becasue all the planes were booked“.

During the plane fly, the lougange got mixed up…..

Finally, the plane had stopped at Vice City Internatinal Airport. George took his money and left out to the next plane but while he was making his way over to the waiting bay, he spotted Donald Love and Woozie.
They both spotted him so George ran as fast as he could out of the airport to wait till some heat burned.George didn’t remeber having a long bag, he had a small bag but George didnt really care about it at the time so left the scene and found a hotel inn to stay at for the night,“There slogan was, If you stay the first night, Its FREE, but the second night…what a bumer“.
After a while, george decied to open his bag…he slowly unzipped it and it showed the body of Louise!
Dwain and Jethro got the money instead and decied to leave „The Truth“ and go spend the money.

2 months later.
Everyone finds themself of a burning motel roof fiing there guns everywhere.
George had figured out that Donald was only a bussiness partner with him becuase he owned a casino and he was going to take the money and leave back to Librety City. George and Woozie were sitting behind a vent on the roof. George went and called the two crimals to come over and help him but they knew that them 2 wenrt gunna hold off a group of 5 people so the 2 crimals rang more people to come help.
Zero „a friend of Woozie“ showed up in a chopper with ,“The Mountain Cloud Boys Triads“ on the side of the helicoter, shooting!
Friends of Zero came running in from the bottom of the buring building, out of the flames and smoke came CJ, Sweet and Cesar running towards the vent.
A massive gun war was arrupting ontop of the hotel building. SWAT and police showed up and began to defend themselfs. The building broke onto an angle, the whole building went sideward!
There were no rails on the edge either! Dwaine went slidding off the edge and also Woozie.
Everyone were hanging was trying to hang onto a vent or somthing.
Jethro went back to the bottom of the building and left, and the escape door on the top of the building was locked.
Donald took out his pistol and aimed at Cesar, BANG! Cesar let his grip lose and slid off the side.
The men in the helicoter had ran out of amo.
They chucked out a ladder for CJ,Sweat and George to climb up into the helicoter. As they were climbing up the ladder, Love was still shooting at them…well missing them…Sweat looked at CJ and told him that he needs to leave him and that he will need to keep Grove Street alive. Sweat stayed on the building…It was soon going to calapse. Everyone got into
It was soon going to calapse. Everyone got into the helicpoter except Donald Love and Sweat.
The bottom of the building shook, there were petrol tanks under the building and some off them just went off!
The helicpoter sweraved around and headed for saftey as the building went down in flames….

1 week later
George got news that is dad had died the night before. George told his mum that he is going to stay here in Vice City, until the day he dies….

admin answers:

Aww I love it

there has gotta be more

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