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Steven asks…

How much water should I drink prior to competing in a tournament?

I am going to salt lake city to play in a national tennis tournament on tuesday and since it’s going to be pretty hot, they recommended to start hydrating 2 days before the tournament. How much water should I consume?

admin answers:

Here is a link from

Here are two books that have material on this topic:

John asks…

How do I create a successful airsoft tournament that people would want to be a part of?

my neighbor and i want to create an airsoft tournament that would bepopula with the neighborhood kids. i just want to know some steps to making a great tournament. thanks in advance.

admin answers:

Make it team and objective based. People get bored of shooting each other over and over again and again. Make it capture the flag or escape and evasion.


Donald asks…

What type of format for one night (few hours only) tournament?

Say you want to organise small tournament in pub to be played in one nite only- what is best format to use-Double elimination? Single Knockout? How many games per match? How much entry fee? And how to split the prize money- prizemoney shared amongst top 3?

admin answers:

It kind of depends on how many people show up. Larger prize money will attract more players though, as well as lower entry fees. Maybe start with charging $10 and paying out the top third or so. Handicapping doesn’t hurt either; it gives everyone a chance and will change the races depending on skill level, but even the best players shouldn’t have to win more than 6 or 7. Look in to the National Pool League (link below).

If there are 16 or fewer players, you can probably run a double elimination. It gets slightly complicated if there are just a few more than that. Once you get around 32, you’re probably looking at single elimination. Any more than that and it’s going to be a long night.

Lisa asks…

How is the field in a PGA tournament selected?

From week to week, the field in a given tournament will be different- I mean the full field „Thursday field“ (I understand the cut that happens after a Friday…). Do they need to apply for a spot to play? Is it based on ranking?

admin answers:

You’d be surprised at how different almost every tournament fills its field. From the winners-only Mercedes-Benz to the international flavor of WGC events to the majors to the limited field events like the Memorial and Arnie’s Invite to THE PLAYERS to the playoffs, no tournament is the same. I could literally write thousands of words to answer your question in detail but for regular events like this week’s Wyndham Championship, it’s about as standard as it gets.

All tour members fall into a priority ranking, the link for which you can find below (although it hasn’t been updated for in-season changes). Golfers must call in their intent to play by 5:00 p.m. ET the Friday before the event or within 30 minutes following play that same day. Using the allotment of tee times offered for the event (the Wyndham offers 156), golfers‘ ranking will determine if they make the field. If they don’t, they fall into alternate status for the week. Most regular tournaments also offer spots for sponsor’s exemptions, foreign exemptions and Monday qualifiers. Golfers can also gain entry into the next open event via Top 10 the preceding week if they aren’t already eligible.

Furthermore, categories 24 and 29 at the link below will undergo reshuffles at specific times of the year. For example, what you see listed at category 24 is how the list looked at the start of the season; however, there have been four reshuffles since and one more is yet to occur (currently, Nicholas Thompson leads this category). The reshuffles allow guys to improve their status, which allows them a better opportunity to set their schedules, not to mention peace of mind.

Other unique ways some non-majors fill fields (by no means is this comprehensive):

· Sony Open offers two invitiations to professional golfers from China, Korea, India or other emerging market.
· Arnie’s Invite and the AT&T National offer one spot to the reigning U.S. Amateur champ.
· the Heritage, among others, offers a spot to the current winner of the PGA Section Championship or the current PGA Section Player of the Year where the tournament is played, as determined by the Section.
· the Colonial reserves spots for the Top 15 and ties from the same event the previous year.
· the Memorial has a spot available for the Division I Player of the Year as selected by the Golf Coaches Association of America.

Finally, most regular events will reserve tee times in multiples of three (120, 132, 144, 156, 180) so you’ll never see a field of 154 (as suggested by another answer). That will only occur if two golfers withdraw from a field of 156 before teeing off and no alternates were on site to take their place. (The Bob Hope and Children’s Miracle Network Classic reserve 128 tee times but they use multiple courses.)

Ruth asks…

How did chess players qualify for the interzonal tournament back before the 1990s?

There’s only so many spots available, and how did Asian players qualify? Was there some sort of ‚zonal‘ tournament? I can’t find any zonal tournament record, esp for Asia.

admin answers:

Back then the chess world was divided into different zones that could choose their own method of selecting players for the interzonal tournament. This generally involved a zonal tournament, but not always. For example, take a look at the following link, which describes the method used in the 1963 championship cycle. The Asian/Pacific zone was divided into two subzones, each with separate subzone champions (Purdy and Aaron), who played a match to decide the zonal winner. As the winner of the match, Aaron qualified for the interzonal.

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