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Sandy asks…

What are your families or faiths special ways to remember those who have passed away?

What ways do you honor their memory?
Wishing peace to all who are hurting.

admin answers:

I believe the best thing we can do for them is to obtain their deliverance from purgatory, especially by having masses offered for them, and by praying the rosary while meditating on the sufferings of Christ, especially while at Eucharistic adoration.

God bless!

Michael asks…

How to honor family members who have passes away?

I am getting married, and my fiance and I have both lost our fathers and grandparents whom we were close to.

We want to honor them at our wedding, but aren’t sure how. We don’t want a memorial candle. We would prefer something unique.

Any and all ideas are helpful.
The idea we will use, will get 10 points.

admin answers:

Well, I would suggest do something simple…like put a single rose in a chair for each family member that has passed away. It’s not over the top, it’s simple and I think….very sweet. 🙂

Nancy asks…

How can I open a non-profit orginazation to honor my late father’s name?

My father passed away in June. I want to open a non-profit organazation in his memory. I want it to be legal to where I can take donations and help his memory live on. I just need to find out how to go about doing this. Can anyone give me some information on how to do it?

admin answers:

You can start a non profit in the name of your father and perpetuate his memory.
Nonprofit incorporation is very similar to creating a regular corporation except that a nonprofit must take the extra steps of applying for tax-exempt status with the state in which it incorporates and with the IRS.
The following steps should be taken :-
Select a name that is legally available in your state.
File your „articles of incorporation,“ and pay a filing fee.
Apply for federal and state tax exemptions.
Create bylaws that will dictate how the corporation is run.
Appoint an initial board of directors.
Hold the first meeting of the board of directors
Apply for any licenses or permits that your corporation will need to operate in your state and local municipality.
In order to qualify for tax-exempt (501c3) status , you should create a concept paper and document your ideas with the structure for the organization you propose and you must share your concept with like minded persons and involve them as initial founders.
Next step would be to contact an attorney to assist you in preparing incorporation filings in your state. After your organization in incorporated, obtain an employer ID number, and apply for 501c3 tax-exempt status with the IRS.

Your funding requirements will depend on various factors , for which you have to prepare a plan which will be of use to you in approaching potential funding sources

Ken asks…

What’s the difference between and AP class and an honors class?

Is honors still good for college credit?

admin answers:

Honors classes are advanced and made by the school. At most schools they give you a higher weighted GPA, as long as you do well in them.

AP classes are also advanced but are college level and created by the College Board. If you pass the AP test administered by the College Board (different colleges decide what „passing“ level is) at the end of the year, you get college credit, even though you took the class in high school. These classes usually also give you a higher weighted GPA, assuming you get good grades in them.

Joseph asks…

How to honor the loss of my beloved pug?

I have written before on different things my pug was going through. Sadly, he did not make it and has gone to dog heaven. What are some way that my b/f and I could honor him? We will be picking up his ashes in an urn tomorrow.

admin answers:

That sounds really hard,I just lost my baby 2years ago, and we honored her by, putting her ashes in your family picture table. Also another way, is gather the pictures together and make a scrap book, it really helps a lot with the grieving process.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t feel the same about pugs either, there is nothing wrong with pugs if that what it sounds like; I just got a pug on May 2. They are my favorite breed. Our baby was a Yorkie, and after she passed my mom thought it would help the grieving process to get another Yorkie, but it turns out it just makes you call the new pup the old pups name. Its something that really hard to go through, and everyone has something different to undergo.

I advice strong reminiscing of the fun times, like when they curl up next to you, or burrow under the sheets with you. Or how cute it was when the ears went back they you said their name. Gather up the chew toys and put ‚em in a decorated beautiful box, or have some next to your bed when you sleep. The extreme, would be a lil paw print and their name tatt’d on you 😉 that’s what Im doing for my Pug Adalia.

I hope I’ve helped. You’ve gotten my respect for honoring your beloved.

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