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Susan asks…

Tiger Woods 12 i cant go into the first tournament after being sponsored?

I just got sponsored in tiger woods 12 for 360 from cleveland. and it says to compete in the first tournament the champions cup i do not qualify because i need to win 1 pga tour event. but theres no where to play events except the season schedule where the champions cup is located. please help!! what do i do to qualify?!?!?! how do i play a different pga tour event?!?!?

admin answers:

I just skipped the event and it let me play the next one… Kind of a joke but I’m sure they will fix it with the next patch. If you go through the web page and log in you can find a number to call and they may be able to help you.

Richard asks…

what mexican team has been the best team since 96?

since they change it to Short Tournament Champions in 1996?
who do you think?

admin answers:


8 finals and won 6

atlas……won in penalties
morelia x2…..lost one in penalties and won one
chivas lost
monterrey won
cruz azul won in penalties
santos won
necaxa won

John asks…

Is it true that you usually retain information better when you write down the information rather than type it?

The 2010 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions winner Vijay Balse claimed that writing information down is a better way to retain what you’ve learned rather than cutting and pasting off the Internet AND THEN reading the information.

I know it may be different for each person, but do you believe Balse’s advice is accurate?

admin answers:

You are using muscle memory by writing it….typing it, all the buttons feel the same. The s button doesnt feel like an s, it feels like a square

Sandy asks…

How many games must be played to determine a champion?

97 baseball teams participate in an annual state tournament. The champion is chosen for this tournament by the usual elimination scheme. That is, the 97 teams are divided into pairs, and the two teams of each pair play against each other. The loser of each pair is eliminated, and the remaining teams are paired up again, etc. How many games must be played to determine a champion?

admin answers:


Mandy asks…

How long is the Champions tournament?

Is the champions tournament the main tournament for eruopean clubs? I want to start watching soccer, but i want to watch the BIG leauges.

admin answers:

Dunno !!!!!!

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