Your Questions About Free Poker Tournaments

Mark asks…

Tell me the best web site to play in free online poker tournaments?

enjoy playing poker but im not looking to lose my house on it so free play ones only thanks

admin answers: is a good one that i use.

Mandy asks…

Online Poker: Free Tournaments?

Are there any online poker programs that you can play free tournaments, but win real money? Because I used to play at Absolute Poker, because they used to have that, small prizes, like 1st place wins like $10 or whatever. But it makes it exciting.

Do you guys know any popular poker sites that have free tournaments where you can win real money, and then use that money to play real money games? Because I don’t want to have to deal with getting offshore accounts and everything so I can play online poker.

admin answers:

Gear poker has 11 freerolls daily

Hollywood poker has free tournaments

Pokerstars has freerolls but they are usually qualifiers to play in tournaments for money

Pitbull poker has freerolls every hour and if you use OTKPOKER as the bonus code they will put $10 into your account

For a list of freerolls happening now go to

Charles asks…

Where is the million dollar free poker tournament?

I have heard you can get a free entry into a couple of these tournaments where the winner gets 1 million dollars.

admin answers:

There are 2 running right now.

Try the links below. They are offering free entries into both tournaments.

Richard asks…

Are there any free online poker tournaments where I can win money?

admin answers:

There is a free entry into the million dollar poker tournament at … Http://

It pays the top 100 players as well as a MILLION dollars to the winner.

I entered this one and all you have to do is download the free software. The players are mostly newbies to poker so it is easy to steal the pots.

I think the secret is to play aggressively and gather as many chips as possible. If you can double up in the first 1/2 hour or so you will have a great chance at making it for the long haul.

Read up on No Limit Texas Holdem and you will see how the best players in the world do it.

It is freakin unbelievably easy!

David asks…

Does anyone know of a pub/club that would be great to host free poker tournaments in Vancouver or Richmond?

admin answers:

You can look for in Google

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