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Mandy asks…

What is a good website for free sheet music?

I want some Lady GaGa songs to play on the piano. What website will can give me some free sheet music which is decent?

admin answers:


poker face 🙂

but you should try google. It has lots to offer.

George asks…

Are there any real online ways to make money?

Is there a website where you can actually make money without investing any money or using a credit card. If you could show me one r give me actual proof.
One where you *DO NOT* have to put in any money, but you actually do receive money.

admin answers:

Http:// – poker site allows you a free $50 bankroll to play with, it’s not easy but you don’t have to put anything in yourself at all.

Joseph asks…

How to earn money online through e books without any first investment?

Hi. I need to know the various ways through which i can make money online. I wrote some stories and essays as e books. Is there any website to which i can give it and get money credited in my paypal account. Please i don’t want any ptc or survey refferal links…

admin answers:

My favourite affiliate programs are in the online gambling niche. The best thing about this niche is that once you sign someone up, say to a poker site, they will make their initial deposit (you get paid) and when they keep on playing you continue to get a percentage cut- long term passive income for doing absolutely nothing!

You can get paid up to $200 bucks per signup! And then up to 50% share of the revenue they generate. Imagine that- if you only signed up 1 a day you would make over $6,000 a month! And that doesnt even include your revenue share.

Why would you bother selling clickbank products which only pay you once? Whats worse is you also have to deal with chargebacks- so often your hard work goes to waste because the customer didnt like the product.

What i love about online gambling is that its such a big industry and its only growing. Also, the market is international so you arent restricted to just your home country.

Many sites have stacks of promotions and banners for you to put on your site. This makes jazzing up your blog or website soooo easy. Theres no need to do any ad copy writing and there are java script banners to ge the atention of your readers.

These are my favourite (and most profitable) gambling affiliate programs. All of them are free to signup as a webmaster/affiliate.

These sites offer you pretty much instantaneous registration so you could be making money in minutes- literally. You just need to get traffic and get people to sign up.

If you already have a blog then you already have traffic. A free way of getting more traffic is to add links to your blogs on facebook to get more people seeing your ads.

The top affiliates make over $1million a year. I am not making that much but you dont need a million a year to be happy 😉 at least i don’t anyway.

So here are my top 3, i suggest you signup right now.

1) sportsbetting, horse racing, poker, casinos and ultimate fighting (great moneymaker!)

up to 35% revenue commission

go to: and click on the „join now“ button in the middle of the screen.

2) poker

up to $200 per player and 35% revenue share

go to: and click on the „affiliates“ button in the top right

3) bingo

$50 per signup, 50% commission- it really surprised me how many people love to play bingo. I thought it was just for old people.

Go to : you can also win an ipad by signing up.

Sorry its such a long answer but i hope this gives you some ideas and helps you make some $$$

Ken asks…

How to not get screwed at the repair shop ?

I’ve had a lot of bad experiences getting my car repaired. I thought a safe bet was to take it to the dealer; not true. Is there a website I can go to to read the good and bad stories people have (reviews)? Or maybe just some general advice for how not to get screwed over when I am taking the car in for repairs?

admin answers:

For one, never go to any place like firestone, ntb, meineke, etc for any major jobs. Let me learn you on something. Hope you have time. What you do is you go there for an oil change or maybe something no more than 50 bucks. Maybe a oil change and tire rotation. When they do these small jobs they’ll find something wrong with your car and they’ll want to fix it. And if you are suckered into over paying to have them do it, they’ll usually find something else wrong on the job.

But when you do this you get a free check of small things wrong with your car. Its easy to check for play, leaks, bad shocks, etc when the car is in the air. They’ll tell you what needs to be done hoping they have a sucker to rip off. Instead take the info they give you and here’s what you do.

Take it to another local shop and get a free check there. Or for instance say firestone said that your brakes we’re bad. Go to a local shop and try to get a free brake inspection. If you’re not satisfied with two then go to three shops. What this does is allows you to know without a doubt whats wrong with your car while paying little to find out.

Most local shops get more business than those big places because they charge less, so they wont be looking for something else wrong with your car. Their mentality is to fix it as quick as possible and hope you come back to fix something else. While a place like firestone or ntb wants to run up in you as much as possible in one encounter. So they’ll tell you whatever they find hoping that you panic and forced into fixing it.

They’ll say something like that bad so and so could cause your engine to blow. While it may be true, the timetable could be for a long period of time and not what they make it seem. So in truth, a place like firestone is more useful for giving you an idea of what you need to fix on your car. You just go there for a oil change, cheap brake inspection, or anything you can find that’s cheap to do. Then they’ll give you the info you need.

Now when you find this info what do you do? You find out that to have them fix those shocks you’ll have to pay 5-700 dollars right? The hell with that. Find a local shop and make sure it has business. Or ask around to find a good local shop or whatever you need to do. Make sure they let you purchase your own parts. When you do purchase your parts make sure wherever you get them from gives you a proper warranty for them. Otherwise you buy the part, it messes up, you call the shop and they say you have to go get another part. Usually you don’t have to worry about this with places like firestone because they’ll warranty your stuff. Even still it might be cheaper to replace the same part two times than pay what they charge.

So once you buy the part find out the labor charge to put it on and you go from there. You may end up spending 150 bucks on the shocks and maybe 150-200 to get them on. You just saved 350-500 bucks. I just put on back rotors on my car that a guy planned on charging me 200 bucks for at a shop. I went to the shop to get them machined and he said they couldn’t be machined. So I went and paid about 85 bucks for all 4 rotors. Then I put the two back ones on myself. He was going to charge me 200 bucks just for the front two. So imagine how much he would’ve charged me for all four?

But I didn’t change the front rotors yet because I found out I need new wheel bearings. So instead of putting the rotors on and then coming back to do the bearings. I’m going to do the whole thing all together. But the way you win out against these rip off artist is you get free info from them or you pay a small amount to get info. Kind of like paying off a bet in poker to see what your opponent has.

Basically the way you save the most money is buying your own parts and taking it to a local shop that doesn’t charge that much for labor. Most of the shops I mentioned above or all of them wont even let you buy your own parts. Why? That is how they run up in you if you need something fixed. By selling you some expensive part that cost tons more than what you would normally pay, they make majority profit off of parts. This is their way of trying to charge you the most possible amount of cash in one stop. That is the goal. That’s why you’ll see places like firestone and the like not have lots of business usually. While a good local shop has business all day every day. Yet you may wonder how the hell do they stay in business? Hello! By ripping folks off as much as possible on one fix.


1. Go to a big shop like sears, firestone, ntb, midas, conrads, etc. Get a oil change or a small inspection job done to find out whats wrong.
2. Go to a local shop and get a free inspection or a cheap inspection to figure out if that is for sure the problem.
3. Once the problem is verified, go and purchase the parts yourself. Being careful to have the correct one. I don’t know where you’re from but here we have worldautoparts which is usually cheaper

Donald asks…

How do the free poker sites give out real money?

The website Poker Zero says you can sign up for free and play in daily games and win real money.

My question is, how do they make money? I mean, they’re not just giving it out. Is it through sponsors? Advertisements? What?

Do they charge you for chips? It doesn’t make sense to me.


admin answers:

If you EVER believe you will get something for nothing, then you are a TARGET for every scammer out there.

It is more likely that you are a spammer for this website than it is that they will ever pay anybody a cent.

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