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Linda asks…

Bodog poker sit n go tracker?

Hey guys, I do a substantial number of sit n gos on bodog. I am wondering a couple of things, 1 is there any way for a fair price say under $50 total I can get a stat tracker system working for bodog.
2, does anyone know of a website similar to sharkscope or pokerprolabs which tracks bodog sit n gos…cash games and mtt would be a nice bonus…

admin answers:

You should try out , they have stats for ftp, absolute, ultimate, bodog poker and much more

Chris asks…

Which poker sites offer turbo Sit n Go’s (SnG) for under 1$ US with 9-45 players (hold em)?

I recently started playing texas hold em at Pokerstars, but they don’t really have any turbo sngs available under 1$. I would like to play some TURBO 18 or 45 players preferably (and maybe 9, 90 too) at perhaps 25cents or 50cents.

Do any other poker sites something like that?

admin answers:

Carbon poker has .50 + .10 to the site 10 player tables that fill up about every 5-10 minutes. It is a very easy site if your a decent player give it a try!!

Sharon asks…

Playing poker at high stakes – Cash or Sit n go?

Im currently growing my bankroll by playing normal sit n gos and am going to be moving to higher stakes shortly (touch wood) but all the players on the $200 tables are all on turbo’s and noone even seems to be playing above $500, yet the $5/$10 cash tables are always packed out with players bying in for $1000 a pop. I can play cash well but i specialise in sit n gos. Are sit n go’s a bit of a dead duck in the high stakes world? and why are turbos so popular? surely its just an all in fest with little skill.

admin answers:

Play cash, SNGs are -EV now because everyone at the high stakes play them the same, so unless you’re on a massive rakeback deal then it’s pointless.

Richard asks…

what poker site online is the best to play texas holdem sit n go’s??

admin answers:

PokerStars and FullTilt hands down. They both have excellent SNG structures.

Joseph asks…

What is the most advanced poker book out there?

I feel like I don’t even have to read a book because I’m that good of a poker player so with that being said, can you recommend me with a great book that would provide me with valuable insights or new information that I may not know of.

I mostly play online no limit texas holdem poker. Usually at the sit-n-go tables and big tournaments.

admin answers:

Quite honestly, with that attitude, why bother? You have already taken the incredibly arrogant position that you probably don’t need to read a book. Despite the fact that some of these people who write the books have won millions at the game.

Unless you are willing to accept you are not as good as you think you are, you will never improve.

Doyle Brunson once said that he never plays a game of poker without learning something. And I’m sure a player as good as you doesn’t need to be reminded of his achievements.

So my suggestion is you think about your attitude before you worry about poker books.

Once you’ve done that, I recommend Sklansky and Harrington. Pretty much all the books they have written.

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