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Steven asks…

Where are the Newport News poker games?

Where are the poker games that go on at bars around Newport News, Virginia?

admin answers:

Not sure, but given Virginia’s status as a pretty conservative state, it’s very possible that it’s not legal to play poker in bars in the state. But try here it’s a bar league. So if it’s legal there will probably be a local bar listed. Other things to try: use to find local private games, playing with friends/family you know in someone’s home, or playing online. Try for the best online sites for US players.

Donald asks…

what is the best poker news website on the web at the minute preferably with uk news?

ive tried searching but seem to only get usa sites?

admin answers:


The Ultimate in Poker Tips and Strategy

David asks…

Does anyone have any news concerning the possibility of live poker coming to Alabama, N. Carolina, or Georgia?

I live in Georgia and the closest live poker room is in Mississippi, eight hours away. Does anyone know of any news concerning poker coming to Harrah’s Cherokee (North Carolina) or to any of Alabama’s Poarch Creek gaming facilities?

admin answers:

I feel your pain, Mark. I, too, live in Georgia, and my nearest option will soon be Beau Rivage in Biloxi, which finally (thank God) added a poker room that will be live when it reopens in a couple of days.

I heard that there is an ongoing court debate about possibly opening up rooms in North Alabama, but I can’t remember the name of the area. If you do a quick web query for „poker+room+Alabama“ you’ll probably see what I’m talking about. It’s probably the same Poarch Creek that you mentioned.

Cherokee still doesn’t have any live card games, though I guess they could always do what they did with the blackjack tables and make it computerized, though I think most poker players would sicredit the randomness and would raise some suspicions about the ability to rig computerized tables in such a setup. Last I heard, N.C. Had no plans to change its gambling laws, which allows for gambling machines but do not allow for any gaming with actual, physical cards, hence limiting the chances for card games. Still don’t know how this prohibits roulette and craps, but it does.

Best bet is still Biloxi or Tunica, but they do offer cheap flights to Biloxi and Pan Am (?) has recently started a route to Tunica, too, so at least the time issue can be somewhat mitigated.

Georgia’s gonna be Georgia. We can allow the lottery and those cheesy machines in the gas stations, but there’s no chance that we could open an honest to God casino. I guarantee we could eliminate state taxes if they opened some in Savannah or Brunswick or even Columbus, but the chances aren’t likely for any of those places to sway that way. I did hear that there was one „Radical“ state rep who was suggesting to open a casion in Underground Atlanta to try to revitalize the area, but I’d sooner run naked through Atlantic City alleyways than go to a casino located in Underground. Also, the same guy suggested to open a red light district in Underground, so there goes that idea. Heck, they even frown upon the free poker tournaments that people hold at local restaurants, so you figure it out!

Keep going to Biloxi…they can use every dollar they can get!

Betty asks…

Anybody have any new online poker news,?

admin answers:

You can check out any of the following site for best poker news coverage.

Lisa asks…

Can someone join my Poker Forum?

I created a small forum that discusses poker, online poker, strategy, hand analysis, poker news, etc. and no-one is joining it! I would appreciate it if some experienced players or even people new to the game would join. Right now there are no planned freerolls, but when it gets going I may be able to afford some freerolls.


admin answers:

A lot of work for nothing believe me ive tried it when i was running cold at the tables its a pain and often you will see no return.

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