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Maria asks…

What poker websites are reliable when it comes to playing with real money?

Okay I’m new to the poker web and I’m thinking about playing with real money and I just wanna know from personal experience what site do you guys recommend that doesn’t charge additional fees. I want to play poker so badly online but, I don’t want to get does extra fees on my card. Thanks for your time!

admin answers:

If you are looking for the best poker site, i recommend this site

John asks…

What Online Poker Site is the best for tournys and bonuses?

I want to deposit money onto Online Poker, Im in Canada.
I already have Party Poker – but they didn’t give me any recent bonuses!

Im thinking of either PokerStars, Fulltilt, or PokerRoom. Any suggestions and why?

admin answers:

Hmm good question! The 2 most easy sites to win on are PKR poker and paciffic poker…the bonus on paciffic poker and PKR are hard to get and not very good but the people are so bad it dont matter. Both fulltilt and Pokerstars only give you good bonus’s if you play loads every day of every month which can be unfair.

But saying that Pokerstars is the best place in the world for tournaments..they do take for ever though but they have huge prizepools!!! In the recent WCOOP the main event had a 10.2 million prizepool!!! Lol!!

Hopes this makes sense…


Betty asks…

How do poker champions take millions home from the casino?

We have seen people win millions of dollars at the world series of poker or the world poker tour, and they always splash the table with the money when they are down to two players left, but how does the winner take that money home? Do they put it in the trunk? Do they wire transfer it? How does a person who just won 9 million dollars get it to their bank?

admin answers:

I take mine in a suit case and a guard

Michael asks…

How to play poker at home without a dealer? To have poker night, what would be the ideal rules?

Some friends of mine are thinking of starting a poker night, I was curious on how the rules would be idealy. If there was no dealer, would the shuffle be done by each player once? Would the raising and calling take place before and/or after changing cards? If we were to play with a 100 $ each per night, what would be the best limits to have a good fun game. I need some experieced helps, no answers just for points please.

Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

Take turns being the dealer. Do the raising and calling the same as you would with a regular dealer, you are just taking turns, and the dealer plays as well. It would be cool to have everyone cut the cards after the initial shuffling, or just have the person next to the „dealer“ cut them once or twice. We play with just $10 a player, and then split up all the chips so that everyone begins with the same. Whoever is last at the table wins it all. The amount each puts in is up to you, but you might not get so many players if you go too steep for the fee. You can play however you want, but that is how we do it, winner takes the pot at the end of the night. Have fun! (and good luck!)

David asks…

Bodog poker, what are the different ways to deposit real money onto your account?

Bodog poker, what are the different ways to deposit real money onto your account?

admin answers:

Creidet cards paypal moneyorder i think there r some more ways to deposit money use refferal number number pfoe225

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