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Linda asks…

Do conference champions always get an NCAA Tournament bid?

like even the small ones? Because I’m not completely sure how it works.

admin answers:

Conference tournament winners get an automatic bid, which is why there are always about a dozen teams who probably couldn’t beat the worst teams in some of the best conferences who get in the NCAA tournament.

Steven asks…

greatest T.N.A. world champion of all time tournament round 5: finals?

eliminated in round-1:bully ray, ray gonzales, samoa joe, mr.anderson, rob van dam, bobby roode, raven, ron „the truth“ killings, mick foley, ken shamrock.
eliminated in round 2: rhino, christian cage, austin aries, jeff jarrett & abyss.
eliminated in round 3: jeff hardy & james storm.
eliminated in round 4: kurt angle.

we are down to the finals as sting def. kurt angle by 3-2 in the 5th round thanks to my vote. this tournament is to decide the greatest T.N.A world champion of all time. in this round aj styles will face sting to determine the greatest T.N.A. world champion. lets take a look at these men’s journey throughout-
1) aj styles- he was phenomenal throughout. he squashed samoa joe by 4-0 in first round then, he beat christian cage by an impressive 3-1 in round 2 & finally he beat kurt angle in round 3 of Eg set to advance to the finals. great performance
2) sting- the icon gave shocking performance. he first beat ken shamrock by an impressive 3-1 in the first round(although i expected a squash), then, he beat abyss in round 2 again by 3-1(i again expected a squash), he beat jeff hardy & james storm in round 3 of t2g set & finally managed to beat kurt angle in round 4. shockingly he didn’t gave a squash throughout but good performance.

so, the match is- AJ STYLES VS STING.
this is the final & the outcome will determine the greatest T.N.A. world champion of all time. so, who will get this glory??? the icon or the phenomenal one???? the answer is in ur hands.

BQ: thoughts on new concept????

admin answers:

Promo Starts-The Time Has Arrived, The Time Is Now. Two of the most decorated Champions in the History of TNA.These two men do not need any introduction,at one side „The Phenomenal One“ AJ Styles who has proved time and again that he knows how to defy challeges,Mutiple Time TNA World Heavyweight Champion,TNA X-Division Champion,TNA World Tag Team Champion,TNA Television Champion,his resume speaks for himself.At another side,there is „The Icon“ Sting ,the mysterious icon who has been Top of the Mountain since his days in WCW,he is a Multiple Time TNA World Heavyweight Champion,TNA World Tag Team Champion,TNA Hall of Famer.When these two get inside the Ring to decide who will be crowned the Greatest TNA World Champion of All Time something is got to give.

Entrance-AJ Styles makes his Entrance to „I AM“ by GRITS.Then Sting makes his amazing entrance to „Slay Me“ by Dale Oliver.The match Starts.

Finish-The Match is going on and both men have gave their all.No one wanting to give up.Both men are exchanging blows. As AJ Styles connects with a devastating Pele Kick as The Stinger goes down.Styles looking to take advantage as he tries to go for a Springboard DDT but Sting catches him into an Atomic Drop and then hits him with a Dropkick.Sting then Irish Whips Styles into the Corner and connects with the Stinger Splash and then tries to go for the Scorpion Deathlock but Styles splips out of it and hits him with a Discus Lariat as AJ heads towards the Top Rope and goes for the Spiral Tap and connects and the cover but Sting kicks out at 2 and a half.Styles in despiration as he tries to go for a Styles Clash but Sting counters it into a Scorpion Deathlock and it looks AJ is about to tap out but he manages to reach the ropes and force the Break.Sting again tries to go for the Scorpion Death lock but Styles powers out and then catches Sting to the Drop Toe Hold and then locks in the Muta Lock but Sting manages to reach the ropes this time.Sting comes back onto his feet but this time AJ nails him with the Springboard DDT and then goes for the Springboard 450 Splash but comes up empty and Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop and the cover 1…2…and a kick out.AJ Styles kicked out at 2 and 4 quarters.Styles coming back to his feet but Sting goes to the Top Rope and goes for the Suicide Dive but nobody home as Sting eats the canvas then Styles gathers himself up and connects with the Styles Clash for the win.

AJ Styles def. Sting via Pinfall after hitting the Styles Clash.

Rating-5/5 Stars.

BQ-It’s a Good Concept but resembles Play Offs.Anyways Good Tournament.

Helen asks…

Wrestling Tag Tournament champions announced!

Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri win tournament by beating the Hardy Boyz in the final round

admin answers:

Disappointed that the Hardy’s lost in your tournament

Ruth asks…

ICC Champions Trophy Tournament 2009?

The ICC Champions Trophy is ODI cricket competition. The Mini World Cup is subsequent major tournament after „Cricket World Cup”. The ICC Champion Trophy 2009 will be held on 24th September to 5th October in south Africa………………………

admin answers:

Am not answerin dis becuz am offended this is european football category not cricket it not that hard to loook for or did you jus pik the firs thing you saw with the word champions on it

William asks…

If there was a tournament of champions?

of all the major pro wrestling promotions around the world who would be the main event Champion?

admin answers:

Well I think if that was to happen the Main-Event himself, HBK, would have to make a comeback and become it

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