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James asks…

Could this power supply handle a xfx 9800 gt?

Input: 100-127V V/10A 200-240 ~ /5A
Output: +12V/15A (max) +5 vsb /2.0A (max)
DPS – 300A B-15 B
the graphics card i’m getting

admin answers:

The Delta Electronics Inc. DPS-300AB 15B has a maximum power output of 300 Watts. The specifications are here:
The 9800 GT requires at least a 400 Watt power supply. It is highly unlikely the 9800 GT will work with your existing power supply.
With a 300 Watt power supply, a good graphics card in the NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT. It gets great reviews in all the trade magazines and websites I review, especially in bang for your buck. Here is a quick video review of the card:

If you REALLY want a 9800 GT, you would need to upgrade your power supply. That can be a little tricky to do – at least trickier than swapping a graphics card – but can be done.
There are even companies that sell direct replacements for the DPS-300AB 15B. Here is one such company:
I’ve never used the retailer, so do so at your own discretion. FSP Group Inc (the maker of the power supply) isn’t a horrible name in power supplies, but they aren’t the greatest either. It should be fine.
I hope this helps. If you need more information, please add more details to this question, or feel free to email me through my Yahoo! Answers profile.
Good luck

Laura asks…

finding a replacement power supply for dell inspiron 545?

The computer has a 300watt bestec psu and it died. So I need a replacment ASAP. I found this at scan!-bn134-82-eff-80-plus-quiet-fan-matx-v32-sfx-power-psu…. except this is a 3[50!]watt psu will adding a extra 50 watt one be safe e.g pc blowing up (semi sarcastic) but is it safe. Im aware the corsair make excellent psu but this is 450watt is adding 450 also bad or is it safe. I’m aware it takes more electricity. And I wont be powering grpahics card extra..

admin answers:

Before you do anything check the dimensions of the power supply, some models of this dell 545 use a TFX power supply not a mini ATX (which is the one you have chosen)

Scan do a couple of TFX PSUs so these are likely more suitable, I would ring scan support line to confirm

David asks…

I need help with a power supply in my desktop.?

I have a Dell Inspiron 530S. It has 2 gigs of ram, core dup processor and 2.20ghz processor. I have the NVIDIA GeFOrce 9400 GT graphics card and need a 300 W power supply to run it. Im guessing i dont a 300 W power supply because while the card was activated and it worked for awhile but after a few weeks the screen turned black anytime i tried to use the card. It works when i run on the built in chip som im guessing its the power supply. If youve seen the computer i have youll know its not a full size computer. Its a „mini“ per se. Will any power supply fit into my computer? Particularly this one…

Please help!

admin answers:

No, it will not fit.
Your power supply looks like this:
They are expensive because they are proprietary (made specially for Dell). The one I gave you a link to is only 250w, so you’ll need to find a larger wattage one (if one exists).

Paul asks…

ATX or Micro ATX power supply for My Computer?

this is my computer

admin answers:


the model number for the system is SR2013WM and he following site has it cross referenced as an ATX:

The listed power supply is 300W, I would get a higher wattage, perhaps 450W

Donald asks…

What Power Supply, Graphics Card, and other parts could I get? PLEASE HELP ME!?

Computer: Inspiron 546
Processor: AMD Phenon II X4 945 3.00 GHz
Installed Memory (RAM): 4.00 GB (3.75 GB usable)
System Type : 64-bit Operating System
Current Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 3200

Hi, I came here to ask this question, because I have been struggling to find the right parts for my computer. I called Dell for help on what graphics card would work on my computer, but so far they always tell me it’s going to work, but when I get it, it is not compatible with my computer. I was wondering if someone could tell me what I should get if I want to play video games like, Star Wars The Old Republic and Battlefield 3. I was wondering if there is any parts I could get that could let me play these games in MEDIUM OR HIGH SETTINGS BUT SMOOTHLY. So please I beg of you to help me with this.

admin answers:

I did a lot of web searching and the good news is that you do have a pcie x 16 slot. Also, the computer case is a mini-tower atx and motherboard looks like micro-atx.
The bad news is that the motherboard is crowded. The pci connectors next to the pcie are tall and other parts look in the way also. The case does not hold long cards and the power supply is either a 300 watt Bestec with 18A on 12V or a 350 watt that I could not find a label for that was often used with Quad Core cpus if it came with it.
This is the best views:
AMD Phenom II X4 945 is a 95 watt CPU of passmark score 3794
The computer case fan is not great, and is only one, and the motherboard capacitors are the cheap ones in what is now a 3 or 4 year old system. The aluminum capacitors on both the motherboard and power supply could be dying.

You would need a thin gpu card that is not too long and it may be best to be in low profile.
If you do not get a new computer case and completely re-build, top mounted power supplies have limited wattage abilities.
I cannot seem to find a top mounted power supply with more than 18A shown on 12V.
The 12V rail powers CPU, graphics, fans, disk drives.
You should turn off the system and unplug it and find the label on the power supply and show its information especially the +12V and whether there are any pcie 6 pin connectors.

My general feeling is that you should get a low profile HD 7750 or one that is thin.
8.3″ long, 4.4″ high, only 0.74″ thick
They will always say you need a 450 watt PSU, but for that I think you really need a new computer case for bottom mounting power supplies so you can buy a single rail 80 plus efficient decent one.
HD 7750’s do get their power from the PCIe slot with no auxiliary connect.
Most are 55 watts, though some could be overclocked or more memory at a higher wattage.
If you have a 95 watt CPU, 55 watts of GPU, 50 watts of fans and disk drive, then the total 200 watts watts is about 17 amps, pressing an 18A 12V to its limit, but if the PSU is 350 watts, maybe it has more than 18A available. You can use this site as shopping links:

Your options:
1) An HD 7750 in a thin profile and pray the PSU is enough. If something fails, replace it.
2) Replace the power supply, and get a card that fits and it may be limited to HD 7750’s anyway.
3) Replace the case, power supply, and get a card that fits, and still could have motherboard interference even if improving air flow and available power.
4) scrap/sell and build new.
Browse through HD 7750’s:

What it plays?
BF3 in high quality setings should get low 30’s fps.
SWTOR is better than that.
I think it makes a decent setting at low power.
A GTX 650 is similar and may get better play from BF3 in particular but that is 64 watts as slightly higher and you are stretching the psu to its limits. It also needs to fit on the motherboard.
Without a new case to get a bottom mounted power supply, every card is a risk in blowing it or not powering up.
This Galaxy is a nice card at a good price, but can you fit the 1.5″ thick without interfering?
It needs a PCIe 6 pin connector and probably is over 75 watts.

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