Your Questions About Betsey Johnson

Donna asks…

What kind of clothes is betsey johnson design ?

admin answers:

Betsey Johnson makes very whimsical clothing. She mostly does dress but she also makes skirts, tops, Accessories kinda of things. Her clothes are amazing if you go to her web sight you can see her current line and some of her past fashion shows. Her clothing is a little bit more expensive but so worth it, you won’t find anything else like it. It’s great if you need a formal dress or just for fun

Betty asks…

Where can I find this Betsey Johnson dress!??! ?

It was on the website like last week and when I checked for it today it was gone!

It’s a black sequin strapless dress with a big fuchsia bow that ties in the back. Where can I find it!?

admin answers:

Try the Betsey Johnson store nearest to you, they always seem to have a lot of dresses that aren’t even online, you may find another or the one your looking for or if you know your Betsey size, you can get one for even less money off ebay!

Even though these don’t sound exactly like what your looking for:

personally i love the first one and the last 2, you might be able to compromise what you wanted?
Good luck!! I know exactly what your going though lol my betsey dress went out of stock and it was for my prom

George asks…

I’m trying to find Betsey Johnson Lip Balm.?

I’ve searched Sephora, Nordstrom, and all the likely on line sites, but have had no luck, other than an e-bay seller who has a tube. I’m just not into buying lip balm over e-bay–sounds risky to me. Any help would be fabulous.

admin answers:

I work for Betsey Johnson and we stopped making cosmetics a couple of years back. Your best bet would be to find it off ebay. My recommendation would be to check out the sellers feedback first and if it’s 100% positive or close to that you should be pretty safe. I checked out this sellers page:

It looks pretty new and legit to me. The lip balms are really really rare to find so my suggestion is to try and win that auction! 😉

Steven asks…

betsey johnson dresss!?

a similar style
a bit cheaper
ONLINE onlyy

please and thanks <3

links would be wicked helpful
i pick best answerr!

admin answers:

Here are some links:;jsessionid=5HJOQUXWNPRVGCQAAKIRABA?itemId=prod52540008&parentId=cat13160736&index=0&cmCat=

hope I helped!

Michael asks…

Betsey Johnson dress?

I’m looking for a Betsey johnson dress that I saw the other day in a store. It is red swiss dot fabric. Strapless dress, totally the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen! If you can find it for me that would be great. It also has a little bow that can tie in the back or the front. Thanks!
Also, cheap is good.
Thats not it, Cecelia….
And funeebb, the store is in a different state, I was just traveling.

admin answers:

*I know exactly what you’re talking about and you won’t find it anywhere else except at Betsey stores. It’s called the „Swiss Dot Ombre Dress.“ I work at a Betsey store and your best bet would be to call whatever store is closest to you. If your size isn’t available then they can order it for you. Just to let you know this dress does run small so I’d recommend ordering a size up just in case. You can have it sent into the closest store to you for $8 and you’re not obligated to buy it 😉 You can check out store locations and phone numbers on the website. Also if you’re looking for it at a cheaper price you can ask any sales associate to give you a call when it gets marked down. Hope that helps.

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