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Mary asks…

What free market force prevents unearned wealth?

I understand how competition drives down prices.

However, I’ve often wondered how the free market puts a value on everyone’s labor. What happens when someone’s labor is over valued or under valued?

How can there be huge billionaires in the world? Surely, no one person’s work can be worth that much. There has to be some kind of bad arrangement that screws other people out of their wealth.
I’m not talking about how hard someone works. I’m talking about how the free market allows or disallows people to get paid the true value of their labor.

admin answers:

If you know how to play poker, this will be very easy for me to explain.

If one person starts with more chips, they will make larger plays. Although they’ll lose more, they’ll also win more. This is because if they put as much money up as the other players – they are putting a smaller percentage of their cache in the pot. If the player with the most chips put an equal percentage of their cache in the pot, they will be bidding more chips than the other players. In either case, their losses will be statistically less and and their winnings will be commensurately more.

Have you ever heard that you have to have a job to get a job or have a car to get a car? The same applies here. Once people get ahead, they often stay ahead, and each step they take to get further ahead gets easier.

Steven asks…

Where can I buy the cheapest facebook poker chips for zynga poker?

I need to buy the cheapest facebook poker chips. I love to play zynga poker but I cannot afford their prices. Anyone can share the best deals please.

admin answers:

Hello Obk. I’m pretty sure you can get the best deals from,

You can buy facebook poker chips with paypal or credit cards from their website.

I always buy from them when I run low as they have the cheapest facebook poker chips and always provide fast delivery.

If you are new to buying facebook poker chips for zynga poker, don’t worry too much as they have superb customer service and you can speak with them live on their website.

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Good luck!

Laura asks…

What is the name of the site that lets you keep track of your poker sessions?

I remember a while ago now signing up for a free site that let you input your sessions and it would keep track of it for you. Now I’ve googled every phrase I can think of and can’t seem to find it. It is not pokercharts cause that’s one I saw that looked good at first until I realized you have to pay after 30 days. Anyone know what one I’m talking about or another free one?

admin answers:

Would you be looking for it is a free service that tracks your session details

Michael asks…

Where can I find E-mail software and link software?

Need an e-mail list program to manage and send memebers of my free poker school – would prefer that it not add everyones addres to the ‚from‘ field and be cheap or free 🙂 also looking for a program or code to display my own text instead of the link address in the bottom of the IE window- thanks for the help!

admin answers: – just fill in the search field with what it is you are looking for, and it’ll show you, very neatly presented, a bunch of programs that more or less fit your description.

(if you don’t find anything useful first try, you may have to change your search word, or include the name of your email provider, etc)

hope this was helpful,
have a pleasant day.

Robert asks…

I am trying to start a free poker league?

things I want to incorporate to make the bar some money:
door prizes given away at the end of the night to make people stick around
bonus chips when you buy drinks, more bonus chips when you buy food
free drinks to the worst „bad beat“ and free drinks to „best hand“

has anyone done this before? does anyone have any experiences that worked out well for them or maybe totally flopped?
I am not being paid, I just want to help the new local bar owners get more business with fun events like this. this is in Nebraska and I know that it has to be free to be legal

admin answers:

This sounds like a really interesting idea. First I would gather feedback from the customers to see if the majority would be interested. If this works out well I would probably run a weekly freeroll series with a point system. In regards to prizes it needs to be something worth coming back for. Maybe entry to a larger tournament to represent your bar?

If you would like some more assistance please feel free to sign up to and one our members will be more than happy to help

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