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Joseph asks…

What is the thing that helps you play poker online like a card counter?

ive seen it being used it shows odd and yer someone show me how to download it!

admin answers:

It is called „Poker Odds Calculator“ and you can download a really good FREE one here that works with most all card rooms:

Steven asks…

how do i work out odds on digital spy big brother?

i need to know how to work out which odds are higher cos they are on different denominator like 1 person is 2/7 and the other is 5/2 also if you use this site what are the odds for staying or going?

admin answers:

If all you need to do is figure out which has a higher odds, then just take a calculator and divide.

If it says 2/7, then divide it to see the odds are 0.2857… If it says 5/2 then divide it to see the odds are 2.5.

2.5 is BIGGER than 0.2857…, so 5/2 is HIGHER odds than 2/7. In other words, if you bet on something with 5/2 odds, you would get paid MORE money. If you bet on something with 2/7 odds, you would get very little money. However, the event with the 2/7 odds would win much more often.

Ruth asks…

What are the odds of getting pregnant?

If I start my period on lets say, the 17th, what would my peak days be of getting pregnant? And what are the odds of getting pregnant when not in the peak days?
the reason why I am wondering is, what if something like the condom breaks? Or if it somehow leaked out.

admin answers:

Dont f*ck without a condom, then you won’t need a damn calculator

always assume your odds are 100% because something like pregnancy is not a little game of poker where you lose some money. You’re talking about a child’s life and possibly ruining the rest of yours.

What’d your mother teach you. (if you’re married, none of this applies to you – sorry about sounding rude)

James asks…

How early can a person start feeling the very fist pregnancy symptoms?

I had unprotected sex last night (im on the pill though) i had just gotten off my period and taken already 3 BC pills of the new pack.. but the thing is just a few moments ago i had a sudden nausea and it was very odd i rad to run to the bathroom and i don’t know what to think of it. I also feel like a nerve wrack all of the sudden.
What do you think?

admin answers:

You can’t feel pregnant the night after getting pregnant, you start feeling pregnant about a week after the embryo has implanted, which is about a week after you ovulate. Here’s an ovulation calculator to see if you had sex during your ovulation time. Http://

Robert asks…

How to deal with shares with quantity less than one lot?

I received odd shares as dividend (HK stock market shares). The quantity of which is less than one lot. To sell them, I shall make a small profit which is not enough to cover the expenses and bank fees. There are costs to maintain them. So what should I do?

admin answers:

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