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George asks…

ive lost half my bankroll on poker due to bad beats wtf?help please?

ok im using proper bankroll managment with 20 buyins miniumum. playing sitn gos ive spent ages working my way up the shitty micro limits and battling through hurendous variance. trying to clear a 100$ bonus on full tilt now off course its run bad time in sng. i havent cashed in about 20 at least. always getting sucked out on by 3 outers ie. all in preflop be left with my kings vs a q etc. hitting straights flushes etc. donks calling 3 bets with 9 5 off hitting trips its bs can never win a fucking hand. but half my bankroll wtf. im playing 2 5$ sit n go and 2 2$ at teh same time was at 140$ now down to fucking 70 $ due to this bs. ive spent months getting it there on and off but the variance is absoultely riducolus. any advice?

admin answers:

You could stop whining.

The proper mindset is imperative, and you clearly don’t have it.

Sandra asks…

Do you lose with a flush every 11 hands or so online because the site cheats?

oh yes
it is common
it shudnt be common

shudnt be of course!

i lose with a flush
hand 11 on a sit n go at carbon poker.con
Starting Hand #16329613-11
Dealer is Dead
Shuffling Cards
LexKelevra Posted Small Blind 25
barbngus Posted Big Blind 50
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (7h, Jh)
gord55 Folds
REDONEWINS Raised to 150
terrygo Calls 150
toronegro99 Folds
LexKelevra Folds
barbngus Calls 100
Dealing Flop (5h,Kh,6s)
barbngus Checks
terrygo Calls 50
barbngus Calls 50
Dealing Turn (Kd)
barbngus Checks
terrygo Calls 100
barbngus Calls 100
Dealing River (Ah)
barbngus Checks
terrygo Raised to 1,450
barbngus Folds
terrygo All In
terrygo Shows (7h, Jh)
REDONEWINS Wins 1,195 from Pot 2 with : Full House – Kings over Aces
REDONEWINS Wins 6,885 from Pot 1 with : Full House – Kings over Aces

admin answers:

Thanks for wasting 3 minutes of my life reading your bad beat whine. Big freakin waaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, dude.
Get a life.
And the AK was a better starting hand than yours from the get-go. If you call a preflop raise with cheese like that, suited or not, you get what you deserve.

Nancy asks…

What am I doing wrong?

I’m a fairly beginner poker player, but I’m well-versed in odds and I understand the game, so I do fairly well in at no limit and pot limit tables (I play at micro tables though, so lots of people who don’t know what they’re doing there) and at low buy-in sit-n-go tables. However, I’m getting my butt whipped at the fixed limit tables. I’ve been told FL tables are more about knowing the odds than about knowing the man, and yet I keep getting whipped at them. I tend to play tight or semi-loose aggressive. Is that the wrong style? Everyone else plays really loose so I figured it’s best, but often, even with premium hands and me betting all the way to the river, my opponent keeps calling and manages to catch something. What I am doing wrong? Or am I just really unlucky?

admin answers:

Limit games are a science. No Limit is like art.

It sounds like you are riding the unlucky wave in Limit games. It happens in poker and you have to be stable enough to handle those losing streaks. Personally I stay away from limit games because generally get tooo many players fishing all the way down to the river. The pot losses are like a slow death. The odds go against you when more players are calling stations down to the river. You should fold earlier when there are more players in a hand. I win a lot more in No Limit. In No Limit, I can push weaker hands out of the pot and increase my chances of winning.

Betty asks…

Bored of poker even when I’m winning…?

I’ve been playing poker for about 2 years now and even though I’m winning often I rarely nowadays have fun playing poker… I kind of use the game more to try and avoid to have a job since I hate working. But poker is boring to me right now… I used to love the game do you think I will enjoy later or what? Will I always find poker boring? Help! Btw I’m not that high stakes so maybe it’s because of the lack of different types of tourneys I can enter are limited same goes for sit n goes…?

admin answers:

You said you don’t play high stakes, so the boredom could be lack of challenge. Playing against the real Tom Dwan probably wouldn’t be boring! That’s an extreme example but in general I find that the 5/10NL game is definitely more stimulating to me than a 1/2 game and not just because of the stakes. Playing at a super-fishy table where ABC poker crushes, can sometimes be like getting paid to watch paint dry. (It all depends on the table though, some fishy tables are very fun. Sometimes you’re presented with challenges unique to fishy games, like wondering if they have the nuts or are just falling in love with a losing hand. And there are more colorful personalities in fishy games.)

If that’s not it, then maybe you’re not that into poker. That would be normal. The same goes for any game, some people love it, some have mild interest, others plain hate it.

Laura asks…

would this be considered bad play by me or just a cooler?

i was playing in the steps tournaments on fulltilt poker but i was just playing with play money and i started from step one and won all of the games in a row and got up to step six from playing smart loose agressive poker

then in the step six sit n go i got pocket tens and made a 4x raise and got called by 3 other players and the flop came 3 10 4 all diamonds and it was checked to me in position so i push all in cuz the binds were 25/50 and i had about 950 left and i didnt want anybody to call with a random diamond and i have some out for a full house if i get called and then i get called by the A9 of diamonds and he flopped the nut flush when i flopped top set and he checked it after the flop

is this bad play by me or not?

would anyone else have done it differently?

and to be honest i think fulltilt sets me up big time because i always just completely destroy everyone at these tables especially if i play on my friends real money account because these guys are easier to bluff because theyre arent as many fish when you play for real money. but when i win a lot of games in a row i always have a game where something just ridiculous happens or when i spend all of my money on one game i think fulltilt makes me lose it, and i don win multiple games in a row from catching cards i am just precise with my bluffing and i know how to get paid off with the nuts and i know how to fold big hands and avoid big traps so its not like i just get lucky but idk i think full tilt is kinda rigged.

and i am only 16

admin answers:

So you get all your money in as a favorite and get sucked out and are asking if it’s a bad play? How could that be a bad play?

But it’s play money chips, so stop whining.

And especially stop whining about being set up on play money… Wow, you make me laugh, what possible good does it do anyone to rig play money poker.

And I’m sure you are aware that its against the rules to play for money at 16, and also against their rules to play on your friends account. I have a feeling you’ll give out too much info to the wrong person and have your friends account frozen. Good luck with that.

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