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Mark asks…

on jacks or better video poker….what are the odds on winning on Double Up feature?

admin answers:

Supposedly it is exactly 50/50. I definitely have not won half the time.

Sharon asks…

Where can I learn everything about poker, betting and odds? (I have no idea how to play, but I want to.)?

admin answers:

A good free online poker place is

This site is a good site that tells you everyting you need to know about poker.


James asks…

What are the odds of this happening in poker?

I was playing texas hold em poker online and at a cash table, I was dealt Ace Jack and got a Ace’s over Jacks full house on the flop. Someone raised me all in so I called. Both of us were on our backs and he had pocket queens. On the turn he got three of a kind and on the river four of a kind. What are the odds of that happening. and how trusting can online poker be compared to playing at a real table with a real deck of cards that are right in front of you?

admin answers:

The odds of that happening are 2/45 * 1/44, or 1/990 — about .1%.

Donna asks…

is odds maker poker worth it?

admin answers:

Oddsmaker is a scam site. They are routinely the subject of numerous player complaints. Stay far away from them and only use reputable sites like FullTilt or DoylesRoom. Use bonus code RIVER88 at either site for their best bonus package.

Nancy asks…

Poker what are the odds of being dealt…?

1) a pocket pair or aq +
2) a pocket pair or a10+
3) all of the above or a suited connecter or suited ace or qj+

admin answers:

There are 1326 possible hands on your first two cards. There are 6 ways to be dealt any pair. There are 16 ways to be dealt any other combination, 4 of which are suited.

So the chance of a pocket pair or AQ or AK is (13*6)+16+16/1326 = 110/1326 = 8.3%.

The chance of a pocket pair or AK/AQ/AJ/AT is 142/1326 = 10.7%.

The chance of a pocket pair, AK/AQ/AJ/AT, KQ/KJ/QJ, JTs through 54s, or A9s through A2s is 250/1326 = 18.9%.

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