Your Questions About Does Any Phone Can Be Unlocked

Laura asks…

What do I need to know to sell a used smart phone? Unlocked?

I just got a new phone, and I want to see my old one on ebay, but I’m confused because it is basically asking me if the phone is unlocked or not. I don’t want to list it inaccurately, but I don’t know what exactly that means.

admin answers:

Can you swap the sim card and put another carriers sim in and have it work fine? If so it’s unlocked, if not then list is as being with the carrier that it works with like AT&T or Tmobile. If it has no sim then it can’t be unlocked and you need to list it as sprint or verizon or whatever carrier it works on.
You should check here for info on how to get free tmobile service

Also, look me up on facebook if you have any questions

Chris asks…

How do you unlock a Pantech Duo if you forgot the device password?

I loaned the phone to a friend and she accidently locked it… She has no idea how she did it or even what the password is. I called AT&T but they were no help in helping me unlock it.. Please help, I want to get my phone unlocked! If you know some way to completely reset the phone without being able to turn it on, please tell me. I already tried a soft-reset where I took the battery and sim card out but that did nothing..

admin answers:

You have to master reset the phone. Contact your service provider to get a master reset code at free of cost.

Ken asks…

What is a better phone the samsung galaxy or behold2?

I am getting either phone unlocked and I need to know which phone is better. I know the behold came out after the galaxy, but want to know which phone is better and which one will get the android update or 2.0 or 2.1.

admin answers:

Here is the full specifications and evaluations of them:

samsung galaxy:


and here is a full compare between them:

as you see the Samsung GT-I7500 Galaxy is better

Good luck!

Lizzie asks…

What do I need to do to use a new phone on an existing number?

I have a verizon blackberry and I am over seas. I want to get a new blackberry. I have the sim card and all already. Do I have to get the phone unlocked or what? What all do I need to do?

admin answers:

Verizon uses cdma to connect to its networks. If you have a world phone from verizon and uses a „sim“ card, you might still be out of luck. The „sim“ card is only used when you are overseas. When back to the US and using local verizon networks, your phone has to use cdma, thus purchasing a phone with a „sim card“ / gsm will not work.

Call verizon to verify. Ten Points.

Mary asks…

how do you get a japanese cell phone unlocked?

how do you get a japanese cell phone unlocked?
i want to buy an advanced cell phone from japan. i heard that you can use a japanese phone in america but you need someone to unlock it first. how and who do i go to, to get it unlocked to use in the states. any websites?

admin answers:

Now a days mobile unlock very simple,because lot of unlocking source avail across the globe reach here and get assistance

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