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Donald asks…

Does anyone have a Pokemon with Pokerus that they can trade me on Black/White?

My FC is 0604-7980-3773
Okay I emailed you

admin answers:

I can email me and well set it up……

Mandy asks…

Anyone have an Axew on pokemon black/white i can trade with?

I need any axew that is lv 20 or lower for my team. NOTE i am barely beginning my journey so plz dont ask anything big or special!
If you want to trade right now heres my fc!
3396 5084 3902
yes i would want it pokerus‚ed thank u so wat do u want for it?
thank u very much! I appreciate it!
ok me 2 im there right now

admin answers:

I can breed you one but that will take some time to do

Well I just breed one. If you want it just tell me. Do you want the Pokérus on the Axew?
Name: Larry
FC: 3825 8270 1585

I don’t have anything in mind. You can just give me a random Pokemon.

You’re welcome. I’m about to go enter the wi-fi club room.

Steven asks…

Pokemon Black and White 2 Advice?

Can somebody please tell me what all these things are: EV, IV, and STAB. And explain to me how to get EVs or IVs thanx ;D

admin answers:

EVs are Effort Values, they’re basically invisible experience points you gain by battling that convert to stat points. 4 EVs = 1 stat point at level 100. The result is spread out over a 100 levels, so you won’t immediately notice something. The stats will be boosted significantly in the long run though.
There’s a maximum of 510 Effort Values you can gain, of which only 508 will be effective (only 508 is dividable by four, so only 508 EVs will convert to stat points). You need to manually keep track of your EVs.

I highly recommend you read a detailed guide on EV-training. Serebii’s covers all related subjects you can think of; how to EV train a Pokemon, EV-enhancing items, Pokérus, EV-training spots, Vitamins, EV-reducing berries, etc. Don’t hesitate to read it multiple times, the concept can be a bit difficult to grasp for a beginning competitive trainer.
You can find it here:


Now, IVs are Individual Values, basically the genes of the Pokemon. A Pokemon is born with a specific value in each stat, which can range from 0 (worst) to 31 (best). To find out which IVs your Pokemon has you can use an Individual Value calculator. Feed you Pokemon lots of Rare Candies and talk to the potential guy in Battle Subway. Enter the information in a calculator like
or Serebii’s:
Both aren’t ideal, the best one is in RNG Reporter, but they will give you a general idea of which IVs your Pokemon has. You need to know the exact EVs it has for it to work though!

IVs can be affected by breeding and patience. You can use the power items to make the offspring inherit specific IVs. You can also, like me, affect the IVs through RNG manipulation. As everything in the game is determined by a random number generator, and this random number generator is affected by your mac address, the time on your DS and keypresses, you can manipulate the IVs of the Pokemon you encounter in the game without hacking. It’s a very difficult process though, a lot more difficult than EVs and IVs and STAB. Not much is known about BW2 RNG either, and it’s likely you’ll need BW1 if you ever want to breed using RNG.
PM me if you want to know more about this.


STAB is the Same Type Attack Bonus, which gives a 50% boost in attacks that are of the same type as the user.

Richard asks…

Pokemon Black and White Friend Code Exchange?

I would like to have a few friends to trade/battle/chat with on Pokemon Black. My name is Candi and my friend code will be listed below I also play Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver if anyone is interested. I am an adult gamer.

Pokemon Black FC: 2408 4568 9257
I am mostly trying to complete my Pokedex. So any level really.
Sorry, no pokerus yet, but I’ll keep an eye out for one with it!
im in entralink right now if anyone is interested
Pokemon Heart Gold FC: 1076-3499-6460
Pokemon Soul Silver FC: 5286-1710-3780
I am adding everyone on this thread on all 3 games Black, HG, and SS

admin answers:

Here is my FC: 0819 3655 6300
do you have any pkm with pokerus? Im looking for 1 to start my EV trainning, i will trade you a zorua for it
Chloe, yes please im logging in right now
Chloe, I got beldum, munchlax, axew and zorua + some random pokemon from gen 5, sorry dont have much to offer
Chloe, sorry for some reason I just cant log in to wifi club, maybe the server is down atm, can we do it tomorrow? I will email you tomorrow

William asks…

Are you looking for Pokémon? Black Or White?

I am giving away 3 Pokémon Leave the following info below
What Pokémon:
Nickname (optional)
Held Item:
What moves you want
Pokémon Gender:
Ot Name
OT gender:
Level Met
Location Met
What Pokeball:
Met as: Normal
Fateful Encounter
Pokerus Yes
Yes Spread
Can also give you ash’s Pikachu

admin answers:

Sorry i gave that up after the first 150 . Unless you can get me a Mew or Mewtwo card i can sell on ebay i don’t care.

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