Your Questions About Betsey Johnson

Joseph asks…

How can I score a Betsey Johnson look-a-like?

I really love this Betsey Johnson dress I found on ModCloth for my prom [] which is REALLY soon and not only is it sold out, but it’s also entirely too expensive -_-

I would really appreciate any suggestions as to where I may be able to find a dress like it!

admin answers:

Yeah! I love Betsey Johnson!

Okay, I have an idea. Earlier this week, there was a sale on Betsey Johnson stuff on a different site. I blogged about this, and it looks like the sale prices aren’t good anymore, but I looked at Betsey Johnson dresses on there just now, and there are several for much less than the one you were looking at (think $95 – $295, with lots in the 100-200 range). I don’t see the exact one you wanted but obviously they are very cute, and there are some similar ones!

I’m putting a link to my blog post below (but remember, those prices aren’t good anymore).
Here’s what you have to do:
Go to my post
Click the name of the site that was having the sale
Then search Betsey Johnson
and click dresses
Then either sort by price, or I also clicked „Elegant“ (you may or may not want to sort or filter them, because there are over 100 dresses).

Hope this helps!

Ruth asks…

What perfume currently in stores smells most similar to Betsy Johnson perfume?

It seems it has been discontinued and I really love the scent. There are a million choices out there and I love the unique, sweet (but not flowery), sugary glamour of Betsey Johnson’s perfume. I’m sick that I can no longer find anything other than counterfeits.

I also used to like Jessica Simpson’s cotton candy (I think) perfume and I also like Thierry Mugler’s Angel (but that one is pretty common)

admin answers:

Viva la Juicy… I think

Donna asks…

How do I snag a fashion internship?

I’d especially like to be an intern for a top fashion designer like Betsey Johnson or for a top fashion magazine such as Vogue. But I have no resume or any previous experience so the chances of that happening are very slim obviously. But I’ll basically take any type of fashion internship. Is it 100% necessary to have a resume?

admin answers:

Yes, it is 100% necessary to have a resume, but if you don’t, be sure to have a cover letter that stands out.

You can search or additional fashion internships on QC as well as read fashion internship reviews!

William asks…

What is a good puppy name that relates to fashion or music?

I am getting a maltipoo which is a maltese and poodle mix. I love music and I love FASHION.
I wanted to name it something that had to do with the show sex and the city, or after a fashion label, like (betsey johnson). Or even after a musician like joan jett, or elvis costello. I am getting a female so it shouldbe a girls name! Thanks! I want it to be really unique. Any ideas?

admin answers:

Isn’t the silly made up name of „maltipoo“ enough of a designer name as it is?

Use that.

James asks…

Where can I get this Betsey Johnson dress ?

So , I was on Betsey Johnson’s facebook page and I saw a picture of Kelly Osbourne wearing one of her dresses :
I cannot find the link on Betsey’s website , anyone know where I can find it or when it will be available ?

admin answers:
or if theres a betsey johnson store in your state or macys or carsons should sell them

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