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Sharon asks…

What poker games did the US soldiers play during WWII and the Korean war?

We know soldiers play a lot of poker, but what games did they like to play? How much did they typically wager?

admin answers:

5 card or 7 card draw, whatever they wanted.

James asks…

poker games?

does anyone know where i can play poker for free online ?

admin answers:

To learn about your online poker options you should go to a online poker review site

Carol asks…

How do I play different types of poker games?

I want to know how to play most of the types of poker games there is, I am pretty much clueless.

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Richard asks…

How do people make money running poker games?

How do people make money from high level poker games in basements or w/e, how do you charge people to play?

admin answers:

It’s called rake. It’s the same way that they do it at a casino. On the table there will be a device or a hole and instructions for the dealer on how much to take.

Like in a 1-2 No Limit game at the Venetian, the rake is 10% Max $4.

In a 2-5 they will have instructions like 1/10 1/20 1/50 1/90. This means that the dealer will take $1 dollar when the pot gets to 10, $2 when it gets to $20, $3 when it gets to $50 and the last dollar if the pot makes it to $90. No more after that.

In the 5-10, it’s based on a half hour fee of 6 dollars. So with 9 players the max rake would be 54 per half hour.

There are infinite ways that this can be set up. But it’s a good idea to have it in writing because all the dealers will adhere to how it is to be done.

One of the reason that a lot of Europeans like to play in the states is because in many of the games over there they don’t have a maximum rake. There are also house games that don’t have a maximum rake.

It is illegal for most house games to take a rake or make a profit in any way. But that doesn’t stop the games from happening. In Texas where they don’t have any legal poker rooms they play in the back of an air conditioned truck. They can move the game if they need to and you have to have the connections to get into the games.

In Idaho many people play in their basements. They take a rake and provide food and drink. Check the patrons for weapons at the door.

Poker is known for having a lot of poor losers so it can be a very unsafe environment. I think that it’s best to be played in a poker room that is legal because of this fact. Although you can still wind up on the wrong end of a gun or knife it’s much less likely in these rooms that have teams of security.

The rules should also be very clear. Especially about table talk, string bets, calling, raising, showdown, and the showing of hands and folding. There are more disputes about these than any other thing in poker. Rule number one should always be that a player must protect their hands at all times until the hand is over.

Choose your dealers well because an experienced dealer can stop disputes before they escalate out of control, recognize soft play and collusion. Protect your dealers. They will make you more money then they make for themselves and they don’t deserve to be abused ever.

David asks…

What are some creative and fun poker or other card games to play with a group of 6?

Heading out of town for a guy’s weekend soon with 5 friends and I’m looking for some ideas for some new poker games to play. We’ll be trapped in an icehouse for 3 days straight, so there will be a lot of drinking and card playing (with a little fishing mixed in too). We’re getting somewhat bored with our standard assortment of Texas Hold’em, In-between, Guts, and 7-card stud. There has got to be a ton of other fun variations out there – any suggestions? We also try to mix in some team cribbage, so any good team games would also be helpful. Thanks!
P.S. Money will be involved, so betting rules are important!

admin answers:

Not exactly poker, but very fun : Up and Down the River

here is another: Wizard

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