Your Questions About Poker Face

Charles asks…

Does Lady Gaga still preform Poker face at her concerts?

Poker face is my favorite Gaga song and I might be going to a concert in February and I was just wondering if she still sings Poker face at her concerts

admin answers:

Yes, she will sing Poker Face. I went a few months ago and she sang it, and setlists for concerts do not change, unless something is being added. And besides, that’s one of her most famous songs, I bet she’ll sing it at every one of her concerts for the rest of her life.

Richard asks…

Can they read your poker face?

Your poker face your poker face your p p p poker face?

admin answers:

I don’t give a shit about stupid ass whales

I don’t give a crap about whales so go and hug a tree

Laura asks…

What is that song thatrs like a rap version of poker face?

admin answers:

Make Her Say – Kid Cudi (feat. Common and Kanye West)

Robert asks…

Does China have the best economy in the world right now or just the best poker face?

admin answers:

Depends on how you describe a good economy. They produce a lot of goods that consumers are purchasing around the world, sounds great, most of the people making those goods are making a buck an hour, not so great. That poker face depends entirely on who they’re wearing it for, the workers or the buyers.

Maria asks…

what is the song that goes woah oh oh oh and its like a remiix of poker face.?

i know its not just the reular poker face. its a guy and a girl singing. its by lady gaga and someone else. whats it called?????

admin answers:

Idk but it sounds good

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