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Helen asks…

i just won a $1.20 sit nd go and have been given my money?

i just won a $1.20 sit n go on full tilt and my prize money hasnt been credited to my account…what do i do ?

admin answers:

Contact the support team of whatever site you are using.

Daniel asks…

Casinos in Oklahoma with low stakes Sit-N-Gos?

It’s around that time where my friend turns 18 and we have to go on a classic man-friend trip to a casino. Are there any in southern Oklahoma that offer regular Sit-N-Go style tournaments in the 10-50 dollar range? I like gambling but not going broke. 🙂

admin answers:

Most of the tournaments cost more than $50. There are several different ones on different days, so you need to check with them and see what fits your budget.

Linda asks…

Do you adapt your tournaments play according to the chance of getting ITM?

I’ve noticed in a lot of freerolls, it’s often 10% or less of the entrants who will get in the money, whereas sit-n-go’s or very small tournaments can be up to 50%. How do you adjust your play according to your chances of getting ITM?

admin answers:

Very simple answer here, i don’t…i play to win every single time, i don’t care about making the money, i go for first place because that’s where the real money is made…i take advantage of the people who are trying to squeeze into the money by stealing from them on the bubble, but i will never be that guy hoping to fold his way into getting a payout

i think this especially rings true in online freerolls and big live tournaments where only 10% of the field is paid, because that means the payout structure is even more top-heavy

Jenny asks…

Do you need a gambling license for a player vs player chess site?

For a ‚Sit N Go‘ chess site where people put in say £5 each, with the house taking 10% and paying the the winner 90%, would you need to have a gambling license as it involves skill and they’re not betting against the site?


admin answers:

You probably do. It just doesn’t matter, because this would never make money. Nobody is going to play chess for £5 for a £9 prize. People would very quickly realize who they CAN beat and who they can NOT beat. I just don’t see this happening.

Sharon asks…

Anyone else having trouble connecting to full tilt?

I was just starting a sit n go about 15 minutes ago and my software froze, I exited out and now i can’t connect. Anyone else in the same boat? Will i get refunded?

admin answers:

This happened to me b4, 99% chance you will get refunded, or a 1% chance they will pause the tournament, depending on how long their site is down for. If you are in a tournament, and the prize pool is 23000 and there are 240 players left, regardless of chip size, everyone will get the same amount refunded to them, so each player gets nearly 96 dollars back. If u get disconnected in the middle of hand playing cash, the hand is canceled. Full tilt is real good about fairness when it comes to this. Also the reason the site crashed is usually because there adding new features to their software, when they are back online, you most likely will have to download an upgrade or something.

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