Your Questions About Betsey Johnson

Donald asks…

where can i find betsey johnson dresses or ones that are similar?

since betsey johnson went bankrupt, the store near me closed. i really need a dress and im in love with the betsey johnson style (short, poofy, etc), anyone know where i can find leftover betsey dresses or dresses that are a similar style?

admin answers:


I think this should help! 🙂

John asks…

Can I wear a Betsey Johnson dress to the Racetrack for a Kentucky Derby party?

I have no idea what to wear. I have a few Betsey Johnson dresses that have never or rarely been worn, if you know Betsey Johnson then you know what I mean.

admin answers:

Is it elegant, casual/formal or just expensive? That doesn’t count.

Wear a hat. Guys wear ties. And suits. Women wear pantsuits, skirts, nothing too funky and Bestsey Johnson is FUNKY & wild.

Google CBS 2011 Kentucky Derby Photos to give you an idea.

Mary asks…

What size should I order from Betsey Johnson?

I’m buying the sequin leopard jacket from Betsey Johnson.
I’m 5’6″ and I weigh 116 pounds. I wear a 32D.
Should I get a size 2 or 4?

admin answers:

Size 2 should fit you just fine… I’m 34D but typically size 0, I wear size 2 in BJ dresses.

Mandy asks…

How to get coffee out of a Betsey Johnson?

It’s a Betsey Johnson sail away bag! How do I get the stain out!

admin answers:

Have you considered taking it to a dry-cleaners?
Or buy some dry-cleaning spray & attempt it yourself.

Mark asks…

What stores sell Betsey Johnson dresses?

I know that Macy’s might sell Betsey Johnson dresses but Im not sure. Are there any other retailers that sell her dresses?

admin answers:

Nordstrom, but what Macy’s carry, they may not carry the same ones.

Sometimes, I find them @ Marshall’s, TJ Maxx 35-45% less than department stores.

There’s a Betsey Johnson @ Pioneer Square Portland, OR

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