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Nancy asks…

Is the united stated banned from making any deposits for online cash poker?

I tried to sign up for online poker and they said because I’m located in the United States I’m not allowed to make any deposits or play in any cash games…
Is the economy that bad?

admin answers:

Infact there are some sites that dont accept americans. You need to play at USA welcome site such as fulltilt. Visit
for more info. If you cant deposit use all access visa gift card. People use it to deposit.
To the user above- its legal. Many people play poker online.

Mary asks…

best places to play online poker for a beginner?

I’m new and want to play online poker, and learn the game the right way.

admin answers:

„and learn the game the right way.“

I I don’t think online poker is a good idea, at least not for money.

You can play poker for play money at — it’s completely free, plenty of tournaments of all games, and there’s always someone at the cash games — even the „obscure“ ones like 2-7 single draw.

George asks…

How do you declare online poker winnings in Canada?

How are people supposed to declare online poker winnings in their Canadian taxes?

admin answers:

As far as I am aware you don’t, unless you are a professional poker player.

Michael asks…

I wonder how internet poker players are going to get their money out of their accounts?

With the FBI shutdown of the top poker sites, what’s going to happen to all that money sitting in players‘ accounts?
The US players, not the non-US players.

admin answers:

Worse case scenarion: FBI shuts down sites permanently and pays out all balances. There is no federal law against online gambling (unless sports betting). The investigation is only about illegal transfer of funds – call it money laundering. That is: use of puppet accounts/names in order to evade taxes and to allow get arounds for the few states that have laws against online gambling (4 I think specifically for poker – 11 altogether for various forms of online gambling – see 2nd link below).

Best case scenario: The FBI will find there has been little of the illegal activities suspected and will release the sites back to the owners = business as usual (well maybe a minor change or two).

2nd best/worse scenario (most likely as a WAG from me): FBI will find there has been substantial intent to defraud in regards to money transfers, will heavily fine the sites found to be in violation, require them to make changes in the way money transfers are handled, and release the sites back to the owners. This scenario will probably have a negative effect on players that are in the states that have laws against this type gambling. Otherwise – business as usual.

Robert asks…

What good does it do to work at being a better poker player?

I was in a tourney and blinds were $2,000-1,000. I was big blind with AA and go all in with my last $8.000. One caller called and he only would have had $3,000 left if he lost. He called with J-10 off suite.

Well he got a straight on the river and nobody at the table believed he would call my all in. So, what does it matter to study poker if it is mostly luck?

admin answers:

There are three primary components to poker:

1) „Luck“ – this is related to #2, but it’s entirely out of your control. You have to be able to shake off a single good luck or bad luck instance, and stay on your plan, playing the odds and the players.

2) The odds of getting what you want. You have to be able to figure out what your chances are of winning from any given point, given the information you have (the cards you have, the cards they have showing, etc.).

3) Psychology – You’re playing against people. You have to be able to figure them out well enough to determine what they’ll do in a given situation (so you know when to bluff), how to read them (so you can tell when they bluff), and how to hide your intentions/reactions from them.

You’re focused only on the final outcome of that hand. Yes, there was chance there, but both of you played the odds from your perspective. A good player is good at 2 and 3. If it were all just luck, then there would be no „good players“ – we’d all be just exactly the same over a given number of hands.

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