Your Questions About Poker Face

Linda asks…

What do you think of the Poker Face remix by Lady Gaga feat. Queen Latifah?

I just listened to this on and I have to say, this remix with Queen Latifah is just awful. What do you guys think?

– The link to the song is right on the front page, you can’t miss it.

admin answers:

Nope! I don’t like it at all.

Michael asks…

Was the Lady Gaga Song Poker Face supposed to say F^*k up her face?

My friend told me that poker face was supposed to say f^*k up her face. And i didnt belive her. Is this true??

admin answers:

Yeah i heard that to. Lady gaga wanted it to be fu fu fu fu-k up her face fu fu fu fu-k up her face…but obviously it wouldn’t be able to be played on radios/or clubs etc. So they compromised with poke-her face.[=

Sandra asks…

How to pull a poker face while not playing one?

admin answers:

It all depends on the skill of your opponents.

If you are playing with weak players, then act weak when your hand is strong, and strong when your hand is weak.

If you are playing with better players, they will know what you are doing, so it’s better to act strong when you hand is strong and weak if your hand is weak. That will throw them off.

Unless of course you are playing with very good players who know that trick, then you should switch it up and do a little of both.

Ruth asks…

how can i listen poker face? (but, not on youtube or dailymotion) bcoz these sites don’t run on my computer.?

Can anyone give me the name of the best site so that, i could listen poker face???

admin answers:

Download blubster …… Listen to it for free

Betty asks…

What’s a poker face ? [lady gaga song]?

Haha so i was listening to poker face by lady gaga… what is a poker face anyways ? I know its an expression but i need details lol . & no i’ve never played poker or watched people playing poker so idk D:

admin answers:

A poker face is totally expressionless.

It shows nothing at all, no emotion or animation of any kind. It is frozen.

The best description I ever heard of a person with a poker face was „He had such a good poker face you couldn’t be sure he was still alive“ lol.

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