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Nancy asks…

Poker odds calculator?

Does anyone know any good poker odds calculators which do NOT have autoread. I am not using a comman poker site and hence none of the autoread calculators work


admin answers:

Try this sites (i’ve used it):

Thomas asks…

where can i download for FREE, a poker odds of winning calculator for POKERSTARS?!!?

ive been looking everyware to download a FREE odds calculator that auto detects and will give me real time odds. i dont want to select the cards i have and all that non sence. i want it to do it itself

please include a site where i can get this odds calculator for FREE that works with pokerstars

admin answers:

There isn’t anything totally free that’s any good at all and nothing that will auto detect the cards like you want. However for the price of trying out a new poker room which really is free you can get the best one out there which is Holdem Hawk ( It not only does all the work for you and makes recommendations, but it also tracks your opponents play. As for getting it well you just open an account at one of their recommended poker sites and play a little and get some bonus money at the same time. I’m not associated with them by the way but I’ve recommended this to a lot of players and haven’t heard anything but good things about it back.

King Cobra Poker

Linda asks…

is there a GOOD poker odds calculator available for MACS that I can use while I play poker online?

admin answers:

Yup, it is called your brain. Pay attention boys and girls……what types of hands does your opponent typically play. Remember it…otherwise you will get crushed every time……ace/ten and ace/jack are bad hands in early position. Remember it

Carol asks…

Poker odds calculator thingie?

is there a calculator for free were i can put in the cards flop etc into it and it determines odds of winning a texas holdem hand vs blank amount of people

admin answers:

The one on Card Player is good for calculations of specific hands.

If you would like one that is a little broader, like calculating your equity with AKs vs. 3 other opponents with random hands there are other options. One program I know of is called Pokerstove (Freeware). You can determine how much equity you have in a pot vs. Random hands, or even a range of hands to weed out someone calling your raise with 72o and the like.

Have Fun!!

Paul asks…

Poker odds calculator that works with full tilt poker??

im looking for a program that will calculate poker odds while im playing on full tilt poker, does anyone know of one? if so please list whether or not they are free and how much they cost. thanks so much!
im up 11,381 at nl100. thanks though

admin answers:

Nobody wants you slowin the game down tryin ta use that….just leave your shoes off……

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