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Thomas asks…

When was the last time the Danish Gambit was used at a high level chess tournament?

When I say „high level tournament„, I am referring to games played by players who are ranked at least 2000, and would have their games documented. I want to see the chess moves for that game if possible.

admin answers:

The Danish Gambit may be played right now by players ranked or rated at least 2000.

For other games, documented „high level tournament“ games, a great site is to see the moves for those games with an interactive board.
These games are identified as instructive even for games being played today.

Danish Gambit Games 1-0 – Chess Games

C21 Danish Gambit II – Chess Games

C21 Danish Gambit III – Chess Games

C21 Danish Gambit IV – Chess Games


Lisa asks…

What legal issues arise when starting a video game tournament?

I want to start a video game tournament, however, I have no idea what I am going to come up against legally. Anyone have any idea what legal issues may arise or have any resources worth checking out before I start marketing?

admin answers:

The copyrights for the games that will be in the tournament.

Richard asks…

What if a tournament is not held but players had points to defend from last year?

For example, Los Angeles championships are not held but a new tournament in San Diego in the WTA Tour is being held instead, do players that had points to defend in LA have to now defend it in San Diego? What’s happens?

Sorry if it’s a bit confusing. Thanks

admin answers:

Points expire after a year. Players who won tournaments last year that aren’t on the ATP or WTA curcuit this year simply lose those points after the final was held.

New tournaments added to this years schedule may give an opportunity for that player to earn some of those points back, or simply give someone else an opportunity for winning points.

Players who win tournaments last year, and fail to defend them this year lose the full points they had last year and earn back the new designated points this year for how far they made it through the tournament.

Paul asks…

How to run a golf tournament as a fundraiser for about 32 golfers?

I need to run a golf tournament for a buch of hackers to try and raise money for our Church’s youth group to go to camp this summer. I have run Captain’s Choice tournamnets before, but never one to raise money for a cause. What are the best ways to do this?

admin answers:

OK I don’t know if I can cover everything in this form.
1. Best format scramble –
I guess you need help on how to raise the money, you need some people to put in charge of different things.
Before the round you can sell the following:
1. Sponsors for hole, green, or tee – You can charge a lot and make nice signs, or go cheap and acknowledge the people some other way.
2. Sponsor for golf carts
3. Donations for raffle – restaurants, other golf course green fees – sell tickets and draw winners

Day of Event
1. Sell mulligans – max 2 per person 1 for $3,50 2 for $5.00
2. Par 3 games – several you can play

Plus make sure you make some money off the tournament fee. I suggest you do not include free drinks. That will take up all your money, and if you run out people always get upset. Now some events charge more for drinks and the extra goes into the fund.

Linda asks…

What is the basics of a Starcraft 2 tournament?

It’s my first tournament next monday (only a basic weekly one) but i’m completely stumped on what to do. I want to understand the procedure of a tournament so i’m not flustered and can focus on the playing. Things like what to do at check-in etc. Any information is helpful!

admin answers:

I would imagine it varies from host to host, and I’ve never participated in one so I can’t really tell you – but I have been a spectator in several tournaments (GSL & IPL).

Whatever happens, good luck!

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