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Joseph asks…

What are those custom heavy chips called at poker games?

I’ve noticed many people have little hard-chips and that they use them to hold down their cards in poker games. I want to get one, but do not know where to find them, or just what they are called. I’ve been looking up „poker buttons“, but that’s gotten me nowhere. Help?

admin answers:

Couldnt Have Said It Better Myself…….. Haha

Nancy asks…

How Do I Record My Online Poker Games?

I have seen several poker videos on the internet and I would like to make my own. How do I record my online poker games and add commentary?

admin answers:

If you computer is up to date, total screen recorder will do a good job for you to record the full screen game with high quality.
Also it’s easily to record your presentations with the mouse follow, zoom or fixed regions. It gets the job done pretty well.
Hope this will be help for you! Good luck

Chris asks…

How did the mob make money from poker games?

in the sopranos tony used to organize poker games, how would he make money from that? How did the mob make money from that?

admin answers:

They take a rake (percentage) of each hand.

Ruth asks…

Are there any poker games i can play in in Fort collins, CO?

I’m 20 and have played poker for about 3 years. I play online mostly and also live with my boyfriend. I am planning on going to vegas when i turn 21 but i want to work on my live playing even more. Are there any games that i could join? I’m not 21 so i cant go to any casinos or enter any official tournaments but would like to play at some home games if possible.

admin answers:

That sounds like a lot of fun! I love Vegas, haven’t had time to go back or the money! Hope you saved up! There are places in the fort that have poker tournaments to draw crowds in. One place that was recently written about in The Tribune is CooperSmith Brewery & Billiards. Its at 5 Old Town Sq. Im sure you could join there, not sure about the age thing though, maybe if the tournaments are earlier in the day?

If you want here is a list of a few more bars that do this sort of thing, you could call and ask more questions. Good luck in Vegas!


Carol asks…

would I get more enjoyment out of playing poker games at a casino?

Im having no fun playing slots at the casinos. I always lose my money.

At firelake grand casino they have some poker games.I think texas hold em. Not sure if they have more.

How much money should I have when I play some poker in the casino?

Im learning texas hold em on my xbox 360 by this game called full house poker.

admin answers:

Winning at poker is more about discipline and learning from your mistakes. If you find yourself doing decently with play money, then why not try your hand at poker at the casino?

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