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William asks…

Can someone provide me with an NCAA Div I tournament bracket that I can fill out online?

I do not have the ability to print, so can someone tell me where I can get a tournament bracket that I can fill out on the computer? I cant edit PDF files, and copying and pasting in word wont help either! Someone help please!

admin answers:


Carol asks…

What is the best online website to track office pool NCAA tournament bracket.?

Our company is spread across the United States and I want an easy way to track an office pool NCAA tournament bracket. Any suggestions?

admin answers:

One of the best and easiest i have seen

Robert asks…

How many potential brackets can there be in a field of 65?

How many possible variations of the NCAA Tournament bracket are there, considering the play-in game? What is the equation or method that is used to come up with the number?

admin answers:

There are two possible winners for each game and there are 64 games (64 games=64 losers + 1 winner). So there are 2^64 ways to fill out a bracket.
However the play-in game is not usually counted in bracket contests, so the total number of brackets possible in these contests is 2^63 which is 9,223,372,036,854,775,808.

Sandy asks…

Why is there no option to create a group for college basketball brackets on ESPN’s website yet?

Anybody know when the earliest you can set up a group for NCAA tournament brackets on ESPN’s website? Seems like I should be able to do it by now. If not, what other website does everyone suggest?

admin answers:

Probably because the bracket isn’t out yet…

Ruth asks…

How to do Sweet 16 chemistry Ion Tournament?

The rule is to fill out the tournament brackets. For the first round you just add charge then. The second round combine the two ions.

admin answers:

Are you looking for this

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