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John asks…

How does a tennis tournament become an ATP?

I was just wondering how a tennis tournament becomes an ATP500 or 1000. Links are appreciated.
Thank you.

admin answers:

The Tour schedule has a limited number of slots. How those slots are filled depends on past performance, history of the event, and especially MONEY, and CONNECTIONS.

There is „application form“. Contact the ATP.

Helen asks…

Can someone please give me a tournament frog deck?

I am looking for a list of cards for a tournament frog deck. Many lists/links would be great so I can go off of one of them depending on if I have the cards or not.

admin answers:

No, sorry.

Paul asks…

NBA DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT ROUND1? BQ are links?;_ylt=AoOxAx2A37Z3tzawMmvwJXjsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090807155944AABDexj

admin answers:


Sandy asks…

According to my tournament, Stewie Griffin is the best cartoon sitcom character?

In here you can check out the entire tournament and all the links:

So do you think Stewie is the best?
Stewie defeated Bart Simpson in the finals. He got the most votes.

admin answers:

Cool and yeah I think he is or atleast one of the best. Homer Simpson is a fave too.

Donald asks…

What can I bring to the TPC Sawgrass Golf Tournament?

I haven’t been able to find any info online, but I’m wondering what I can bring as far as something to sit in, and food? Can I bring a bag or cooler of food, are there any links posted about whats allowed to be brought into a professional golf tournament?

admin answers:

Take your best golf game, golf courses will not allow you to bring food and drink s

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