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Michael asks…

Pokemon Diamond help… pokerus?

my pokemon had pokerus now it dosent why? i read that it means it still has the pokerus but cant spread it, is it true?

admin answers:

Pokerus is a virus and like a virus it goes away. Pokerus doubles the amount of ev’s gained when beating a pokemon but unless you ev train it really isn’t going to do anything. The time the pokemon has it varies. Usuially it only lasts a day or two but can last up to four on rare occasions.

You see the little face in the pokemon’s description? That means it had pokerus and got over it. So no it doesn’t have pokerus anymore. It has gained immunity from the virus and won’t get it again. Kinda like what happens in real life with viruses. When it had the virus it could spread to the other pokemon on your team by walking, battling, etc…

David asks…

After Pokerus?

After they get cured, it has a little smiley face next to their sprite, can i still get the pokerus benefits even after it’s gone?

admin answers:

The Pokemon that is cured of Pokerus just loses the ability to spread it. It still keeps the EV gains. To prevent the curing of it, put it in the box before midnight. After midnight, take it out and your Pokemon will still be able to spread it. Have at least 5 POkemon with Pokerus in your box as backup if all your Pokemon are cured.

Linda asks…

i have the POKERUS, how can i keep it?

hello, just this morning i checked my GTS offer, I offered a lvl 32 typhlosion for a lvl 40+ sceptile.
Some very generous person gave me a LEGIT lvl 90 sceptile (not hacked) AND it has the pokerus!

Ive never had the pokerus before, and id like to know how to keep it/use it/conserve it/spread it?

admin answers:

Pokerus spreads through your active party. Keep a Pokemon with it in your party and it may or may not infect the others. Continue to infect multiple Pokemon and then keep some in your PC box. When in the PC box it should stop spreading, but not go away from the individual Pokemon (until it’s brought out into your party and eventually may be cured of Pokerus).

This page should explain a few more things on Pokerus in detail:érus

Hope that helps C:

Maria asks…

Popkwmon Diamon Pokerus?

Sumthing happend in my game, in my inbox i had a Venasaur
w/ Pokerus, A shiny Raquaza, Charzaird, and Blastiose. when i checked my pokemon not only the venasaur but the chairzaird and Raqaza had Pokerus. What happend?

admin answers:

The Pokerus is a virus your pokemon get. It’s not bad, what it does is cause your pokemon to gain expierence at a faster rate. The Pokerus can spread to other pokemon around it. It’s nothing to wory about. This will happen a lot. Nothings wrong at all.

Ruth asks…

Pokemon White about pokerus?

Ok so my pokemon have been infected by pokerus though last night I accidently left the pokemon over night so now they don’t have the poekrus status.

And I’ve heard from some as soon as it goes it won’t gain doubled EVs whilst others say it won’t spread the pokerus virus but it’ll still gain double EVs which one is correct?

So if my pokemon was infected then it lost the pokerus, and now has a smiling face will I still get doubled EVs?

I’ll be grateful for your answer, because I can then start EV training.

Thanks : D

admin answers:

Your Pokemon only SPREAD Pokerus when it says „PKRS“ next to their name. When it turns into the purple/pink smiley face, that means it has gained immunity, and you’ll still earn the doubling EV values effect, but they will no longer spread the virus.

It’s best to keep a still-infected „PKRS“ in your PC box at all times, in case you forget to deposit the infected Pokemon back and the timer runs out, so that you can still infect new ones. Pokemon with „PKRS“ kept in your party will lose the ability to spread it within about 2 days. So if you can, remember to deposit them everyday.

Hope this helps.

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